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NC Family CourtsIf you are a non-custodial father, or any member of a non-custodial family, you know how difficult it is to be in the NC Family Court system and deal with the Judges that rule over them. Before we delve into the Family Courts and Judges in North Carolina, we want to make one very important point.

Non-Custodial Families are the SINGLE biggest swing vote in North Carolina. Given the divorce rate of around 52%, and the latest statistics is that 42% of those divorces happened with children involved. Then, when you add in just ONE member of the non-custodial family, be it a strong step-mother or grandmother, non-custodial families are one of the largest voting blocks in NC. If you are tired of the bias in the family courts, you have the ability to change it with your votes in one election cycle. In fact, NC Fathers is committed to reaching every single member of non-custodial families in NC. Please join our MAILING LIST today so you can be a part of this change.


Family Court Judges in NC

For non-custodial families, the NC Family Courts are broken:

  • Judges in Family Court still allow custodial mothers to move children hundreds of miles away from non-custodial fathers and the non-custodial family on a daily basis even when these fathers and families want to be equally active in kids lives.
  • Judges still award custody to mothers 85% of the time even when the law states that there is no presumption. We surmise that the 15% of Fathers who do get custody there was a mother who either allowed the father to have custody, or who demonstrated behaviors that simply prevented a custody award. Fathers who get custody do not get it because they are the better parent, they get it because the mother allowed it.
  • Judges in the NC Family Courts still award extremely polar visitation awards to non-custodial fathers even when they desire equal shared parenting.
  • The Family Courts still reward the “better part” and creates a divisive system where the parent who documents and gets the most dirt on the other parent usually wins. This policy of the courts sets the stage for two decades worth of parental fighting which in turn creates very sick children.

Many non-custodial fathers and families leave court by the hundreds each and every day wondering why there seems to this systematic bias in the courts which is alienating non-custodial fathers and families from their young children. We think after reading the rest of this article you will have a very good framework for why this bias exists and why you are not seeing your children equally compared to maternal families.

NC Family Courts and the Relationship to Special Interest Groups who Gain Power and Money From the Divisive Nature of the Courts

For decades, the expression “the only people who win in the family court system is the lawyers” still rings true. Attorneys know that when it comes to children, two parents will go bankrupt and fight tooth and nail for 18 years. No doubt, lawyers associations will fight hard against less divisive court system that decreases the amount of tension between parents and certainly one that takes the reward from getting dirt on one parent to one that encourages two parents to get along for kids sake. The moment Judges in Family Courts tell two parents to develop a parenting plan that takes into account the other parent and to make sure it is followed there will be less fighting a much happier kids. There are other special interest groups who who benefit from bias family courts, but we are going to address them later in this article.

NC Family Courts and the Revenue Child Support Enforcement Brings for Title IV-D programs like TANF

What most NC non-custodial families need to understand is that NC Child Support Enforcement is a big government program that generates revenue for the State of NC to replenish funds for Title IV-D programs. The State of NC wants you to believe that the US Federal Government and the State of NC created a big government program SIMPLY to provide for children. Please understand that for every dollar collected in NC child support the Federal Government gives money back to States to pay for low income assistance programs.

Is this an incentive for NC Family Courts Judges to make sure that the State has enough revenue to fund these programs? We sure do! How do you feel knowing that you are not seeing your young children because the State of NC needs revenue?

How pervasive is the federal government and family courts in their attempts to collect child support? Please take a look at the link provided here => Greenbook_2004_CS_Section and start reading from Section 8-62. This is also a GREAT read outlining the history of enforcement and please take notice of all the government agencies who have their hands in the money pie. Note the paragraph:

“Although currently there is only modest evidence that would allow an estimate of the cost avoidance effect (Wheaton & Sorensen, 1998; see also: Barnow, Dall, Nowak, Dannhausen, 2000), there is nonetheless good reason to believe that at least some noncustodial parents make child support payments in part because they fear detection and prosecution. Even more to the point, a strong child support program may change the way society thinks about child support. As in the cases of civil rights and smoking, a persistent effort over a period of years may convince millions of Americans, both those who owe child support and those concerned with the condition of single-parent families, that making payments is a moral and civic duty. Those who avoid it would then be subject to something even more potent than legal prosecution–social ostracism. To the extent that this reasoning is correct, the public and policymakers…”

Even Congress believes that fathers should be “publicly and socially ostracized” for not wanting to pay child support even when they want equal and shared parenting. We believe this is driving the “Deadbeat Dad” phenomena where people are being socially engineered to believe that enforcement is the way to go instead of shared parenting. Giving fathers extra visitation or providing them equal parenting does not make money. We believe Judges and the NC Family Courts know this.

The problem is not child support, the problem is that the State of NC and Family Courts are more concerned about enforcement for revenue rather than equal shared parenting for both parents.

So at this point, we have well funded special interest groups and lots of free federal money going to the State of NC that influence Judges and NC Family Courts.

NC Family Courts, Judges, and Domestic Violence Funding

The Domestic Violence Coalition in NC will have you believe that Domestic Violence (DV) is a State emergency of epidemic proportions. And, we tend to agree. We realize Domestic Violence is a serious problem, but what is not being reported is that new figures show that women hit men just as much as men hit women, and that DV is rampant in lesbian communities. No, these figures is data that groups who get BILLIONS in federal funding for women do not want to get out. Domestic Violence in NC has become a business with thousands getting federal funding. In fact, it is this money that we believe necessitates there being a HUGE DV problem in NC. But where do NC Family Courts Judges fit into this? In NC, Judges are elected officials who routinely make public which political party they support. Do you have any idea how politically damning it would be to not support the coalitions “man on woman” violence that they need to exist to maintain funding? Do you think any of this funding goes to Judges and politicians?

We believe this is why Domestic Violence protective orders are given out like candy without any evidence each and every day in the NC Family Courts by Judges who pander to money. And, we all know what happens when a man is accused of Domestic Violence is a custody battle right? Correct, less visitation, no custody, enforcement notified and Title IV-D funding maximized.

We cannot emphasize enough that non-custodial families in NC need to get together, unite, and start using their numbers to affect elections and judges jobs. Please use the Contact Form above and join our MAILING LIST so that we can keep you informed.

Also, please use the social media sharing buttons below on your sites so that other non-custodial families in NC can help us in our efforts to reform the NC Family Courts and the Judges that rule over them.

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