NC Fathers Rights

North Carolina Association of Defense Attorneys and NC Fathers

We contacted the NC Association of Defense Attorneys to ask Christopher Smith, who is the current President-Elect of this organization, to give us his thoughts on the issue of criminalization of the NC Father, subsequent jailing, and the fact that Non-Custodial Fathers are at a federal imposed disadvantage in Child Support Enforcement Cases because they have to find $5,000 retainers while Custodial Mothers get free legal representation.

Trust us, we expected the NC Association of Defense Attorneys to have a lot to say about this given that NC Defense Attorneys are usually very vocal on these types of issues. However, much to our dismay, we received a response back stating:


The NCADA does not address family law issues.  I suggest you contact your local legislator’s office

When we first received Mr. Smith’s response we figured that perhaps we were misguided in contacting the NC Association of Defense Attorneys because child custody and child support issues are civil matters. But, then a moment of clarity arrived and I countered back with the fact that in the Child Support Enforcement system criminal punishments can be levied by Judges and thus I wanted his, or the organizations thoughts on that. We received no further communication.

To us this is egregious. I can assure you if the federal government was giving free resources to the prosecution in criminal matters while requiring $5,000 of Defendants to even enter the courtroom, that the NC Association of Defense Attorneys would be screaming all the way to the US Supreme Court.

NC Defense Attorneys

We fail to see the difference in civil vs. criminal matters when it comes to the legal defense of human being, but when you amplify the fact that one group of litigants is getting free legal care while the other litigants have to hire an attorney… and there are criminal implications involved we…. we see a serious issue for the NC Association of Defense Attorneys.

Additionally, we receive tons of email from readers who believe ALL NC Attorneys want a divisive Family Court System because they know that two parents will literally fight for 18 years and bankrupt themselves when fighting over children, and this creates a financial windfall for them. Our communication would have been the perfect opportunity for Christopher Smith and the NC Association of Defense Attorneys to respond to this. Do you feel that this lackadaisical response from the NCADA sends the message that this is too fruitful litigation for theme and therefore they do not want to jeopardize it?

We hate to generalize and surmise when it comes to these types of issues, but really? The Association of Defense Attorneys has no issue with the federal government jailing NC citizens for inability to pay a financial obligation?

We know this is a serious issue for hundreds of thousands of NC Fathers and voting members of the extended family. May I suggest you go to their website and demand a more respectful answer to this issue from the NC Association of Defense Attorneys. Look folks, until you realize that paternal families are a huge force legislatively, organizations like this are going to continue to walk all over your rights and ability to see your children equally.

We welcome any NC Attorney who happens across this post to address our readership.

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