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Representative Diane Parfitt – Cumberland County NC Democrat

NC FathersLike our letter to Judge Robert Stiehl, we are asking Representative Diane Parfitt ( Cumberland County NC Democrat ) to also respond to our questions so we can tell those that visit our site where Rep Parfitt stands on these issue:

  • Why are custodial mothers in the Cumberland County NC Child Support Enforcement system given free legal representation, free state and federal assistance, housing assistance, and educational assistance to make financial ends meet but Cumberland County NC fathers get jailed when they cannot make financial ends meet? As a Cumberland County NC Democrat I wonder what you, or your party, would have said to Women and African-Americans back in the 50s when this was happening to them? Why are fathers having to spend $5000 on legal retainers EACH time Cumberland County Child Support wants to talk to them, and the mother given all this free?
  • Representative Parfitt, why are Cumberland County Judges allowing mothers to move their children hundreds of miles away from their fathers just so they can be close to family after a divorce? Do these children not need nurturing and consistent love and care from their paternal grandmothers, fathers, aunts, and other females in the paternal extended family?
  • Representative Parfitt, why are Cumberland County NC fathers only given an average of 5-6 days visitation with their fathers even when they desire more? Do children not love their fathers? Are paternal grandmothers less loving and effective childcare providers compared to maternal grandmothers?
  • Representative Parfitt, what do you and other Cumberland County NC Democrats say to Fathers and the numerous voting extended family who see the incentive payments to the State of NC for increased based child support enforcement and wonder if this is the  reason fathers cannot get custody or equal visitation so that the State and Cumberland County NC can continue to get paid? Is it really fair that money is made on the backs of Cumberland County children and fathers?


Representative Diane Parfitt - Cumberland County NC Democrat

Is Representative Diane Parfitt and the Cumberland County NC Democrat Party alienating themselves from paternal females to get the maternal female vote, along with the recognition from the female lobby groups?

Representative Parfitt no doubt you are aware that the feminist and domestic violence lobby groups are extremely powerful and contribute highly to legislative and judicial elections. What do Cumberland County NC Democrats say to the numerous females of paternity who are hurting and wondering why their sons and them do not get equal respect in the Cumberland County NC Courts? Women are a large part of the Democrat Party’s base are they not? Are you Representing these females?

What about African-American females? Is it not true that African-Americans make up the base of the Cumberland County Democrat Party? What about all the African-American paternal grandmothers, African-American Paternal Aunts and other females of paternity who are loving family members that literally get nothing while they watch maternal females enjoy raising their grandchildren and who get to see them on a regular basis?

Representative Parfitt, many are wondering if the Incentive Payments to the State of NC and pandering to the powerful feminists and domestic violence groups are the reason why Cumberland County NC fathers and his extended family of voters are hurting so bad.

What do you say to these groups of people that are visiting this site Representative Parfitt? What does the Cumberland County NC Democrat Party have to say?

What will future Cumberland County NC children say when they learn as adults that their fathers weren’t absent, they were alienated by an extremely divisive and biased system that legislators and judges are supposed to protect them from regardless of party affiliation or pressure from lobby groups?

Representative Parfitt, back in the civil rights era what would you or the Cumberland County NC Democrats have to say if only 15% of African-Americans were allowed to visit a restaurant or 15% of women allowed to vote? So where the hell are you when only 15% of fathers in NC win child custody battles or get even near equal visitation?

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Please ask <a href="">Representative Diane Parfitt and Cumberland County NC Democrats</a> to answer some simple questions regarding child support, child custody, and domestic violence.


Representative Diane Parfitt throws the phrase “womens suffrage movement” around on her website in many places and even has commentary from National Organization for Women members who bring to light the issues women face in American Society. While NC Fathers does recognize this movement and the plight for equality in society, we wonder why Representative Parfitt does not recognize the plight of another group of women in North Carolina.

Where is Representative Parfitt on the suffrage facing Women of Paternity ?

  • Where is the documentation showing suffering paternal grandmothers face in their quest to see, nurture, and be apart of the raising of their young grandchildren equally compared to maternal grandmothers? If NC Fathers see their children only 6 days a month, how many of those days do paternal grandmothers get?
  • What about the suffrage of sisters of men?
  • What about the suffrage of Step-Mothers?
  • What about the suffrage of young females who are alienated from the fathers because of the “woman take all” courts that the Democrat Party supports ?

Does Representative Parfitt not recognize that while women very well do face hurdles in other areas of American society, they enjoy many unequal benefits in the NC Courts as it related to Custody and Child Support?

If only 15% of women were allowed to hold management positions in American corporations, where would the Representative be on this issue?

If only 15% of women were allowed to vote, where would she be on this issue?

If men were given free legal care by child support enforcement while women had to come up with $5,000 retainers EACH and EVERY time an issue arose, where would she be on this issue?

We wonder if Representative Dianne Parfitt is truly a champion of ALL women, or just the women that fit the Feminist and Democrat Party’s agenda.

If you are a woman of Paternity, please do not buy into Representative Parfitt’s message of equality, because you know otherwise.

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