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Congressman Walter Jones

NC FathersThis is an open letter to Congressman Walter Jones regarding our desire to see shared parenting in NC finally become the standard in the NC Family Courts.

Congressman Jones, as it stands now, even with no presumption in child custody matters in NC, women still receive custody of their children 85% of the time. And this is even in cases where men are found to be fit parents. Furthermore, fit NC fathers routinely are only given an average of five days a month visitation with their children. Why is this Congressman Jones?


  Does Congressman Walter Jones not recognize that there are a lot of NC fathers, paternal grandmothers, step-mothers, and a lot of extended family members related to children by paternity who do not get to see their children because of out dated legislation?
NC Congressman Walter Jones
Does Congressman Jones not realize when you give custodial parents tax credits, housing assistance, state/federal assistance, and a whole host of other perks and deny the non-custodial parent anything, that is causes animosity and anger? Does the congressman not realize that this parental fighting always weighs heavily on NC childrens minds? Furthermore, the audacity of the State of NC to give mothers assistance when they can’t pay their bills, then jail fathers when they cannot pay theirs ( child support ) is utterly a slap in the face of fathers and the paternal family. And quite frankly, we feel that Congressman Walter Jones is to blame for this by not introducing legislation that makes child custody less divisive.

More for Congressman Walter Jones to read HERE

We hope Congressman Walter Jones is not pandering to NC special interest that desires to see division occur?

No doubt there are well funded groups who spend millions of dollars a year lobbying legislators to make sure women maintain their custodial rights and that the child support enforcement system that allows the State of NC to make money stays in existence. However, this is not about special interest and money. We are talking about children who need and desire to see their fathers equally in addition to their paternal grandmothers and other females related by paternity.

We need your help to tell Congressman Walter Jones to end the systematic alienation of children from their fathers and to stop the abuses in the family courts where men are jailed daily and judges allow women to move children thousands of miles away from their fathers on a whim when the father desires to be active in his kids lives.

Congressman Walter Jones Refusing To Talk To NC Non-Custodial Families?

As of November 10, 2011, Congressman Walter Jones has refused to email us, contact us on Facebook or Twitter despite both of those social networking accounts being active. Here are some statistics for the Congressman to digest. In NC, Non-Custodial Fathers make up 42% of NC’s voting population. Add in just one family member who also sees the issues outlined above, and we are now talking about 84% of voters in NC. Why is Congressman Jones not at least acknowledging the problems we face in the Family Courts regarding equal parentage, child support, and custody? We will continue to keep attempting to contact the congressman’s staff and then let you know at election time if Jones continues to ignore these issues that is making NC kids sick and hurting a lot of NC voters.

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September 5, 2011

Like Congressman Mel Watt, NC Fathers has attempted to reach Congressman Walter Jones using many ways, including social networking, his legislative email address, and Youtube. Nothing.

We will continue to reach out to Congressman Jones in the hopes of encouraging him to bring Shared Parenting to NC so that our State’s great children can have hopes of being raised by both parents, and ALL members of each parents extended family. The time to remove federal agencies that harass non-custodial fathers on behalf of custodial mothers is over. It’s divisive. Kids don’t like divisiveness and neither should Congressman Walter Jones.

September 15, 2011

No word from Congressman Walter Jones on these issues. Does Congressman Jones not realize what the numbers are when you add up ALL NC Non-Custodial Fathers AND their entire family? Why are you continuing to allow legislation that alienates children from this amount of people Congressman?

When your constituents attempt to contact you on a serious matters that affects millions of North Carolinian’s it is usually a good idea to contact them back. Does Congressman Walter Jones not care about NC Paternal Families?

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