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NC Department of Social Services, Fathers, and the Extended Paternal Family

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Before we begin our article on the NC Department of Social Services, I suggest you go get a sandwich and some tea as this is going to be lengthy. Aside from NC Judges who cower to the domestic violence and feminist movement to maintain a “mother take all” family courts system, NC Social Services is the other NUMBER ONE THREAT TO AMERICAN FATHERHOOD.


So where to begin… ah yes, their own NC DSS Fatherhood Initiative Program located here:

UPDATE: In the vein of fairness we emailed each of the programs at the NC Department of Social Services Fatherhood Initiative asking for their response to this post. We received 11 email failure notices. Really?

Now I want each of you to take a few minutes and scroll through the list of programs and email addresses of the directors of these programs offered by DSS and tell me if you trust that these programs define fatherhood. Lets take a look…

1) Employment Training and Resume Writing 2) Self-Sufficiency Training 3) Domestic Violence Issues 4) Substance Abuse 5) Incarcerated Fathers 6) Parenting Wisely 7) Learning about ‘Mommy and Me’ 8 ) Educational Programs 9) Empowering Dads to be active at home

Now look at the email addresses of the program contacts, notice the and .edu email addresses? Do you trust that ANYONE in the NC Courts or highly liberal arts schools have ANY idea of what you really need help with? Are the programs above really what the NC Department of Social Services thinks of fatherhood?

Are we really a bunch of unemployed, non self-sufficient, violent abusers that abuse substances and find ourselves incarcerated, who don’t parent wisely, who need to learn more about mothers and pregnancy, who need to get educated, and stay at home more to support mothers… and keep or mouths shut and just pay your child support and don’t ever think about asking for equal visitation?

Oh, and you can be sure that if NC Fathers do actually attended any of these DSS sponsored training programs it will not help you gain custody or get you equal visitation with your children. Mothers will still be allowed to move kids halfway across the county with judicial blessings, and there will still be a custom tailored federal agency designed to make sure you pay money to women or face jail (Administrated via DSS). Additionally, after learning about Domestic Violence there will still be women who file false allegations or control you with filing one to maintain the upper hand in courts, and even if found to be doing this falsely will not be prosecuted for it.

These are the TRUE problems NC Fathers face with fatherhood and it’s sick that NC DSS does not recognize it…. or do they?

Is the NC Department of Social Services Addicted to Federal Funds Received for Domestic Violence, Child Support Collection, and Other Programs?

The answer is YES, Social Services, along with Judges and Counselors know that the courts are biased, that women use the system for federal and state funding, educational assistance, medical assistance, and tax credits on the premise that she is a single mother or victim of violence and it is because her child’s father is a deadbeat. Hundreds of millions of dollars each year is distributed out to these programs and is replenished via child support enforcement. It’s almost as if NC Social Services NEEDS for there to be Domestic Violence and Deadbeat Fathers so they can push their agenda of power and federal resources. This is why DSS needs for you, and everyone else, to think that dads don’t know a thing about how to be a father, and that we are just a bunch of uneducated violent people that harm kids and women.

This is why the NC Courts prefer and mandate that child support be payed via ENFORCEMENT instead of parents together so that incentives can be payed to states who collect more so that Medicaid monies can be replenished. This is also why Judges will not allow you to pay child support to institutions that do direct care of your children. It has to go to a woman, so they can tie in the social services component above. Now on to Feminism at DSS…

Now, have you ever noticed that the majority of those employed at the NC Department of Social Services are women that have social services degrees and training? Here is some Data for you to digest:

With this amount of data coming from GOVERNMENT and EDUCATIONAL websites showing a high correlation between Social Services and Feminism, do you trust that any Feminist give a damn about the NC Father or his EQUAL access to children?

Also, let us NOT forget that this is the soft side of NC DSS. There is still the venerable Child Protection Services Component of NC DSS and this is where things get REALLY scary for NC Fathers and the extended paternal family. We could write for days, but sometimes silence tells a thousand words. NC Fathers and the Female members of the Paternal Family who are, or have been in the CPS system at DSS know the hurdles.

This will be really simple and to the point. When all NC Fathers, Paternal Grandmothers, Step-Mothers, Sister of Men, Cousins of Men, Friends of Men, and others who have a stake in seeing their young loved ones equally and parenting their ones ones equally stand up and use their money and constitutional right to vote uneducated NC Judges and Legislators out of office things will change. When these members of the paternal family unite and stand toe-to-toe with the special interest groups that hold legislators and judges hostage, things will change. When members of the Paternal Family remind the NC Department of Social Services that we can control funding, things will change. Until this happens, NC Fathers and Members of the Paternal Family will continue to be alienated from their young children so that others can enjoy the fruits of their agendas.

NC Department of Social Services, Funding From NC Non-Custodial Families, and the Potential For Abuse

Few non-custodial families realize the the NC Department of Social Services agencies MAKE MONEY off you paying child support. We ask that our readers open THIS LINK to the federal legislation called the Social Security Act Title IV Part D and extensively read Section 458 entitled INCENTIVE PAYMENTS TO STATES. Contained in this legislation, NC Department of Social Services agencies all over NC get back TWO dollars for every ONE dollar collected in child support via enforcement. The State of NC can then use this money to replenish low income assistance programs at social services. How do you feel knowing that you are helping to fund low income women and children at the expense of not being able to have greater visitation (decreases your child support, thus funding) with your children?

To add insult to injury, NC Department of Social Services agencies are pushing hard to get a contract with this software firm to develop, install, and implement this software. How much do you think this will cost? And, how do you feel knowing your child support is funding this?

If NC Department of Social Services agencies are the recipient of massive funding from NC non-custodial families, does it open the door for CPS workers and administrators to execute abuse on fathers in non-custodial families, and deal lightly with women who receive services at the social services agencies? We think this door is clearly already open and it fuels a tremendous amount of bias in working with NC non-custodial families.

If you are a member of the non-custodial family, be it a father, paternal grandmother, step-mother, or some other family member and you believe a NC Department of Social Services agency was biased and committed illegal acts against your family, we want you to contact us and join our MAILING LIST.

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