NC Fathers Rights

Buncombe County NC Democrats and Family Courts

When is the Buncombe County NC Democrat Party and Democrat Legislators in Asheville, NC going to push for reform in the NC Family Courts? Most people associate NC Democrats for using special interest groups that use their influence to maintain a divisive system that favors women in custody and visitation; those being womens rights groups, domestic violence groups, and defense attorney associations.

However, we think there is a growing understanding that all three of the groups have a financial vested interest in maintaining the “one parent win all” Buncombe County Courts. And, in a bit of irony, it is these groups that normally support the Democrat Party that is raising the bar and calling for reform.

Surely Buncombe County Democrats understand that women are a huge boost to the base of the global Democrat Party. Yet, what they fail to recognize is that for every father than loses custody and is alienated from his children, there are at least two women who lose as well. It is these women who are living with false domestic violence allegations, who are watching mothers worry over her child support payment each month instead of fostering a equal relationship with her children’s paternal family, and how the venerable NC child support enforcement agency attempts to criminalize fathers who are unable to pay invoices doled out by mothers. Why is the Buncombe County Democrat Party throwing women of paternity under the bus?

Additionally, the relationship between African Americans and the Buncombe County Democrats is well known. What about African American paternal grandmothers and step-mothers? What about the numbers of African American men that are pursued heavily for lack of child support payments compared to other races? Have you seen the “most wanted child support delinquents” posters ordained by most county governments in NC? You should take a look, most are poverty stricken African American men.

Democrats should know that Hispanic populations are affected by this as well. Are Hispanic paternal grandmothers and aunts less deserving and resourceful opportunities for children than maternal grandmothers and aunts?

What about the “lower class” and “middle class” Buncombe County citizens that the Democrats work so hard for against the capital pigs who they claim are destroying NC? Again, you do not see affluent men being pursued by child support enforcement. If you want to see a money hungry capital pig do not pay your child support invoice

So we have to wonder why African Americans, women, and the lower socioeconomic populations in Buncombe County are supporting the Buncombe County NC Democrat Party? Do members of these groups not love their children equally compared to maternal families? Are they not as important in their kids lives as maternal influences?

When are the Buncombe County Democrats going to finally tell Buncombe voters that child support and child custody is all about funding Title IV programs that are so sacred to the Democrat Party? And, if you are a supporter of Medicaid and Title IV programs should it really be payed for on the back of the father/paternal family/child relationship?

We hope African Americans, women of paternity, and others realize that these facts before blindly supporting the Buncombe Democrats in the next election because children need their Democrat fathers, paternal grandmothers, and step-mothers just as much as their counterparts on the Republican side of the coin.

And finally, if you are in some other demographic and you identify with the data in this article, please use the Contact US link at the top to get in touch with us so we can put you in touch with the non-custodial parents movement that is trying to reform the NC Family Courts.

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