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Judge Jerry Waddell – Carteret County NC Courts

Judge Jerry Waddell - Carteret County NC CourtsThis is an open letter to Judge Jerry Waddell of the Carteret County NC Courts. We are asking ALL Carteret County NC non-custodial fathers, as well as every single member of the paternal family to get behind the data we are about to present. It is our belief that the shear numbers of non-custodial family members in Carteret County is so significant that you are a huge factor in helping to end the frustration you have with the Carteret County Judges, the Carteret County Courts, and with our local legislators who literally are tearing non-custodial family members apart in regards to unfair child custody awards, child support, and enforcement support.

AGAIN, it is VITALLY important that you recognize non-custodial families represent a good part of 50% of Carteret County’s population and that you have a tremendous amount of power to effect local elections and judicial races.


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NC Fathers has learned that Judge Jerry Waddell of the Carteret County NC is retiring. On behalf of he tens of thousands of voting non-custodial paternal grandmothers, paternal aunts, step-mothers, fathers, and other family members who were marginalized as visitors who need to pay money to a federal agency to see their children so that Welfare was funded and the Carteret County Department of Social Services had money to deliver services, we wish him and his family the best.

Here is the data that we are asking ALL Carteret County NC non-custodial families to start asking local legislators about, as well as asking Judge Jerry Waddell and all members of the Carteret County NC Courts to consider:

  • Judge Waddell, why are Carteret County non-custodial families not good enough? Why do we only get 4-5 days a month visitation with our children when we desire equal visitation? Are paternal grandmothers any less important than maternal grandmothers? Are sisters of men any less effective resources for a minor child than maternal aunts? Are step-mothers not a factor in a child’s life?
  • Judge Waddell, what exactly does imprisoning non-violent fathers do that is in the best interest of a child? If your response is that it sends a clear message to pay his child support, then you must be unaware of the dangerous economy that is affecting ALL Carteret County citizens. Is it quite possible that the Carteret County Courts are not taking into account that it isn’t REFUSAL to pay child support but an INABILITY? Why are you not jailing people who default on their mortgages Judge? Does this not affect children? What about parents who cannot afford medication, surely this affects children? Where are their handcuffs? Look, we realize jailing deadbeat dads wins elections, looks good politically,  and causes the special interest groups to shower you with accolades. But, apparently you have forgotten about the shear number of voting non-custodial families.
  • Will you ask Sheriff Asa Buck to please release how much Carteret County Law Enforcement spent last year in arresting, housing, feeding, and paying medical care on non-violent daddies that tax payers paid for? Will you begin an initiative with other Carteret County Court Officials going around to local schools and look children in the eye and tell them that daddy had to go to jail for not paying mommy with a straight face? I mean seriously Judge Waddell, jail is the best Carteret County Court officials can come up with? Why not let fathers who are having financial difficulty have greater time ( and expenses ) with their children so that it takes some financial burden off custodial mothers?
  • Judge Waddell, you and every single Carteret County Court official realizes that custodial mothers get free legal representation while non-custodial families have to come up with $5000 retainers EACH and EVERY time mothers call enforcement. In this economy Judge Waddell… really? How many non-custodial fathers do you think exist in the area who attempted to defend themselves Pro Se only to find themselves lost in legal procedure?
  • Judge Waddell, you are aware that the State of NC and Carteret County gets incentive payments back from the government for INCREASED child support collection. The only way INCREASED can be a realized is if fewer and fewer fathers get custody and they spend as little overnights as possible with their children so that maximum child support can be collected. As spelled out in the federal legislation that birthed child support enforcement, these incentive payments have to be used to replenish Title IV-D Medicaid programs. Are Carteret County NC fathers, paternal grandmothers, step-mothers, paternal aunts, and many others in the paternal family not seeing our children equally so we can help pay for Medicaid?
  • Judge Waddell, what about Domestic Violence restraining orders that are given out like candy to people who “feel” like they are in a bad situation. We realize that VAWA is a great piece of legislation except for the fact that women can immediately gain 100% access to community property and custody of children by feeling like she is in jeopardy when a voice is raised. Again, I know it is politically correct and you look like a hero by supporting domestic violence, but what do you say to 50% of Carteret County’s voting population of paternal grandmothers, sisters, fathers, uncles, and fathers who realize that unfortunately many are using domestic violence to gain tactical advantages in legal proceedings? Additionally Judge Waddell, why are you, or any judge in Carteret County not bringing criminal proceedings for women who make allegations that are unfounded?

NC County Court

Janice hired an attorney to get child custody orders for Greg

If you are a Carteret County NC non-custodial father, or any member of the extended paternal family who identifies with this article, and you are literally sick and frustrated in having to deal with a federal agency that has infinite resources while judges give you little respect in the Carteret County Courts when it come to equal parenting, then I want you to be sure to send your local legislators a VERY clear, and VERY stern warning that if this is not resolved VERY soon, your going to be seeking new employment after the next election. Be sure to check back often, as we are going to send this blog post to the local and state newspapers and other news outlets, as well as Judge Jerry Waddell and the NC Administrative Offices of the Courts. We hope Judge Waddell will give a response, but we doubt it.

NC Domestic Violence Experts

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Judge Jerry Waddell - Carteret County Courts

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