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Judge Leonard Thagard – Onslow County NC Court District 4B

NC FathersAn open article asking Judge Leonard Thagard of the Onslow County NC Courts ( District 4B ) to answer some questions regarding child custody, child support, and domestic violence issues as it relates to NC Fathers and the members of his extended family who vote.

If you are a Onslow County NC non-custodial family member, please ask Judge Leonard Thagard Staff to read this article on Senator Harry Brown.

Judge Thagard, in reviewing our similar article written to Judge Robert Stiehl of Cumberland County NC, we think Onslow County Fathers and the many Women of Paternity want to hear your thoughts on these matters: Posts Related to Judge Leonard Thagard – Sheriff Ed Brown


  • Judge Thagard, what are the statistics on who gets custody of a child(ren) in Onslow County? We know the official word is that there is no presumption for custody, but the latest statistics show that 85% of females win custody cases in Onslow County NC. Fathers in Onslow County and the numerous females of paternity who vote feel like 85% shows presumption. With these figures, is the District 4B Courts of Onslow County saying that only 15% of men in Onslow County are good enough to be custodial fathers? What about paternal grandmothers, sisters of men, step-mothers, and other female voters who also lose? Are these women less effective and loving family members of children compared to mothers and her extended family?
  • Judge Thagard, there exists federal legislation that rewards the State of NC through Incentive Payments via the NC Child Support Enforcement System. These incentive payments clearly spelled out in wording of the legislation says that states will get more money if they show increased collection and performance. The only way increased and performance can be achieved is if men lose custody and spend as little amount of visitation as possible with their children so that child support collection can be maximized. Surely you Judge Thagard, and the other Judges in the Onslow County NC Courts, will tell Onslow County Fathers and the large extended family of paternity that this is not the deciding factor in most child custody matters?
  • Judge Thagard, what is up with the Onslow County NC Courts jailing non-custodial fathers who are unable to pay child support, but giving custodial mothers federal and state assistance, housing assistance, educational assistance, and medical assistance to make financial ends meet? What do you say to Onslow County Fathers and the numerous women of paternity who see this bias and are fed up with it? Additionally, is it not biased that women get free legal representation via child support enforcement while men have to come up with $5000 retainers EACH time a woman calls CSE?
  • Furthermore Judge Thagard, why do Judges in the Onslow County NC Courts allow women to move their children hundreds of miles away from active fathers after a divorce to be close to relatives for support? We thought this was about the best interest of children and not a parent. Are you Judge Thagard, and the other Judges in Onslow County, saying that it is ok for children not to see their fathers and loving grandmothers and aunts of paternity except during the summer months? Are we less than maternal involvement?
  • Judge Thagard, what do you say to voting fathers and their extended family who are seeing domestic violence allegations used as tactical advantages in divorce and child custody matters? We realize there is a super powerful lobby with lots of federal funding who makes sure domestic violence stays in the minds of everyone. Do these groups NEED Domestic Violence to exists to make money and does their money affect rulings?

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Judge Leonard Thagard and the Onslow County NC Courts

We want to thank Judge Leonard Thagard of the District 4B Onslow County NC Courts for reading our article and responding. Or, any other Judge in Onslow County NC responding for that matter. Why? Because quite frankly Onslow County Fathers, his extended family, and female friends of fathers see these issues every day in the courts and we need answers to make informed decisions at election time.

NC Domestic Violence Experts

Additionally, we want to continue to hear from fathers and most importantly from the numerous family members of paternity about your experiences in the Onslow County NC Courts and the Judges who rule in District 4B.

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