NC Fathers Rights

Mecklenburg County Republican Party

In our opinion, the Mecklenburg County Republican Party has turned it’s back on numerous women in the paternal family, including the African-American and Hispanic communities which typically vote Democrat. Will you extend a hand to these voters?

We are asking the Mecklenburg County NC Republican Party to support Shared Parenting for Mecklenburg County Fathers, children, and the numerous women in these families. Currently, there is an assault on Mecklenburg County homes where it seems that fathers are only viewed as financial payees to their children. Be it the over aggressive massive federal agency of NC Child Support Enforcement which seems only interested in collecting money to replenish Title IV-D programs, Judges who jail fathers for INABILITY to pay support despite the dangerous economy, or liberal politicians who are furthering the cause of special interest groups, the NC father and his entire extended family are systematically being alienated from children who need, love, and receive resources from them.

Where does the Mecklenburg County Republican Party stand on the issue of Shared Parenting? Are you aware of the resources being used to arrest, house, feed, and provide medical care for poverty stricken fathers who like the rest of the county are being affected by a severe recession?

Is the Mecklenurg County NC Republican Party aware that custodial mothers have access to numerous social services and medicaid related programs to help make financial ends meet, while paternal families visit fathers in jail when they have financial difficulties? Additionally, are Republicans aware that the venerable federal agency of enforcement is providing custodial mothers with free legal care when paternal families have to secure private attorneys that require thousands of dollars EACH time enforcement makes contact with them?

Is the Mecklenburg County NC Republican Party aware that family court judges are continuing to allow custodial mothers to move across county with their children to start a new life after a divorce while totally turning their back on Mecklenburg County children who have significant emotional, psychological, and physical bonds with their fathers, paternal grandmothers, paternal aunts, and step-mothers?

Do Mecklenburg County Republicans recognize that typically NC Fathers only receive 5 days a month visitation with their children EVEN when found fit to parent and that GOVERNMENT studies show a strong correlation with childhood and adolescent pregnancy, anger, educational barriers, and suicide in homes with absent fathers? Are these fathers absent, or have many given up due to the data presented above?

If you are a Mecklenburg County NC father or member of the entire extended family , we ask you to contact the Mecklenburg County Republican Party and ask them to make this a priority. We also ask that you share this post on your social networks to help gain visibility and momentum for this significant social issue.

Mecklenburg County Republicans

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Ask the <a href="">Mecklenburg County NC Republican Party</a> to support Shared Parenting for Mecklenburg County Fathers and their extended family.

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