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Sheriff Chipp Bailey – Mecklenburg County NC Sheriffs Department

NC Fathers and Sheriff Chipp BaileySheriff Chipp Bailey (Mecklenburg County NC Sheriffs Department) boast that his most wanted child support delinquents program is a model for similar efforts all across NC. However, we believe Sheriff Bailey’s approach is misguided, actually causes harm, is a slap in the face to all non-custodial families in Mecklenburg County, and cost taxpayers a lot of money.

Why do we think that Sheriff Chipp Bailey and the Mecklenurg County Sheriffs Department is hurting ALL members in non-custodial families in the Charlotte area?


  • The Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Department is well aware that the cost to find, arrest, provide medical care, house, and feed non-violent offenders well exceeds any amount of child support collected.  If Sheriff Chipp Bailey really wanted to do something for children he would be advocating for equal shared parenting of children by both sets of extended families instead of enforcement of non-custodial families. The resources, opportunities, and love of mothers AND fathers (and extended families) far outweighs ANY amount of child support.
  • Is Sheriff Bailey providing a way for child support delinquents to work full-time to pay off their child support obligations? This is the number one reason why most people see beyond the politics of jailing debtors. It is impossible to make money in jail, therefore it does nothing to help children.
  • Have you been in a family court in the past two decades? Then you are well aware of how Judges feel about one parent going out of their way to ridicule another parent in the public. But it is ok for the Sheriff to do this? If you are a non-custodial parent, do you have any idea what a Judge would do to you if you created a website with the other parent on it pointing out all their problems?
  • We think Sheriff Bailey is providing the spark for bullying of kids in schools. Undoubtedly, other kids will see another child’s father on the Mecklenburg County Sheriffs Department website and call him/her out on it in peer groups.

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Roughly half of custodial mothers today have male children who will one day be pushed to the margins of their kids lives if they experience a divorce and have children. Where do you think these non-custodial grandmothers (who will also be marginalized as well) will stand then? With Equally Shared Parenting Sheriff Bailey?

As non-custodial families in Mecklenburg County, you need to realize that once you add up all non-custodial parents, and add just one family member, you represent greater than 50% of the voting public in the county. We believe you also know how the courts are completely biased in favor of the custodial parent and their exists no avenue to get equal visitation or parenting of your young loved ones. You know that enforcement is only interested in money rather than giving children resources and opportunities from both parents and their extended families. Additionally, you watch as custodial parents get tax credits, state assistance, educational assistance, and housing assistance to make a better life, while you are hounded daily for every extra penny you have with no help, and if you fail then you are incarcerated. You know that custodial parents get free legal representation with enforcement, while you have to secure private lawyers who charge $5000 retainers. This process can happen several times a year. Enforcement knows you have to come up with retainers every time they send a letter.
Mecklenburg County NC Sheriffs Department
No doubt, the deck is 100% stacked against you. After all this, there is Sheriff Chipp Bailey and the Mecklenburg County Sheriffs Department smiling with handcuffs in hand.

The politics of child support that benefits Sheriff Chipp Bailey and the Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Department

NC Child Support Enforcement is a multimillion dollar enterprise that generates revenue for the State of NC. Few non-custodial families in Mecklenburg County realize that for every dollar collected in enforcement, NC gets money back to be used for Title IV programs like Medicaid. That is correct, you heard that right. It is in the State of NC’s best financial interest to have non-custodial parents paying child support. And, the less visitation you get, the more enforcement money they get to replenish medicaid assistance programs. Are their any Title IV programs that benefit the Mecklenburg County Sheriffs Department? You betcha!

Is Sheriff Chipp Bailey a political figure that needs votes to keep his job? You betcha! This is why it looks good politically to round up impoverished fathers and jail them so that he can stay in the good graces of wealthy special interest groups that help fund elections.

So what can be done? Once again, you need to realize that with the divorce rate at around 52% and the biased courts, there are a LOT of non-custodial parents and extended families. You are a HUGE political animal that can help Sheriff Bailey find a new job. Heck, why stop there? You actually have the ability to help Judges and elected politicians find new jobs with your numbers unless they address why you are not seeing your children equally. If they insist enforcement and divisiveness is the correct approach, unite and kick them out of office.

If Sheriff Chipp Bailey believes that life long ridicule of someone by putting their face and finances on a website is the perfect way to get another group of people to follow the rules, is he advocating for his own deputies at the Sheriff’s Department being placed on a public website for everyone to see when they have internal problems? You know the answer to that. We also wonder what deputies in the Sheriff’s Department who get their asses handed to them in court think of Sheriff Bailey’s approach.

Look, it is bad enough that non-custodial families are being emotionally beaten to death by the courts who refuse to give us equal access to our kids so that special interest groups will be happy, politicians re-elected, and the State of NC making money. The last think we need is Sheriff Bailey pandering to special interest groups on the backs of non-custodial families misfortune.

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  1. The way I see it, Is if you can’t afford the children you make, DONT HAVE THEM. Maybe some of this money goes to medicade and help for single parents, But if the dead beat parents would pay and quit complaining, these single parents wouldn’t need the county’s help. The children need to go to Dr’s they need to eat, and they need to be clothed. It is hard out here these days and it takes two people to support children.If the single parent isn’t doing their share and have a job ok … complain but if he/she is out there doing the best they can to support the children that were left behind, then you need a new perspective. I’m just saying….


    Comment by shirley | March 9, 2012 | Reply

    • Shirley, does “afford the children you make, DONT HAVE THEM” go for Mothers too? And we have no problem with Medicaid being funded. We have a problem with a system that funds Medicaid over Fathers not being allowed equal access to their children. Sorry, but we aren’t on this earth to help Mothers make ends meet. We are your equals.


      Comment by ncfathers | March 9, 2012 | Reply

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