NC Fathers Rights

Onslow County NC Republican Party Senators and Representatives

This is an open letter to the Republican Party in Onslow County NC, and Onslow County Representatives and Senators. We are a group of concerned NC citizens that represent the Paternal Family in regards to child custody, child support, and equal parenting in the Onslow County Courts. For far too long, Onslow County NC Fathers have been alienated and sought after for financial support without any consideration to shared parenting, or equal visitation. Equally as irresponsible, we believe the Onslow County NC Republican Party, it’s supporters, and its Representatives and Senators have forgotten about paternal grandmothers, paternal aunts, step-mothers, and others in the paternal family who want to nurture and raise their young loved ones equally. Onslow County children need both parents, in addition to both sets of extended families. This combination of resources and support far exceeds any amount of child support.

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If you are a Onslow County NC non-custodial family member, please ask the Onslow County Republican Party Staff to read this article on Senator Harry Brown.

Here are other issues we are asking Onslow County NC Republican Senators and Representatives to think about when considering shared parenting. Also, please note, this information ONLY applies to those fathers desiring to equally raise their children, and not the irresponsible ones that do not.

  • In the modern Onslow County NC Courts, women still win custody 80% of the time even when the father is found to be “fit” and is desiring to be active in his children’s lives.
  • Onslow County NC Judges continue to allow mothers to relocate their children away from fathers even when the father has shown to be active in their lives.
  • Onslow County NC Fathers are being jailed in increasing numbers without any consideration to the economy.
  • Shared Parenting frees up more time for mothers to pursue education and career objectives instead of relying on child support and other federal/state assistance programs often given to single mothers.
  • In regards to the NC Child Support Enforcement System, custodial mothers are given free legal assistance while NC Fathers and the Paternal Family have to come up with $5,000 retainers every time custodial mothers call them.
  • Studies show that children who are parented by both parents, even after divorce have few educational issues, social issues, and psychological issues that many times are attended to by taxpayer expenses.
  • Children do not distinguish a greater love for or against when it comes to his/her mother. If this is indeed about the children, then we believe this is enough.
  • Custodial Mothers receive federal/state medical assistance, federal/state tax credits,  state housing assistance, educational assistance to make financial ends meet, while Non-custodial fathers are sent to jail when financial ends do not meet. This extreme division sets the stage for decades worth of parental fighting that rolls onto the heads of Onslow County who just want peace.

No doubt, opponents of shared parenting and equality in the NC Courts will point to problems that Onslow County Republican Senators and Representatives will have to address. But we believe there are many problems that exist even in the divisive system.

Onslow County NC Republican Party

Furthermore, we believe the Republican Party in Onslow County is well aware that the State of NC receives incentive payments from the federal government for increased reporting and collection of child support. These funds in large part go towards replenishing Title IV-D and other medicaid programs. It is time to end the addiction to this money, and preventing Onslow County Fathers and the Extended Family from equal parenting so that supporters of federal assistance and other special agendas can flourish is about as backward as it gets.

If you are a Onslow County NC Father, or one of the numerous voting members of the paternal family that identifies with this article, we encourage you to get behind Onslow County Republican Senators and Representatives so that they can help your cause.

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