NC Fathers Rights

Wake County NC Child Support and Enforcement

NC FathersWe are a group of fathers, paternal grandmothers, step-mothers, and other females related to children by paternity who believe the NC Courts and Child Support and Enforcement in NC is heavily weighed in favor of mothers and there exists little chances for fathers and his extended family to get custody and/or equal visitation.

We are seeking Wake County NC residents who are fathers, as well as his extended family, to rise up and be heard on the matter of the Wake County Courts, Child Support System, and the Wake County Child Support Enforcement System.We are also encouraging Wake County NC residents to familiarize themselves on several plausible reasons why men in Wake County do not receive child custody and while it is nearly impossible to get equal visitation, lower child support when appropriate, and why the Wake County NC Child Support Enforcement System is vehemently geared to support custodial mothers and your child.
Wake County NC Child Support and Enforcement
We are also asking paternal grandmothers and step-mothers to get involved since you routinely do not get to see your grandchildren/step-children as much as the maternal extended family. No doubt, the Wake County Child Support and Enforcement System has it’s hands in you not providing resources and nurturing to your young ones except via financial payments to the mother who already enjoys tax credits, housing assistance, and other public assistance programs afforded to her through enforcement.

There will never be equal visitation and a increase in Wake County NC fathers and his family getting custody of children until there is unification with others in NC who are experiencing this on a daily basis and we seriously hope you will consider supporting this message to others in Wake County.

Show Support by Copying and Pasting the code below to your website or Blog:

Tell <a href="">Wake County NC Child Support and Enforcement</a> officials to stop alienating Wake County Fathers from their children.

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