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NC FathersWe received a letter earlier from a father in Durham, NC who wrote us regarding the issue of hiring attorneys who represent the NC Child Support Enforcement Agency (CSE) when it comes to other legal matters. We actually considered the idea and several issues came to mind.

No Doubt, NC Child Support Enforcement Attorneys realize that the State of NC receives income based on INCREASED and PERFORMANCE based collection of child support. We contend that these incentive payments are one of the main factors in why fathers and the extended members of the family do not get to see their young loved ones equally. We also believe it is a significant threat to equal Shared Parenting. With Shared Parenting there would be no child support, thus no incentive payments via the government.


NC Child Support Enforcement Attorney

Additionally, attorneys who represent the NC Child Support Enforcement office are WELL aware that women get free legal care via this federal agency and that men have to spend $5,000 to get legal representation EACH time a woman picks up the phone and wants the agency to get her more money and benefits.

Furthermore, no doubt Attorneys with NC Child Support Enforcement realize they are doing NOTHING to benefit children and their families. There job is to benefit women and her children.

Typically, attorneys who represent CSE also have private practices locally. So the question is, should NC Fathers, and EVERY SINGLE member of his extended family and friends boycott hiring attorneys who represent NC Child Support Enforcement for OTHER matters like traffic violations, wills, divorce, etc…

Now we are not real sure on the rules regarding attorneys for child support enforcement representing fathers in divorce but we are pretty sure they cannot represent fathers in child support matters. Perhaps a NC attorney will happen by this post and enlighten us.

So what say you? Would you feel comfortable as a NC Father in the child support enforcement system hiring, trusting, and representing you in other legal matters when he/she is so heavily involvement and part of a system that alienates children from their fathers and numerous members of the extended paternal family?

Generally, I do not like to affect anybody’s economic prosperity as this is exactly the argument we have with being jailed for INABILITY to pay support and the hatred we have for the system providing women free legal care while we go bankrupt hiring attorneys. NC Attorneys with the Child Enforcement System really don’t think about us do they?

NC Domestic Violence Experts

On one hand, boycotting these NC Attorneys and hitting them hard financially might make them understand that NC Fathers and their extended family are tired of their antics and that we are a force to be reckoned with. I guess it all comes down to what level of activism you want to undertake in our effort to get equal and shared parenting with our children.

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  1. Shared parenting doesn’t work in Buncombe county to help with child support. We have his children 50% of the time, make the SAME amount of money each year (32K) and the father has to pay HER $1000 a MONTH in CS…why? Because Judge R. Knight said she couldn’t determine his income because he is self employeed so she GUESSED. She had all the documents to PROVE his income and said it didn’t matter, she wanted him to PAY. He has went no less then 3 times to court to get it changed and nothing is ever changed. Child Support says tough….live in a box. Nothing can be done.


    Comment by Shelia | May 11, 2012 | Reply

    • Hi Sheila, thanks for your comments. We fully expect to see shared parenting one day realized, but you are right, the non-custodial parent will still always pay excessive child support. The reason for this is that the State of NC has NO money to fund Social Services. Purusiant to the Social Security Act, Title IV Part D Section 458, the State of NC receives a match for child support collected which is then used to replenish social services. Therefore, when Buncombe County collects $1000 from your husband, it gets back $1000 from the federal government for a Welfare recipient. This is the industry of child support. They scream about dead beats, but when you have a father who is active and wants equal time, they scream and still demand money.


      Comment by ncfathers | May 11, 2012 | Reply

  2. Oh and there are 3 children. He also has to pay 64% of all the medical bills. He works two jobs just to pay her. We can’t buy anything or it is used against him in court. We can’t find any support group to help and of course cant afford an attorney. Oh but they PROVIDE her with one and she also PAYS for one. She has lived rent free for 4 years in a $400,000 home and is currently building a home with CASH. The bank hasn’t forcloused because she told them a sad story. He went bankrupt and now they are finally going to take the house from her but all this time she has paid NOTHING and gotten everything handed to her. We have sold everything of value just to keep him out of jail and now we are at our wits end. Nothing left to sell, no jobs in the area (he is highly educated with a great background but there is nothing here), can’t move because then he wouldn’t have his children 50% of the time. It just goes on and on. There is no justice for Dad’s in this county.


    Comment by Shelia | May 11, 2012 | Reply

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