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Chief Judge John Martin – NC Courts and Fathers

NC FathersThis is an open article to Chief Judge John Martin of the NC Appellate Courts and NC Judicial Standards Commission outlining an issue we are sure he is very well aware of in the NC Courts and the NC Appellate Courts. The issue we are speaking of is the policy of the NC courts to have NO PRESUMPTION when it comes to child custody matters. No presumption simply means that the courts do not favor one parent over the other when considering child custody matters. While we realize the OFFICIAL policy of the NC Courts is no presumption, we make the case that since 85% of females win custody cases UNOFFICIALLY presumption for mothers to win custody is the policy of the NC Courts.



NC Fathers is asking NC Non-Custodial Fathers, Paternal Grandmothers, Step-Mothers, Paternal Aunts and Uncles, Friends of These Families, and Other Family Members to click on the RED and BLUE graphic below to refresh their memory of the VERY Dangerous issues they face daily at the hands of NC Judges. We also ask that you pay SPECIAL attention to the section that spells where YOUR Child Support Enforcement payments are funding Welfare and Low Income Assistance Programs so that Recipients have an easier time nurturing their children, while you are alienated from yours 3/4 of each month. Is the State of NC so addicted or in need of these funds, that they have become dependent on this system even if it means that you do not have equal access and parentage of your children?
Chief Judge John Martin

NC Family Courts and Parents experiencing domestic violence NC County lawyer in Guilford for custody and support

NC County Court

Our question to Judge John Martin is does this mean that 85% of NC Fathers and his extended family are less effective parents than NC mothers and her extended family?
Chief Judge John Martin - NC Courts and Fathers
Is there some record showing that children verbalize that they prefer to live with their mothers 25 days a month and only want to see their fathers, paternal grandmothers, and other paternal females 5 days a month?

Do NC children ask that dads be jailed when they cannot meet financial obligations, but ask that mothers be given federal and state medical assistance, housing assistance, financial assistance, and tax credits to make ends meet financially?

We are concerned Judge Martin, our data shows that children want to see both parents equally regardless of who carried them in the womb for 9 months. What are your thoughts on absent fathers Judge Martin? Are men just bad people who are irresponsible when it comes to parentage? Or, are fathers being forced into bankruptcy and eventually giving up because they cannot get custody or even equal visitation each time they come to court? Is it because the State of NC makes money in incentive payments from the federal government for every dollar they collect in child support? Will Judge John Martin acknowledge that the State of NC is making money on the backs of alienated fathers and his children via the NC Child Support Enforcement System?

What about the NC Child Support Enforcement system Judge Martin? Are you comfortable knowing that women have a super strong federal agency to handle her legal matters while NC fathers and his extended family go bankrupt having to pay $5000 retainers each time she wants to make a case?

Why is it so hard for the NC Courts to understand that when you give one parent so much power over the other that it leads to anger, resentment, and discord for 18 yrs and that it’s this discord that is causing so many problems for NC kids? Is it because the super powerful feminist groups control the strings? Or does it mean rich lawyers?

Also, we need Judge John Martin to explain to use why it is the policy of District Court Judge to allow mothers to relocate kids hundreds and even thousands of miles from fathers on a daily basis? What do you say to the tens of thousands of fathers, paternal grandmothers, aunts, and female siblings that are hurting tonight in the mother take all NC courts? Can you also tell us why we should support you or the NC Courts?

Chief Judge John Martin, the NC Courts and Domestic Violence

As more data shows that women actually commit Domestic Violence as much as men do, why are NC Judges overlooking false allegations on a routine basis and not criminalizing women that do this? Surely you are aware Judge Martin that a simply allegation of domestic violence can have a profound effect on a man financially, career wise, and emotionally. Are you aware Judge Martin that women use domestic violence as a tactical advantage in divorce and custody matters? Again, are you acknowledging and pandering to the super powerful domestic violence womens groups that get millions in funding each year to enact WOMENS shelters and advance women related agendas?

What do you say to the tens of thousands of NC voting men, paternal grandmothers, sisters of men, step-mothers, and now ADULT children who see this happening daily in the NC Courts?

Judge Martin, do your children tell you that they love their mother more than you, or that it was OK as a child if they only saw you 5 days a month or were moved thousands of miles away from you? We suspect not. So our question to Judge John Martin is why in the hell are we any different?

As a NC Non-Custodial VOTING Father, Step-Mother, Paternal Aunt or Uncle, Paternal Grandmother, or Some other Family Member, we ask that you EXTENSIVELY share this article on Chief Judge John Martin with other NC Non-Custodial Families on sites like Twitter and Facebook so that we can build a massive MAILING LIST of voters who can finally change the NC Courts to be equal and sane.

Show Support by Copying and Pasting the code below to your website or Blog:

Tell <a href="">Chief Judge John Martin of the NC Courts</a> to support a less divisive NC Family Court System.

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