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Why are NC African Americans Blindly Voting Democrat?

NC FathersIt is well known knowledge that NC African Americans vote Democrat unilaterally in almost every election and have for decades. While this article isn’t an attack on that, we do want to point out some concerns we have to educate NC African Americans about the Democrat Party so that they can make a more informed decision on who to elect in the future if they find this matter concerning.

Literally all current federal and state laws relating to child custody, child support (and enforcement), and visitation was brought to the table and successfully ratified into law by the Democrat Party. Nobody can argue that women and NC African Americans are the base of the Democrat Party and they will likely vote that way regardless of the issues. But, we are learning more and more as we are contacted by fathers, paternal grandmothers, sisters of men, and others in the paternal extended family is that NC African Americans have children that they love, that they have children who desire to be with the paternal members of his/her extended family, and that children have a biological desire to see both parents equally regardless of who carried them in the womb for 9 months.Another issue that is hard to refute is that state and federal laws regarding the enforcement of paternity and child support is overly aggressive and is leading to the criminalization of the NC Father even when fathers are wanting to see their kids more.
Why are NC African Americans Blindly Voting Democrat
Also, it is well known in NC that special interest lobby groups are responsible for legislators, judges, and others maintaining a highly divisive “mother take all” family court system.

So our concern is, why are NC African American Fathers, Paternal Grandmothers, Aunts, and other female extended family members blindly voting Democrat when it is their policy to strengthen the maternal bond with children and jail fathers who are in poverty? Why is nobody in this community talking with Legislators about allowing African American fathers the opportunity to be active in their kids lives instead of automatically pushing them to the margins of their live so that he pays more child support which triggers more federal money for social services programs?

Do NC African American Fathers and Females of Paternity not love their children as much as African American Mothers and her extended family?

We believe the answer to that question is a resounding NO. We think NC African American Fathers and female relatives absolutely love their children and have a strong desire to be a part of their raising and nurturing as does any race. We also believe that African American children need and desire to see their fathers equally.

But here are some statistics that are hard to ignore:

  • We believe NC African American Fathers who live in poverty are more apt to be jailed for INABILITY (not FAILURE) to pay child support a lot quicker than Caucasian Fathers.
  • We believe NC African American Fathers are far less likely to receive custody of their children, or win increased visitation of their children compared to Caucasian Men.

The reasons for this is clearly pointed out in THIS ARTICLE, but with the knowledge that the three legislative pieces cited in that article are 100% Democrat legislation, why are African Americans BLINDLY voting Democrat?

To learn more about the NC Child Support and Enforcement System follow that link.

Did we not learn anything from Derek Walker?

We also suspect that a majority of African-American fathers and extended families do want more access to their children, but have been socialized to know if they step foot into a family court, they are going to be reduced to a mere visitor. Why spend $20,000 with an attorney only to get exactly nothing?

Are African- American Fathers in NC Disposable To The Democratic Party?

We think so. Look, for going on decades now we have blamed fatherlessness squarely on the head of fathers, and most certainly on African-American Fathers. The reality is there is every bit of incentive for a mother to have a child, then not want the child in the kid’s lives if she will be using social services programs. If the father was more active in the child’s life, there would be less need for social services educational assistance, food assistance, housing assistance, medical assistance, job assistance, tax incentives, and other programs.

Additionally, the more child support African-American fathers pay, they increase federal money via Title IV-D back to the State of NC. Legislators know this and are 100% dependent on this money. If fathers, paternal grandmothers, and step-mothers had more visitation or equal parenting with their children, child support would be reduced, and thus would federal money for the State of NC.

Why is nobody in this community talking with the Democratic Party about this? Are they more concerned about Women’s rights than African-American fathers and extended families having equal parentage? We certainly think so.

Simply put, Democrats have done nothing to see that African-Americans fathers, paternal grandmothers, step-mothers, and other family members have a fair shot in the family courts when it comes to being empowered as an equal parent.

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  1. I am a African American Father in Wake County and I am appalled by how the courts treat black fathers when they desire to have an impact in their kids lives through wanting to be more involved.


    Comment by Kendell | November 16, 2013 | Reply

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