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Pender County NC Sheriffs Office, Sheriff Carson Smith and Fathers

NC FathersBig bad Sheriff Carson Smith of the Pender County NC Sheriffs Office has gone and got him some deadbeat fathers and made sure that the media posted their names and finances for all to see in an effort to ridicule them. Really Sheriff Carson? Now I know most who read this will agree with the Sheriff, but read on and see what you think after reading.


Here are some questions for Sheriff Carson Smith for Pender County NC residents to ponder:


  • Is the ONLY face of Pender County NC Fathers who get in trouble with Child Support those of hardened criminals that need to be put in Jail or on a website for lifelong ridicule?
  • Sheriff Smith, we noticed that 6 of the 8 men arrested are African-American Men. Thoughts?
  • Sheriff Carson, are these men Lexus driving successful white collar types that get you elected and who CAN pay child support but REFUSE? We suspect these men are poverty stricken men who CAN’T pay child support even if they wanted to. We also suspect you chose these particular men because they are less likely to fight back.
  • Where are the Mothers in Pender County NC who do not pay child support Sheriff Carson?
  • Where are the other hardened criminals faces that murder, rape, and commit violent crimes in Pender County?
  • These men have warrants, does that not mean that they are still innocent until proven guilty?
  • What about when these issues are cleared up, is it fair for them to have their faces and finances on the Internet for life?
  • Is the Pender County Sheriffs Office encouraging bullying of kids in school? Undoubtedly, kids will discover that another child’s father is on the Internet as a bad father and seek to point that out in peer circles.
  • Sheriff Carson Smith should recognize that judges are not tolerant of parents seeking to discredit each other in public but it is ok for a Sheriff to use kids to do this?

And Finally, the question we have been waiting to ask….

I bet the well funded Domestic Violence and Feminist Groups just LOVE to see this stuff. Is this pandering to these groups Sheriff Carson so they remember you at election time?
Pender County NC Sheriffs Office
Unfortunately, what Sheriff Carson Smith fails to recognize is that it does no good to use Pender County NC fathers who cannot pay child support to paint a broad picture of what good and loving responsible fathers who are in the federal child support system face each and every day.

I suspect this boneheaded move didn’t play out to well with deputies in his own department who struggle to pay increasing amounts of child support each and every year, despite a tough economy. Are you going to put your own deputies on a website Sheriff Carson when they get behind?

Also, what amount of money does it take for Pender County NC tax payers to pay to afford these non violent innocent until proven guilty mens housing and medical costs? Heck, since its “for the kids” take what money you spent in arresting these men, housing these men, and paying their medical bills and give it to child support enforcement. Will you do that Sheriff Carson Smith?

Sheriff Carson, why are you not arresting women who cannot pay their credit card payments? Why are you not arresting women who file false domestic abuse claims? Why are you not arresting people who cannot pay their mortgages? Where are the pictures of the suit wearing BMW driving Fathers who CHOOSE not to pay child support?

And last, and probably most important. I want each and every Pender County NC Father and EVERY SINGLE voting member of the paternal family to remember Sheriff Carson at the next election. Each and every day you fight within the child support system to pay increasing amounts of child support in a tough economy when you beg and beg judges just to give you equal visitation, and then your Sheriff goes and inadvertently lumps you in with these men to make matters worse? This does nothing positive.

Well, except to win elections and secure money.

Would Sheriff Carson Smith be at all pleased if we solicited Pender County NC residents to send us publicly available data and pictures of his deputies or himself in other matters and make them available on our website for life?

Cmon Sheriff Smith, attempted ridicule and shaming is immature. And, since Non-Custodial families make up about 50% of Sheriff Smith’s voting population we think they should remember him come next election.

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September 27, 2011

Still no word from Sheriff Carson Smith or anyone at the Sheriffs Office on this matter. Is it safe to say that this Sheriff is completely arrogant and really does not care what anyone under his authority thinks?

Since this Sheriff thinks it is so important to ridicule people, when is he going to release names and pictures of deputies who are reprimanded for internal issues so that their faces can be placed on the Internet for life that subjects deputies children to harassment by other children?


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