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Irony at the NC Council for Women

NC FathersThe NC Council for Women is an advocacy program within the NC Department of Administration and touts itself as an “advocacy group for NC Women” according to the current director Jill Dinwiddie. Not surprisingly, this group also maintains close ties to the state level domestic violence coalition (agenda).

Before we go any further, we adamantly support the NC Council for Women and their mission, as we do the domestic violence coalition. However, as fathers, we do see the dark side of these two groups that is actually hurting a LOT of women who are related to men. We will explore if this “dark side” is a unintended consequence or a conscious effort on part of Jill Dinwiddie and the NC Council for Women.
NC Council for Women
Our first point will be that when it comes to “advocacy for women” in the NC Family Courts as it relates to child custody and child support, you literally have own the system. With an 85% win rate in a state with no presumption for custody, few will argue that NC woman do not have an exhaustive upper hand and several federal agencies (NC Child Support Enforcement) to force their agenda. But what about the women of paternity in NC that lose access to their children equally compared to mothers and her extended family? We find it VERY Ironic that the NC Council for Women is an advocate for women, but throws women of paternity under the bus. What about the children who do not love their mothers any more than they love their fathers? Where is the advocacy for the children who love their paternal grandmothers? What about their female siblings? What about their aunts? Is the NC Council of women saying these women are less deserving? No doubt, before women in NC go blindly following the mission of this council, you need to ask yourself are they really advocating on behalf of ALL women, or just those that help the agenda of the council?

If you are a paternal grandmother, or other female who is shattered that you do not get to see your young grandchildren but a few times a month while the maternal grandmother is active and nurturing 85% of the time then you really need to thank the NC Council for Women and their efforts.

NC Council for Women and the sisters at the Domestic Violence Coalition

The NC Domestic Violence Coalition (commercial agenda) is one of the leading lobby groups for maintaining the “mother take all” system in the NC Family Courts. We support the DV coalition, but not the lobbying efforts in conjunction with the NC Council for Women who are alienating children from their fathers and the females related by paternity. Why is nobody at the executive level of the Council for Women discussing false allegations and how this puts a lot of loving mothers and sisters in a bad situation? Again, is it appropriate to throw these women under the bus just to get a man?

We welcome Jill Dinwiddie to respond to this article, and hope that she can explain to us how the NC Council for Woman deals with the irony pointed out in this article. We also hope that more paternal related females in NC will ask the same questions. Additionally, we hope that females of loving fathers who NOW realize that their fathers probably did want to be more apart of their lives as children but were prevented from doing so by groups in this article.

NC Council for Women – Our Readers Are Listening!

In the past few months, we received overwhelming traffic to this article and we think it’s time to send a thank you to all the NC women in paternal families who were researching the NC Council for Women and came across this article. Quite frankly, we did not expect that this article would receive much attention but recent data nationwide shows that women in non-custodial families are the ones beating the drums the loudest on issues fathers face in the NC family courts. We just have to wonder how long it is going to be before Jill Dinwiddie and the other administrators at the NC Council for Women recognize that false domestic violence allegations and extremely divisive child custody and enforcement of fathers are also alienating them from their grandchildren and step-children.

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September 27, 2011

Still no word from Jill Dinwiddie or anyone at the NC Council for Women on the issues above that affect tens of thousands of women in NC each day. Thus, we still have to wonder if this council only represents women who can further the “womens movement” on the backs of women who have male baggage in their family.

Surely, step-mothers, grandmothers, aunts, and sisters of men who struggle with false domestic abuse, false child abuse allegations, and child support enforcement that seeks only to alienate them from their young loved ones should be outraged. We even had one of our females bloggers email SEVERAL members of the council and they didn’t have the decency to contact her back.

When is the NC Council for Women going to realize that their efforts to turn their back on women of paternity so that they can further the cause of NC women is going to backfire? Do they not recognize that Non-Custodial families make up 50% of the population and that more women exists in paternal families than any realize?


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