NC Fathers Rights

Pitt County NC Child Support Enforcement

NC FathersWe are looking for Pitt County Fathers and females related to Greenville fathers who are in the Pitt County NC Child Support Enforcement system. Why? We are a group of growing activist in NC made up of fathers, paternal grandmothers, sisters of men, aunts of men, and other related females who are finally fed up with the biased NC Courts and realize that the Pitt County Child Support Enforcement system exists to make sure the state of NC receives millions of dollars each year (Read our Article on NC Child Support Enforcement) in incentive payments.
Pitt County NC Child Support Enforcement
Even if you do not subscribe to our thoughts on activism, you surely know from real world events in your lives that you do not see your children as often as mothers in Pitt County do and that the courts routinely deny any type of custody for men, increased visitation, and that a lot of effort is put into very strong yielding federal agencies to make sure the Pitt County fathers and his extended family is alienated from their children. We think if they put as much effort into shared parenting and they do federal collections this would be a significant win for NC kids who want to see their fathers equally.

There are very strong lobby groups standing in the way of Pitt County Fathers getting any type of custody or equal shared parenting roles with their children, and until fathers in Greenville and members of his extended family stand up and stop it, nothing is going to change. Our goal is to put Pitt County Legislators and Judges in the spotlight and demand that they reverse course and allow Pitt County children to have equal access to the paternal extended family.

We especially want to hear from fathers who have been jailed by Pitt County Child Support Enforcement for an inability to pay child support. We do not mean REFUSAL to pay support, we mean INABILITY.

Again, if you want to learn more about how the State of NC is making money from the federal government in the form of incentive payments from collecting MORE and MORE child support each year, we strongly encourage you to READ THIS ARTICLE. After doing so, you will have a better idea why you are not seeing your kids.

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  1. I have been harassed by Pitt County for almost 2 years over a child whose birth certificate was signed by another man, DNA was done over 5 years later after he wanted a divorce from the woman. I was then found the father and hit with all the years back child support. I’ve never seen this child, haven’t seen the mother in almost 10 years. never offered visitation, just we want our money and right now!! i try to make payments on time, but because there is so much in arrears they wanna lock me up literally every other month. I don’t see how i was ever liable for child support since the mother & father were married. both parties signed a legal document, the child carries his last name and he raised her for over 5 years until they divorced.Then demanded DNA. now I’m stuck making payments on a child that i have never seen or even offered to see, most importantly never knew existed until around 2 years ago. what can i do??? someone please help!! i have pleaded my case in front of the judge many times. they don’t want to hear it. They just want money. I have proof of all this.


    Comment by David | August 6, 2013 | Reply

    • Hi David,
      We are not a law form and nothing about this should be taken as legal advise. And, it sounds like you need legal advise. Daily, we talk to Men where they went out to a club, both he and a Woman engaged in consensual recreational sex, parted ways, a baby was conceived, the Mother never tells the Father (assuming she even knows who it is), and then 16 years later goes to child support enforcement who are all too happy to come after them for 16 years of back child support. It happens daily, and it’s legal.

      Here is how Pitt County Child Support Enforcement works. For every dollar they collect in child support, the federal government gives back the county 66 cents that they can then use to pay for social services programs. The more money they collect, the money people in Pitt County can get Welfare, food stamps, etc..

      They also don’t need Fathers in the picture, because if dads had more visitation, shared parenting, etc… then they would pay less child support and Pitt County would get less federal money. Pitt County Child Support Enforcement operates on a performance level, their goal is to collect as much money as possible regardless of how disgusting the Mother makes it happen.


      Comment by stompkinsnc | August 6, 2013 | Reply

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