NC Fathers Rights

Wake County NC Democrat Party and Women of Paternity

Wake County DemocratWe are sending the Wake County Democrat Party correspondence asking that Wake Democrat Deborah Ross respond to our inquiry to her.

Specifically, we need Wake Democrats, or Representative Deborah Ross, to respond to the Women of Paternity in Wake County who feel like the distinguished representative is not hearing our voice for equal and shared parenting of their young loved ones.

Also noted, is the number of womens groups that Representative Ross references on her website, but we do not feel like we have a voice with her.

Surely, the Wake County Democrat Party must recognize the contribution to the Democratic Party and we need Representative Ross to respond to the following issues:

  • Where does Representative Ross and Wake County Democrats stand on the issue of equal and shared parenting?
  • Where does the Democratic Women of Wake County stand on Shared Parenting?
  • Does Representative Ross advocate for the continued divisive system of custodial/non-custodial parentage that denies women of paternity equal access to grandchildren, step-children, and nieces and nephews that maternal extended family members enjoy a greater access to?
  • If Representative Ross advocates that mothers must maintain custody of their children while fathers and mothers of maternity receive only visitation 4-6 days a month, what are her reasons for this judgement?

As extended family members who are females in the paternal family, we feel that Wake County Democrat Politics are standing in the way of children enjoying the love, nurturing, and resources of fathers and his extended female family.

Does the Wake County Democrat Party not recognize the numbers of women in the paternal family are are systematically beating their heads against the wall wondering why we watch our equals on the maternal side of the family enjoying what we are missing in our life?
Wake County NC Democrat

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Is the Democrat Party in Wake County, along with Representative Ross, throwing women of paternity under the bus simply to pander to the special interest groups who reward for furthering their agenda?

Wake County Democrat Party and District Court Judges

NC Fathers is asking the Wake County Democrat Party officials to explain why Judges in your party use Wake County non-custodial families to fund the Wake County Department of Social Services? If you are a member of a non-custodial family, it is important to understand that according to the legislation that birthed the federal child support enforcement agency, contained in the Social Security Act Title IV Part D and section 458, is the provision that the federal government gives back to the State of NC TWO Dollars for every ONE Dollar collected in child support via enforcement to be used for low income assistance programs at Social Services.

Does the Wake County Democrat Party have a problem knowing that Democrat Judges are using non-custodial families to fund an agency that historically dealt very harshly with non-custodial fathers and their families? Is it to secure their funding?

Can the Wake County Democrat Party explain if low visitation awards by Judges are directly related to increased collection of child support so that federal funds can be maximized?

Wake County Democrat Party, Still No Official Word

NC Fathers has attempted to contact the Wake County Democrat Party via email, Twitter, and Facebook but nobody in the organization is inclined to issue a official response on the issues outlined above. Quite frankly, we see this as an insult to all Wake County non-custodial families, but find it overly insulting to the African American, Hispanic, and Women of Paternity who make up their base and get their proverbial asses handed to them in the NC family courts daily.

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Please ask the <a href="">Wake County NC Democrat Party</a> to bring Shared Parenting to Wake County's children.

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