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Sheriff Tracy Carter – Lee County NC Sheriff’s Department

Sheriff Tracy CarterSheriff Tracy Carter of the Lee County NC Sheriff’s Department maintains a blog at asking the public to turn in alleged “Deadbeats”. While at first glance, one may applaud Sheriff Carter’s decision to publicly ostracize other human being on websites in an attempt to shame them into paying child support. However, we want to point out several problems we think ALL non-custodial parents AND their entire voting family should keep in mind when dealing with Sheriff Tracy Carter and the Lee County Sheriff’s Department.

Did we not learn our lesson in the early 50s and 60s when African Americans were publicly ostracized and called derogatory names because other groups did not like them or understand them? Do you think you will see the “N word” on Sheriff Carter’s website? Of course you won’t. So why does Sheriff Carter and the Lee County NC Sheriff’s Department think it is OK to call other groups derogatory names on public websites that will be indexed for life even is these alleged delinquents straighten out their issue with child support?


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Lee County NC Sheriffs Department

The second issue we have with Sheriff Tracy Carter and the Lee County NC Sheriff’s Department is that children are highly advanced users of the Internet and no doubt children will come across this blog. Is it not conceivable that a child in Lee County could find this blog, notice another child’s parent, and them bully them publicly in social situations for it?

If you have been in a family court in the past two decades, you know that Judges are extremely intolerant of parents attempting to denigrate the other parent in society in an attempt to bring bad light on another parent. But Judges in Lee County are happy if the Lee County Sheriff’s Department does it?

Another issue we need to bring to Sheriff Tracy Carter is the rate at which men and women are creating children outside marriage. No doubt, we believe that their is substantial evidence that more and more people are meeting in social situations, engaging in sexual intercourse, and not maintaining contact. It is very possible for many on this blog that they are not even aware that they may have fathered a child.

And lastly, is Sheriff Carter aware of the dangerous economy that plagues all Americans right now? Look, we absolutely believe that parents should support their kids, but if there is no money, there is no money. Why is the Lee County Sheriff’s Department not arresting other parents who owe money say to their mortgage company? If you do not pay your mortgage, it’s going into foreclosure right? Does this not affect kids?

What we want to know from Sheriff Tracy Carter is how much does it cost Lee County, NC taxpayers to hunt down, arrest, feed, pay medical cost on, and house these non-violent alleged offenders? If this is truly “about the children” why do we not divert the funds the Sheriff gets and give it directly to the kids? Of course we realize this does not fit in with how our country does things, but this is children we are talking about right?

Now, if you still believe in the efforts of this Sheriff to publicly humiliate others for wrong things they do, then we ask you to contact Sheriff Carter and ask him to build websites for deputies at the Lee County Sheriff’s Department who get into disciplinary situations and put their faces and reason for the disciplinary action on the website that will be there for life.

So why do we think Lee County NC voters of non-custodial families should take issue with Sheriff Carter in the next election?

Is Sheriff Tracy Carter and the Lee County NC Sheriff’s Department pandering to special interest groups?

Look, if you are a Lee County non-custodial parent or close family member, you realize that the courts and NC Child Support Enforcement system are completely biased in favor of the custodial parent (usually a female). We know you repeatedly go into court, ask for equal shared parenting and access to your children and are denied that and ordered to pay the mother increasing amounts of money each and every year or go to jail.

And, there are MANY special interest groups who receive LOTS of federal funding from divisive family courts and child support enforcement.  We STRONGLY encourage you to read THIS post we have on the politics of support enforcement as we believe it is the sole reason why you do not see your children. Has anyone asked Sheriff Carter if the Sheriff’s Department receives federal funds that are directly tied to the politics of family courts?

The bottom line is this, we believe that the Sheriff in Lee County gets a LOT of political and monetary support from putting these faces on websites. And you non-custodial families in Lee County know how easy it is to be put into an enforcement situation when all you want is equal access and equal parenting of your child. We please ask Lee County non-custodial voters to remember this at the next election. And, here is the GOOD news, given the divorce rate, non-custodial parents make up just under 50% of the voting population. When you add just one family member, you represent >50% of the voting population. If you are tired of the biased family courts, federal enforcement, and bone-headed Sheriff’s that use your situation to publicly admonish you, do something about it!

CC: NC Sheriff’s Association

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