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Why no Shared Parenting or Joint Custody in NC?

NC FathersWe get the question all the time from fathers and others asking why there is no shared parenting or joint custody laws in NC.

Indeed, the State of NC has no shared parenting or joint custody on the books. We suspect the reason we will never have shared parenting or joint custody is because there are special interest groups that yield serious power and money that are preventing legislators from establishing it.


In 2013, both the NC House and Senate introduced a NC Shared Parenting initiative that is currently in both Judicial committees where it is expected both will sit and be killed. NC Fathers wrote this letter in response to these shared parenting bills.
Why no Shared Parenting or Joint Custody in NC
But I think the biggest barrier to shared parenting and joint custody is that the State of NC makes hundreds of millions of dollars each year from the federal government in return for states using the child support enforcement system to replenish monies for medicaid. In return, the federal government gives “incentive payments” back to US States.

We also believe there will be no shared parenting or joint custody in NC until fathers and his extended family become their own lobbying group that stands up to the legislators. Daily, we hear men crying about women moving their children 750 miles away, or how a man wants equal visitation but can’t get it. And the fact of the matter is you never will as long as your quiet. You think the State of NC is going to give up this money? If there was shared parenting or joint custody there would be less child support payments. Less child support payments collected through enforcement means less incentive payments.

Legislators know shared parenting or joint custody is best for the children. It’s the women oriented special interest groups and money that prevents it from happening.

If you are a NC Father, Paternal Grandmother or Aunt, and you are ready to see Shared Parenting or Joint Custody realized in the NC Courts then we encourage you to contact us and ask how you can help. Are you a writer and want to submit a blog on Shared Parenting and Joint Custody? Use the Contact Us link and copy and paste your data, then send it to us and we will publish it.

NC Shared Parenting or Joint Custody and Non-Custodial Family Statistics

If non-custodial families are tired of getting hammered in the NC Family Courts and with Child Support Enforcement efforts, then it is incumbent upon them to realize the following statistics. In NC, fathers make up 42% of the voting population and combined with members of the paternal family this number swells to 84%. These figures are overwhelmingly significant that no legislator or judge can deny. If you want equal shared parenting or joint custody of your child, then we encourage you to join our MAILING LIST and allow us to build a mega state wide repository of non-custodial families that can then change the system to be more favorable to our needs, and our children’s needs.

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  1. Yes, your assumption is 100% TRUE! The reimbursement funds from the Federal Government to the States is so great ($3.88 for every $1.00 collected through the child support system) that the States are like Crack Addicts; addicted to the funding, and willing to SCREW OVER ALL families and their children in the process of collecting these funds. If they allowed joint custody and shared parenting, there would be very little to collect through the child support system because the expense of supporting the children would be more evenly shared. Also, the kids would be much happier, but hey, why should the [CORRUPT], so-called, “Family Court” system care about what’s best for the children?!!!


    Comment by R C | August 23, 2011 | Reply

  2. Hi Folks — I came here via the ‘Save the Turnips’ FB page. As a relative newcomer to shared parenting activism, I really would appreciate someone really laying out how the federal gov’t makes $3+ for every $1 in the system. I am a writer and would like to write about it.


    Comment by Robert Muldoon | August 23, 2011 | Reply

    • Hi Robert, perhaps RC can send you to the actual data showing the figures, I do not have them readily available. Also, I would encourage you to contact Mike McCormick with ACFC who works in Washington DC affecting change for Fathers in this arena. I would also encourage you to do a google search of: “incentive payments” AND “child support”


      Comment by ncfathers | August 23, 2011 | Reply

  3. RC thank you for your comment! I think few people are aware of the federal legislation pieces that control the child support enforcement system and have allowed it to be a money maker for the State of NC. I think if more did, then they would be outraged. It is not hard to see how the Domestic Violence Agenda in NC preps a man for failure in the courts and then how the child support enforcement system reaps the benefits. I think until men and the females in his family stop de-funding the DV community until they stop false allegations and jump on local and federal legislators to stop the child support system, there will never be joint custody or shared parenting in NC.

    I know there are lots of children, fathers, and women in the paternal family who are in serious pain today and who have been for a long time. It really is time to make this a serious cause in NC.

    You interested in writing blogs for us, and literally put one by one get every politician and judge in every county on notice?


    Comment by ncfathers | August 23, 2011 | Reply

  4. Hi. I agree with your comments wholeheartedly. My judge in Cumberland county recently did a public service announcement on the Prevention of Domestic Violence which is on YouTube right now. I have never heard of such a thing as to promote such a topic and not be impartial. Shoot, the US Supreme Court never even claps during the State of the Union address which would show impartiality if they did.

    In additional, My ex used “domestic violence” as a reason to leave me as this judge was know to be so against it and allowed to leave the state with our kids for a “part-time” job and to move closer to her family. Everyone that knows me both personally and professionally can attest to my patience and lack of confrontation. But I sat in the courtroom the day I lost my kids and saw him “coddle” several women who he ruled against and when it was my turn, I never got an answer why he allowed them to leave the state.

    Lastly, after I lost my job (I made very good money), the judge told me that I she was entitled to part of my tax return from last year (as income) even though I paid her child support based on my unemployment checks. Tax returns are an overpayment of taxes; not income. The court systems in NC are crooked but no one will listen. I am thinking about sending the GUPI video to my state representative from ACFC. It was a very good documentary on how bad the system really is.

    Child support and alimony only weaken families. When things get tough in a marriage, file for divorce; get alimony and child support. So sad because the only ones that suffer are the kids………..and they miss me so much…….:(

    Thanks for listening. I am working with Mike McCormick from ACFC to see what I can do. Let me know if I can do anything for you, too.

    J B


    Comment by J B | September 1, 2011 | Reply

    • J B , thanks for writing. I am very sorry to hear about your situation and you can be sure we will do anything we can to help your cause. Is the ACFC GUPI movie available as I would love to put a viewing on this site. I also commend you for working with Mike McCormick and ACFC with their Shared Parenting program and hope that one day here in NC it can be realized. I also will be emailing you directly to get some other information. I also encourage you to email all your local representatives and let them know of your situation. Judges should really never let mothers move children away from their fathers as it is completely devastating to them, the father and the paternal family.


      Comment by ncfathers | September 1, 2011 | Reply

  5. Very interesting information on custody that I did not know.


    Comment by Kathleen Corcoran | April 21, 2013 | Reply

  6. Playing 12 years as a defensive back in the NFL was a dream come true for Tim McKyer. However, the three-time Super Bowl champion says the last 10 years has been a “Holy Hell” as he has been on defense in regard to the legal system recognizing his rights as a father.

    “They successfully violated all my Constitutional rights as an American citizen,” McKyer said. “This is discrimination with a robe on.” “They broke their own statutes by not giving me child support,” McKyer said. “It’s the only court that runs opposite of the Constitution.”

    The “they” to whom McKyer is referring is the North Carolina family court system. It, like most state family court systems, coupled with psychiatrists, social workers, court-appointed guardians, etc. are a “multi-billion dollar, government-sanctioned family destruction machine,” McKyer said.


    Comment by Navin R. Johnson | October 29, 2013 | Reply

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