NC Fathers Rights

Edgecombe and Nash County NC Child Support Enforcement

NC FathersWe are an activist group of NC fathers and paternal related females who are demanding that Edgecombe and Nash County NC legislators, judges, and others who need (and make money/votes off) a divisive court system to stop their practice of alienating fathers and his extended family from children that love them and desire to be with them equally.

Before proceeding, please read our post on NC Child Support Enforcement and how local judges, legislators, and the Edgecombe and Nash County NC Child Support Enforcement officials needs for child support to be collected in INCREASING amounts so they can receive incentive payments from the US federal government each year. We sincerely believe this is why you are NOT seeing your children as equally as mothers, her extended family, and even her friends do.
Edgecombe County NC Child Support Enforcement
We think after understanding why Edgecombe and Nash County Fathers, paternal grandmothers, paternal aunts and others in the paternal family understand WHY they are banging their heads against the wall trying to get equal visitation and custody to no avail, then they will stand up to local legislators and demand changes.

The Edgecombe and Nash County Child Support Enforcement system has many special interest groups who need for there to be highly divisive courts in place so that they can receive federal funding and push their agendas. Until Edgecombe and Nash NC County families stand up and say NO to this practice nothing is going to change. Remember, we are talking about your children, children that desire and need you in their lives. We think it is destructive for the Edgecombe and Nash NC County Child Support Enforcement and Judicial system to push their collection agenda over establishing joint custody and shared parenting so that child have equal time with both parents.

We know your getting beat up in court, please let us help you!

Show Support by Copying and Pasting the code below to your website or Blog:

Tell <a href="">Edgecombe and Nash County NC Child Support and Enforcement</a> officials to stop alienating Edgecombe/Nash County Fathers from their children.

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