NC Fathers Rights

Onslow County NC Child Support Enforcement

Are you a Onslow County NC Child Support payee in the Onslow County Child Support Enforcement system who feels like this organization only exists to collect money without any regards to you and your legal children?

We are a North Carolina group of paternal fathers and female members of the paternal family who believe that the Onslow County Child Support Enforcement system is weighed heavily in favor of custodial mothers and that federal wheels that feed this agency is based on incentive payments to Onslow County for increased collections and reporting.
Onslow County NC Child Support

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Onslow County Enforcement then uses this money to replenish federal and state assistance programs that are being depleted in record numbers.

Additionally, we are going to be using blogging, social media, and other methods to reach out to Onslow County Judges and Legislators informing them that Fathers and the numerous voting members of the Paternal Family are tired of receiving no attention in regards to equal visitation and shared parenting.

We also encourage you to read this post on how the NC Child Support Enforcement System is making money for the State of NC and why we believe is the number one reason why you do not see your young loved ones as much as the maternal family does.

Again, if your are a Onslow County Father or Woman of Paternity who is banging your head against the wall fighting with Onslow County NC Child Support Enforcement and the Onslow County Courts, nothing is going to change until every single father, and every single member of the paternal family becomes a united group of individuals that Judges and Legislators respond to.

Please help share our message by sharing this article on your social networks and by email to help spread the word.

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Let <a href="">Onslow County NC Child Support Enforcement</a> know that non-custodial family members deserve respect too.

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