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Judge Paul Hardison – Onslow County NC Courts

Where does Judge Paul Hardison of the Onslow County NC Courts stand on EQUAL shared parenting by both parents (and their respective extended families)?

We are asking this question of Judge Hardison, as well as any Judge in the Onslow County Courts System, because we feel that Onslow County Non-Custodial families have had enough of the “one parent wins, the other parent loses” divisive family court system that encourages parental fighting to win a trophy. In addition, we find that Judge Hardison and the Onslow County Democrat Party should recognize that non-custodial families in Onslow County represent 50% of the voting population, and that they are a huge swing vote given the number of African American and Hispanic fathers and grandmothers, as well as women of paternity who sit at our table.


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Judge Hardison, are you familiar with the work of award winning film director Janks Morton and his new GUPI FILM? We are interested to hear from Judge Paul Hardison of the Onslow County Courts on just how many African American and other Non-Custodial Fathers it’s going to take to appease those special interest groups who lobby judges to keep divisive courts?

If you are leaving the Onslow County Courts today, and you are a Father, paternal grandmother, sister of a father, or step-mother and you are shaking your head wondering what the hell just happened, we encourage you to Contact US and we will be happy to send you to an organization that can explain the politics of the US Family Courts. If Judge Paul Hardison wants to email us and send us his mailing address we will be happy to purchase the CD below and send it to him. Judge look, it’s time to stop the enforcement of Onslow County fathers and their extended families so that Title IV funds can be received from the federal government.

Children receive much more resources from paternal families than any amount of child support will ever bring. Incarcerating fathers might win elections and make you look involved, but it does nothing to secure child support. In fact, it cost taxpayers MUCH more to hunt down, arrest, feed, house, and provide medical care for these human being. The solution Judge Hardison is equal shared parenting and providing a system that does not encourage parents to fight to win a custodial badge.

Want to know more about the issues we think Judge Hardison needs to consider, read posts we wrote to other NC Judges HERE and HERE and be sure to use the social networking buttons below to share with other non-custodial families in Onslow County.

Judge Paul Hardison

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