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NC National Organization for Woman – NC Feminist

NC FathersThe NC chapters of the National Organization for Women and other Feminist groups are the defining lobby group that hold NC Judges and Legislators prisoner and they defy any of these parties to not vote or rule in contrary to what they support. Not surprisingly, the NC Chapters of the National Organization for Women and Feminist are solidly behind women being the historical custodial parent in virtually all child custody matters. NC NOW also does not support shared parenting in NC because it infringes on womens rights and they verbalize a host of other reasons why it is not in the best interest of children. If you do a search of feminist and shared parenting you will come across many reasons why the National Organization of Women think that men make bad parents:

  • Men are Abusers, and Women are Naturally Perfect – despite the fact that studies are showing rampant Domestic Violence in lesbian communities and the studies that show where women hit just as much as men but it is not reported.
  • Men are Alcoholics and Women aren’t – Yea OK!
  • Women give up 9 months of their lives and put their lives at risk to carry and birth children. True, but until women can master the art of immaculate conception you still need biology from a man to even get that opportunity.
  • Men are Criminals and Women are Not – According to the US Dept of Prisons, women are entering prison on a much greater rate than men.
  • When women do bad things it is because of Men – which to us sounds like a 8 yr olds perspective.
  • Women are Good and Men are Bad.

NC National Organization for Woman - NC Feminist

Now you would expect that from a NC Fathers website that is trying to reform the NC Courts and bring Shared Parenting to the table, one would expect us to not be fond of the NC Chapters of the National Organization of Women or any NC feminist Groups. But what we find utterly ironic is the fact that for every male that gets screwed in the NC family Courts by judges and legislators who are pandering to NOW, there exists several women of paternity who get screwed too. These include:

  • Paternal Grandmothers
  • Sisters of Men
  • Aunts of Men
  • Female Friends of Men
  • Step-Mothers
  • Female Cousins of Men

Now we wonder what the NC National Organization for Women has to say to these females? Most importantly, we REALLY want to know what the above groups have to say to NOW! Until we hear from NC NOW, we can only speculate that they are in a quandary on this issue and overlook the collateral damage. How can the NC Chapters of the National Organization of Women and Feminist groups survive if they are alienating 3 women for every male they get in the Courts? What about future adult females that realize daddy wasn’t deadbeat, he was alienated and beat down by the courts and had to give up?

If you are one of the above mentioned groups, are you any less important than mothers and her extended family? Is your love for a child and nurturing ways any less efficient than mothers and her extended family? Do you sometimes wonder if the NC National Organization for Women and Feminist REALLY supports all females, or only the “true” females without any male spoilage that the unfortunate females who just happened to birth a male endure?

Where is NOW when it comes to Paternal Females who are in pain and hurting tonight because they only get to see their young grandchildren and nieces/nephews a few times a month when the extended family of maternity is raising them daily? How is Feminism working for you now?

If you are a Paternal Related Female, we suggest you call your local NC National Organization of Women Chapter or Feminist group now and withdraw your financial support for them and tell them you don’t appreciate their “women movement” that is alienating kids from loving fathers and YOU!

Is the NC National Organization For Women Exacerbating Domestic Violence?

NC Fathers believes that the National Organization for Women in NC, as well as Judges, are actually fueling increased Domestic Violence and Murder/Suicide of Mothers. When you give 100% control, resources, and time with a child to one parent, then deny the other parent that ability, you are going to have problems, and we think that the National Organization For Women realizes that. Of course, they will place all of the blame on others.

Here is some information to consider; did you know that BILLIONS in federal money is filtered down to US States to combat Domestic Violence and that many jobs, shelters, programs and infrastructure is built around combating domestic violence? So what happens if the NC National Organization For Women stops and decreases Domestic Violence? How will they deal with less money? How will they use this social issue as a political football to bully Judges and Politicians? Do they secretly NEED Domestic Violence, well male on female Domestic Violence Only, to continue and increase so that they get more and more federal funding?

For more detailed information on these issues, we wrote an article about another National Organization For Women Operative named Renee Beeker

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Please ask the<a href="">NC Chapters of the National Organization for Women and NC Feminist Groups</a> stop alienating paternal related females.

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