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Judge Elizabeth Heath - Lenoir County NC CourtRE:

We think after reading the above article about Judge Elizabeth Beth Heath and the Lenoir County NC Family Court system, most non-custodial parents will be left shaking their heads. For Judge Elizabeth Beth Heath to talk about a back up of cases, when it is in fact these cases that provide the greatest yield for family law attorneys in her district, is ridiculous. I think most Lenoir County residents will agree that the only people who win in the Lenoir County Courts are the lawyers who gobble up retainers when parents fight for decades over children. Additionally, no doubt it is these lawyers who give money in political and judicial races. Join our MAILING LIST.


NC Lenoir County Judge Beth Heath
Judge of the Lenoir County courts

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Secondly, this statement by Judge Elizabeth Beth Heath is mind blowing:

“You put yourself at greater risk when you bring nasty accusations into this courtroom to have me decide where your child has Christmas”

Anyone who has appeared before any Judge in the Lenoir County Family Courts in the past two decades knows that lawyers go out of their way to get dirt on the opposing party and that judges allow it to be presented in court all day long.

Here is the reality of the typical family court system all over NC and not just in Lenoir County:

  • As long as there is a parent who can be elevated to custodial parent and one parent lowered to non-custodial parent there will be fighting, and this will have negative consequences for children.
  • Judge Elizabeth Beth Heath should be aware that the State of NC receives revenue from child support payments. According to the legislation that birthed child support enforcement, States who maintain increased collection and reporting will get federal dollars to help replenish Title IV programs (Medicaid). The only way INCREASED can be REPORTED is if non-custodial parents and families are receiving less visitation so that support can be maximized.
  • As long as special interest groups have access to legislators, they will use their monetary rewards and voter base to ensure legislators direct family court judges in the direction of their agenda. In child custody cases, it is our opinion that womens rights groups and domestic violence womens groups that hold courts like the Lenoir County Family Court system hostage. After all, in a state with NO presumption for child custody, the figures of women who get custody over men are pretty prevailing.
  • As long as lawyers are getting rich, nothing will change. And, as long as their is no change, children will have to endure two decades worth of parental fighting.

As a group concerned about non-custodial parents and their ENTIRE families who are systematically alienated from their children in family law courts, it is disgusting to see Judge Elizabeth Beth Heath finding fault with the system because of budget reasons instead of the fact that 50% of Lenoir County’s voting population of non-custodial families attempts to just have equal visitation and parenting with their young children.

In our opinion, we suspect Judge Elizabeth Beth Heath and anyone associated with the Lenoir County Family Courts knows that the system is heavily weighed against non-custodial parents. Every day, judges allow custodial mothers to move their children hundreds of miles away from non-custodial fathers and paternal grandmothers. Judge Elizabeth Heath knows that custodial parents receive excessive amounts of federal/state assistance to make financial ends meet when non-custodial parents are jailed when they can’t make those ends meet. Judges in the Lenoir County Family Courts know about incentive payments to states who have child support enforcement programs. Judges in the Lenoir County Family Courts know that custodial parents get free legal representation while in the hands of enforcement while non-custodial families have to retain private attorneys several times a year.

Why has none of the data above ever been a problem for Judge Heath and the Lenoir County Family Court System?

Non-custodial families need to recognize that they are a VERY powerful lobby that makes up greater than 50% of the population. You have the ability to call your legislators and judges in HUGE numbers. Until this happens, judges will continue to harm you and your relationship with your children in the family courts system.

NC Judge Elizabeth Beth Heath

It is also important to note that the Democrat Party in NC is largely responsible for the ultra highly divisive family court and child support enforcement system. Lenoir County Democrats know Title IV programs are being payed for in the child support enforcement system. Democrats know that special interest groups love a divisive court. But our question to Lenoir County Democrats is, what about WOMEN of Paternity and African American WOMEN of Paternity whom your policies harm?

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  1. Considering the November 3 federal arrest of Superior Court Judge Arnold O. Jones for bribing an FBI agent to gain information from two cell phones may put Judge Heath in investigative bad light considering her association and alliances with Judge Arnold. The apple falls not far from the tree. Accordingly, Judge Heath should be investigated.


    Comment by Legal Concerns | November 19, 2015 | Reply

  2. Judge Beth Heath is not a very good family judge, she took a child away from two drug addict parents and gave the child to a good family member that was the child’s aunt, the child stayed with the aunt and her family for 18 months, and was loved and taken good care of, the parents went back to court last week, and they tested positive for drugs, but Judge Beth Heath gave the child back to the mother even tho she tested positive for drugs, what in the world is going on with this???


    Comment by Carolyn Lanier | April 14, 2016 | Reply

    • Please let the Judicial Standards Commission know of your experience and concerns.
      Judicial Standards Commission
      PO Box 1122
      Raleigh NC 27602


      Comment by Watson P. Sutton | May 19, 2016 | Reply

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