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NC Senator Kay Hagan

This is an open letter to Senator Kay Hagan asking her to address NC’s Non-Custodial parents (NCP) and their numerous extended family members on issues of child custody, child support, and the systematic alienation of children from paternal families.

It is important to note that Senator Kay Hagan is a member of the Democrat Party which is largely responsible for federal and state legislation that strengthens divisive family courts and enforcement of NCPs instead of finding a way to strengthen all parents and extended family members who have interest in their children. We are sure Senator Hagan will take issue with our assertion, but it is our opinion. Additionally, what Senator Hagan thinks is not important. What IS important is the MILLIONS of NCP’s and male/female members in the paternal family who live this daily and vote.


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Here are the issues we want answers on from Senator Kay Hagan:

  • Senator Hagan, do you have evidence that NC Children do NOT love and desire to see their fathers and other members of the paternal family equally, or that fathers and grandmothers in the paternal family are less important than maternal families? If not, can you explain why the NC Family Courts only ALLOW fathers to see their children 4-5 days a month? If you do have data showing this please share it with us.
  • Senator Hagan, you are aware that the federal government awards states who have child support enforcement agencies with federal money IF they collect increasing amounts of child support. Per legislation that gives enforcement their marching orders, these monetary awards are then used by states to replenish state Title IV(D) programs. For millions of NC NCPs, and their families, we feel like the State of NC is more focused on INCREASED child support collection to gain revenue instead of focusing on the needs of NC children who are not seeing their fathers. Senator Kay Hagan should be well aware that the amount of child support payed by NCPs is directly related to the amount of overnights with the NCP. If visitation awards are lowered, more support can be collected.
  • Senator Hagan, surely you recognize that federal agencies have unlimited resources and money to get their job done. Are you aware that custodial parents receive FREE legal representation with child support enforcement while NCPs and their families have to retain private attorneys EACH and EVERY time enforcement wants to talk. Are you aware what private attorney retainers cost Senator Hagan? Is any of this fair? Is it preventing many poverty stricken and middle class NCPs and families for getting due process?
  • Senator Hagan, on the issue of jailing NCPs for not paying child support, is it possible that like the hundreds of millions of other US citizens who are struggling to even eat that it might be possible that non payment of child support may not be REFUSAL but INABILITY? And, how is it in the best interest of a child to visit their father in jail? Additionally, what is the cost to tax payers to arrest, house, feed, and pay for medical care to these fathers?
  • Senator Hagan, how is it fair that custodial parents receive state/federal assistance, housing assistance, educational assistance, medical assistance, tax incentives, and other programs setup for “single mothers” while NCPs are jailed when they cannot make financial ends meet?

More for Senator Kay Hagan to read HERE

If you are a NC father, paternal grandmother, step-mother, paternal aunt, OR ANY member of the voting paternal family, I want you to email Senator Kay Hagan and demand to know how this divisive system where one parent receives, while the other parent if forgotten is in the best interest of a child. We also want NC fathers and their extended family to understand that you represent a HUGE number of NC voters and to remember these issues at the next election unless Senator Hagan responds and provides solutions that ends your pain. No doubt, we are aware of the gut wrenching pain and frustration you live with daily, but we are concerned that Senator Hagan is not aware. Be sure that your votes will send this message LOUD and CLEAR.

Senator Kay Hagan and Paternal Families

Is Senator Kay Hagan pandering to the Womens rights groups who are a huge lobby in NC?

Now we realize this will ruffle the feathers of many women readers, but it is a well known fact that womens rights groups are a well funded and powerful lobby. And, we all know as normal everyday citizens that politicians listen to these groups. But, what is important to understand is the fact that for every Non-Custodial Father in NC there are numerous females in the paternal family who are also alienated from their young loved ones. We support the rights of women, but not at the expense of the father/child relationship, or even the grandmother/grandchild relationship. Please consider this before judging us because we hear from women in the paternal family everyday. Regardless, we hope that Senator Kay Hagan is not considering these groups over NC children who love and need their paternal families.

Senator Kay Hagan Has Ignored NC Non-Custodial Families For Over Two Months

Despite Senator Hagan’s Twitter and Facebook accounts being active, she has yet to respond to NC’s growing non-custodial family population. We have emailed Senator Hagan no less than four times. At this point we fail to see how the good Senator supports equal parents over enforcement of divided parents and quite frankly we think that this sends a strong message to the huge numbers of African American, Hispanic, and Caucasian Fathers and Women of Paternity who are being alienated from their children by the NC Family Courts. Will you help us reach Senator Hagan?

We urge all readers who identify with this issue to use the social networking options below to share this letter to Senator Kay Hagan with other North Carolinian’s.

Show Support by Copying and Pasting the code below to your Website or Blog:

Please ask <a href="">Senator Kay Hagan</a> to support shared parenting for NC Children.

September 27, 2011

Still no word from NC Senator Kay Hagan on these matters. We are surprised by this given that Non-Custodial parents and their families make up greater than 50% of the voting population in NC and represent a HUGE swing vote.

Additionally, Senator Hagan should also recognize that African American, Hispanic, and Women of Paternity who make up the Democrat Party’s base are being stung by these issues as well.

We encourage Non-Custodial families to continue emailing the respected Senator from NC and encourage her to strengthen NC families instead of just one side of a child’s family through big government enforcement and unbalanced family courts.

Be sure that we will stay on this matter, and continue circulating this article extensively in the major search engines and social media sites.


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  1. Do you really see Senator Kay Hagan supporting a fathers rights group which would have a profound impact on the control women have over their children and the access to social services benefits they get when the fathers are absent?


    Comment by NC Voting Father | March 30, 2013 | Reply

    • Voting Father, Senator Hagan is no doubt concerned about Womens issues and should be. But lets consider this, roughly half of all custodial mothers in NC have male children who will one day be fathers. Where do you think these likely non-custodial grandmothers will be on this issue then? Also, what about all the women in paternal families who get equally hurt in the family law process?

      As for absent fathers, I encourage you to read this:

      We are urging Senator Hagan and other NC Democrats to stop playing gender and sexual politics with family law because they are actually hurting a lot of women in the process.


      Comment by stompkinsnc | March 30, 2013 | Reply

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