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NC FathersDomestic Violence is an epidemic problem in NC and we are thankful that the State of NC and specialized groups are addressing the issue.

However, what is NOT being addressed in NC Domestic Violence circles is the amount of false allegations being leveled against men by women who realize that the issue of Domestic Violence is one that gets a lot of attention and typically is used to gain immediate child custody, community property, and favorable results in NC child custody matters. No doubt, more and more data is being realized that suggest this is a growing trend, but you will NOT see any information about this new epidemic on official NC Domestic Violence sites. In fact many feminist groups deny it completely.


Another issue you will not see from the NC Domestic Violence Coalition is that women commit violence just as often as men do. In fact, government studies show that Domestic Violence is rampant in relationships involving lesbian couples. Now we agree that men usually do more physical damage when committing violence, but is the damage any less when a man loses contact with his kids and loses his job even with a mere allegation? What about the kids who love their fathers and suddenly find them without this resource all because of a false allegation? You don’t think this is traumatizing to the family?

The NC Domestic Violence Coalition NEEDS Men to Be Domestic Offenders

NC Fathers stance on NC Domestic Violence is that it ALL needs to stop regardless of who is doing it the most and stop using this issue as a political platform and political football to drive funding and agendas to organizations that advocate on Domestic Violence. The fact is, the national statistics show that women in heterosexual relations commit Domestic Violence 40% of the time, and Domestic Violence in the LGBT community is equal to that of heterosexual relationships. Yet, this information does not seem to deter the major feminists groups from making this a male on female only issue that drives so much money to their 501(c)(3) organizations.

The NC Domestic Violence Coalition has become a industry of programs, services, employees, offices, media, supplies, etc… that NEEDS for there to be MALE offenders so that statistics can remain high, so that funding can continue to flow. NC Domestic Violence has also become a super hot social issue that gets a lot of women a LOT of attention and resources that also once again need to be paid for somehow. Make NO mistake about it, the NC Domestic Violence Coalition is NOT concerned about female on male violence, female on female violence, or how false domestic violence allegations are routinely used in divorce and custody matters to gain favor. If the coalition were to focus on these issues, they would have to develop statistics into their numbers, build shelters for men, develop programs for men, etc… and this would cost extra money. NC Fathers believes that the NC Domestic Violence Coalition has become a big government lobby that keeps Judges and Politicians close to their purse strings so that Judges will continue to hand our restraining orders like candy and politicians will continue to develop draconian legislation that is being used to alienate fathers, and females in paternal families from their children.

How do NC Domestic Violence groups benefit from the issue of violence against women ONLY?

We think this is tied in with child support. In previous articles we showed you how child support collection makes the State of NC money and helps replenish medicaid and public assistance, but where does Domestic Violence fit in?
NC Domestic Violence

As long as the figures on NC Domestic Violence rise, there will continue to be federal funding for women who typically seek assistance after an incident. If the studies showing that women commit violence just as much as men were to be publicized more, then it would muddy the waters on assistance for women. Also, counties would have to erect shelters for men, start taking money from public assistance programs to help men, etc… and the feminist groups simply will not have this happening.

Additionally, we think not addressing false Domestic Violence allegations in NC will ultimately put more women who really are being victimized in jeopardy. As false allegations become more common, it will cast a shadow of suspicion over all Domestic Violence cases and inevitably some women who truly are enduring this trauma will slip thru the cracks and be victimized further. But we suspect this is why the feminist groups and the State of NC refuses to address false allegations.

NC Domestic Violence Experts

An finally, we find it ironic that the main crux of NC Domestic Violence workers and supporters are women, yet with every realized false allegation a lot of paternal grandmothers, sisters, aunts and other females of men are pushed away from supporting the NC Domestic Violence Coalition. No doubt, you can be SURE that many women are being introduced to false allegations by other women and learning how the mere allegation can yield a female significant attention and resources she wouldn’t normally have in a routine divorce or custody case.

If you, or a member of your family, has been the victim of an abuser who used a false Domestic Violence claim in NC we want to hear your story. Additionally, if you were accused of Domestic Violence is a NC court room and successfully proved your case but the judge refused to bring criminal charges on the accuser then we want you to contact us as well. Many people do not realize that using false Domestic Violence claims in a court room is a misdemeanor that few NC Judges refuse to pursue.

NC Domestic Violence and History

Basically, it all began with the Violence Against Women Act in 1994 when then Senator Joe Biden drafted legislation that had massive support by womens rights groups. At first glance, who would not support the fact that violence against women is about as wrong as it gets? The problem with this Domestic Violence legislation for NC Fathers is that the definition of “violence” spelled out in the legislation says that you are a domestic offender if the woman simply “feels” like she is scared. This can be a raised voice, or a simple pointing of the finger. Once you shake your finger, or raise your voice, a Domestic Violence restraining order can then be placed on you and you are effectively put out of your home and your children’s lives until you can convince a judge otherwise. Sounds a LOT like Guilty until Proven innocent right? Is this how we do things in America?

How wonderful for women in NC that they can simply FEEL like they MIGHT be a victim because of a raised voice and immediately get 100% rights to community property and custody of her children? Certainly no woman in NC would use this advantage in divorce court or family court right? If you are a NC non-custodial father or any woman in the paternal family I will let you be the judge of that.

NC Domestic Violence and Paternal Non-Custodial Females

In NC, given the divorce rate, non-custodial fathers who face alienation of their children from false domestic violence allegations represent about 42% of the voting population. While this is a significant number, we know that women in paternal families who witness this reversed abuse bring that number upwards to around 84% of the voting public. This includes second wives, mothers of fathers, sisters of fathers, and other females in paternal families. We strongly believe that these women have a significant impact on addressing this issue of false NC Domestic Violence with legislators because the womens groups that write domestic violence policies need them in their ranks. If you are a NC Father who is the victim of false domestic violence allegations that was used in family court to secure immediate child custody and unequal community property then turn to the females in your family and WRITE YOUR LOCAL LEGISLATORS and join our MAILING LIST.

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  1. I agree with your assertion that false domestic violence allegations will eventually cast doubts on REAL violence, and I am a sister of a father who has watched incidents of false allegations be used to tear him down. Where is the NC coalition on this issue?


    Comment by Crystal J | October 2, 2012 | Reply

  2. I am a father and home owner in NC. I too was falsely accused of Domestic Violence in 2011. I am the victim and have proof that my Wife’s statement and the Magistrate report do not coincide. The magistrate wrote in his report that I physically hit my Wife..wrong! She stated I choked her with no marks indicating any choking. The problem that deeply hurts me is that I have three kids that are being coerced not to communicate with me by their Mother. The ages are 9, 15, 17. I haven’t spoken to them over a year and my kids are all I lived for.


    Comment by kim | January 17, 2013 | Reply

    • Hi Kim,
      Yes, False Allegations of Domestic Violence is a very common tactic many parents use as an advantage in the family courts when they want to alienate children from the other parent. Many people think that there has to actually be violence to get charged and that is not the case. The federal legislation that deals with Domestic Violence is called the Violence Against Women Act and there are two major problems with this legislation 1) The definition of violence is anything that makes a female “feel” scared. If you wake up grouchy and she feels scared, your going to jail. 2) Domestic Violence is prosecuted on “preponderance of the evidence” instead of “until proven guilty”. This allows a Judge to negate evidence and decided the LIKELIHOOD that you committed this crime. No evidence is needed. The Domestic Violence industry here in NC loves when false allegations proceed to conviction so they can use the statistic to get more federal funding.


      Comment by stompkinsnc | January 17, 2013 | Reply

  3. Kim, I was the victim of a false domestic violence accusation. My wife of 10 years quietly stole my inheritance of over $200,000.00, and was waiting for me to sell the family home to get the rest. I made the mistake of trusting my wife. When she feared I was going to discover her crimes, she left and made the domestic accusations. I am in the medical field and it nearly cost me my career. Despite overwhelming evidence against her, the court ruled in her favor in civil court on domestic violence, it was dismissed in criminal court. Now she is trying to get my net worth secondary to the domestic claim. The judge, magistrate and the wifes lawyers firm are all tied together. I started investigating and learned how to judiciously use the law, subpoenas, and other discovery methods to find the truth. Now all six district court judges have recused, and there isn’t a judge in Carteret county to hear my case. I have motion unheard by the court for over a year. The corruption in Carteret county is incredible. Domestic violence is a cash cow for the lawyers, courts, counselors, psychologists and others. Additionally, the counties get money for every action under the domestic law, so there is a definite conflict of interest. The same folks who are benefiting from the federal money are the ones who try your case. False domestic allegations are as common as fleas in divorce now. The problem is that the lawyers are awash in money from these cases, and the judges get political funds from these lawyers and their party. There is a star chamber type arrangement in Carteret county, similar in other counties. It is all a big sham. The judge who heard my case withdrew from the judges race, the prosecutor left office, and all the judges recused. This is Carteret county. We must move to repeal the NCGS 50-B law, as it destroys mens chances of ever having a relationship with their children, ruins careers, and is a weapon of destruction, not an instrument of protection. NOTE; THE DOMESTIC VIOLENCE INDUSTRY DOES NOT NEED A CONVICTION, according to state law, only an action under the 50-b law is necessary. (See NCGS 7A-474.19, ARTICLE 37-B FOR EVIDENCE).


    Comment by William Rudder | June 23, 2013 | Reply

  4. […] Child Support, NC Domestic Violence programs at the Clay County Department of Social Services relies on massive federal money, and this money […]


    Pingback by north carolina cps corruption – child protective survival guide | November 27, 2017 | Reply

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