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NC DHHS Secretary Aldona Wos and Paternal Families

Secretary Aldona WosThis is an open letter to Secretary Aldona Wos of NC DHHS from NC paternal families asking Secretary Wos and NC DHHS officials to address some concerns millions of paternal families in NC have regarding child support enforcement and their fatherhood initiative.

Secretary Wos, as you well know, the federal legislation that establishes state run child support enforcement agencies, like the one at NC DHHS, allows for the State of NC to receive incentive payments for INCREASED and PERFORMANCE based collection of child support which is then used to replenish Title IV(D) programs and other Medicaid programs. Will you, Secretary Wos, release to us how much revenue the State of NC received last year via child support enforcement, and also address the growing concern among NC Fathers and all members of their extended family why we should not feel like the State of NC and NC DHHS is making money on the backs of the father/child relationship? According to NC Child Support Enforcement guidelines, the amount of overnight visitation is directly related to how much child support is payed. It seems very reasonable to follow logic and surmise that it is in the State of NC’s and DHHS’s best interest if fathers and extended paternal family members spend less court ordered visitation with their children so that increased support can be collected.

NC DHHS and Secretary Aldona Wos

NC DHHS, Secretary Aldona Wos – Disturbing FACTS about NC Child Support Enforcement

NC Fathers believes that Secretary Aldona Wos and NC DHHS will tell you that NC Child Support Enforcement is ONLY about providing financial assistance for children in broken homes. However, WHAT DHHS will NOT tell you is that it is also generating a revenue for the State of NC social services agencies who use this money to replenish dwindling low income assistance programs. And, quite frankly we are disturbed that Secretary Wos and NC DHHS is using NC non-custodial families to help county low income assistance participants, especially on the back of these non-custodial families not being able to get equal parentage and access to their children (this would lower child support payment amounts, and thus funding).

NC Fathers directs Secretary Aldona Wos and NC DHHS Child Support Enforcement administrators to Section 458 of the Social Security Act Title IV Part D entitled “INCENTIVE payments to States”. This legislative piece allows the US Federal Government to give BACK Two Dollars for every ONE Dollar collected in child support via enforcement. This money is then used to replenish low income assistance programs at DSS agencies.

In essence, NC non-custodial families are funding social services via a program everyone touts as a “program to help the dear children”. But be VERY clear, MILLIONS of non-custodial fathers, paternal grandmothers, step-mothers, and paternal aunts are NOT seeing their minor children EQUALLY because of this.

To add INSULT to INJURY, NC DHHS and Secretary Aldona Wos is NOT telling you that in addition to revenue generation for social services, Title IV-D money also puts food on the plates of government contractors who want to work for DHHS.

Again, NC non-custodial families are not only funding low income assistance, they are also funding hundreds of government contractors that want to get federal and state contracts.

Our question to DHHS officials is, which is MORE likely to provide more natural supports for NC children? 1) A big government program and software – or- 2) Two equal parents and both sets of extended paternal/maternal families?

NC DHHS, Secretary Aldona Wos and Social Services Abuses

So if NC DHHS and social services gets so much funding for programs and services FROM NC non-custodial families, is there a WIDE OPEN DOOR for social services and DHHS administrators to develop policies and procedures that deal aggressively with non-custodial families, while dealing lightly with custodial families since they are the consumers of services non-custodial families are paying for?

And, given that social services and NC DHHS has 100% immunity, and they need non-custodial families for funding, is there a WIDE OPEN DANGEROUS DOOR open for NC non-custodial families Secretary Wos?

Given the divorce rate, surely Secretary Aldona Wos will acknowledge that there are 4.5 million Non-Custodial North Carolinian’s family members who are sick of not seeing their children equally, and watching custodial parents receive all types of federal and state benefits while we are prevented from seeing our children. We think it is wise for Secretary Wos and NC DHHS to develop a plan in the NC Legislature that strengthens ALL NC parents. Currently, the highly divisive system of assigning one parent CUSTODIAL while giving the other NON-Custodial/Visitor status and giving one parent financial/medical/housing/tax incentives to make financial goals meet, while jailing other other parent who cannot make financial ends meet is leading to a generation of pretty mixed up and angry kids who are tired of parental fighting that lasts for two decades.

Why is NC DHHS not lobbying for Shared Parenting, a system that focuses on giving BOTH kids parents incentives to raise healthy and well adjusted children?

We certainly hope that every single NC Father and Female member of the Non-Custodial family will contact Secretary Aldona Wos and NC DHHS to vent their frustrations and demand to know how much money DHHS received in free revenue off their backs to pay for low income projects at DHHS.
Will Secretary Aldona Wos and NC DHHS acknowledge that jailing NC fathers in a dangerous economy does nothing for NC children and ends up costing tax payers money?

One of the more perplexing issues for Non-Custodial families in NC is watching NC DHHS, via enforcement and judges, advocate for jailing fathers who cannot pay child support. Are NC Fathers making money in jail Secretary Wos? While in jail, certainly employed fathers lose employment which leads to increased unemployment that social services inevitably ends up addressing. Where is the logic Secretary Wos? And since so much time is spent talking about the “best interest of children”, I dare NC DHHS and Secretary Wos to talk to NC’s children and ask them if it does any good to visit their fathers in jail for inability to meet a financial obligation.

Is Secretary Wos even concerned how much it costs for law enforcement agencies to arrest, house, feed, and pay medical bills on non-violent NC fathers?

AGAIN, if every single NC Father and EVERY single member of the paternal extended families rose up and demanded that NC legislators, NC Judges, Secretary Wos, and any other NC DHHS employee immediately stop this I assure you it would. In our opinion, NC DHHS has their eyes on the money and more concerned about making special interest groups happy.

NO child in NC should be prevented from seeing one side of their family so that state runs programs can continue and we hope EACH and every one of you send this message to Secretary Aldona Wos and NC DHHS via you vote in the next election.

Want change? Be sure to share this article on your social networking sites, talk to your state and federal representatives and feel free to send them to this article and DEMAND that it stop. You, the NC Father, or paternal grandmother, or paternal aunt, or any member of the paternal family will NEVER see your children as much as mothers and her extended family until you get angry and challenge this extremely divisive system.

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  1. I don’t think NCDHHS will be providing any answers anytime soon. It is amazing how this bureaucratic monster of an agency can keep up with how much non-custodial parents owe the state, yet cant even begin to manage its own internal business dealings.

    “She told lawmakers during a visit in February that the Department of Health and Human Services was broken when she arrived. She described how, in her first days, staff members would rush into her office with contracts she needed to sign ASAP even though they couldn’t detail what the state was buying or for how much. She found papers on her desk with no name or contact information.”


    Comment by Navin R. Johnson | September 23, 2013 | Reply

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