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Glen Warren, Father Forever Organization, Judge Kristin Ruth

Judge Kristin RuthGlen Warren is the Executive Director of a not for profit organization called “A Father Forever” that is based in Wake County, NC. Additionally, according to a quote of Judge Kristin Ruth who is a District Court Judge in the Wake County Family Courts who oversees Child Support Enforcement Court, Glen and fathers forever are assets to her new initiative that helps father embrace fatherhood, be responsible, work with mothers, pay child support, and be active in their kids lives.

It is important to note that Judge Kristin Ruth oversees a program to help “Deadbeat” (Yea, the word is actually used on her website) Parents pay their child support by escaping jail and wearing a electronic GPS anklet so he/she can continue to pay child support. And, it seems that Mr. Warren is one of the tools Judge Ruth uses to help fathers.


Glenn Allen - A Father Forever

Look, this website is all about strengthening the father/child relationship, financial responsibility, and empowering fathers to be better parents and we appreciate Glen Warren and his organization for that commitment. However, our concerns about the “A Father Forever” program is that while having a great goal, they are advocating that fathers work WITH the current system. I am sure readers of this site and non-custodial families numbering in the millions all over NC will agree, the system is broken. Additionally, we understand that Glen Warren has custody of his children, so we have to wonder how he can give valid advice to a non-custodial father. Perhaps Mr. Warren has not always had custody of his children so we invite him to correct us. Nonetheless, I think the problem that non-custodial parents have is that historically the NC Family Courts, like those in the Wake County Family Courts, have a deep rooted history of siding with women and lowering fathers to visitor status who pay money each month and that is about as far as the courts see fathers. With that, I wonder how many non-custodial fathers will trust that Judge Kristin Ruth or the Wake County Family Courts really has their best interest at heart?

Our concerns for the fatherhood forever program is that participants are going to be flooded with really good and powerful tools for 24 weeks, but after leaving the program reality will come crashing down. There will still be a massive money oriented federal agency on these participants backs who could care less about economic hardships and want to threaten to meet agendas. There will still be equally powerful agencies ready to help custodial mothers with excessive state and federal assistance when they meet economic hardship, while fathers go to jail under the same circumstances.  We suspect Judge Kristin Ruth knows that family courts will still be harsh and bias towards fathers. We also suspect Glen Warren knows that these fathers will still carry the title visitor instead of father. The Wake County courts will still allow mothers to move kids hundreds of miles away at the drop of a hat. We stand by our assertion that Judge Kristin Ruth and Glen Warren are setting participants up for failure.

The second issue is that there is no escaping the fact that the child support enforcement system has become an industry where contractors fight for federal funding. Without child support enforcement, the State of NC and many agencies and contractors receive little money for Title IV-D programs. Is there a relationship to 85% of NC Fathers not receiving custody and scant visitation awards so that child support can be maximized in an effort to fund Title IV-D programs and contractors? We certainly think so, but we invite Glen Warren, Judge Kristin Ruth, or anyone in the Wake County NC Courts to prove us wrong.

The third issue we have for Glen Warren and the “A Father Forever” organization is how do you empower men to be active in kids lives when consistently Judges like Kristen Ruth and others in the Wake County Courts routinely allow custodial mothers to move children hundreds of miles away from them? Are they suggesting that even though this happens, the role of the GOOD father is to smile, not have a problem with it and pay child support? We are not advocating that fathers stop paying child support when this happens, but it seems like the courts are just saying shut up and pay your damn child support regardless of what we do to you. We ask Mr. Warren and Judge Ruth, could this be at the root of what makes some men not pay child support?

We also encourage Judge Kristin Ruth and Glen Warren to contact us so that we can explain to NC non-custodial families why custodial parents in the child support enforcement system get free legal care in the system, while non-custodial families have to come up with thousands in retainers fees for private attorneys? Will Judge Ruth or Glen Warren admit that this also could be a reason why many non-custodial fathers cannot pay child support. Is it because they are bankrupt from fighting in a system that most North Carolinian’s will agree is biased in favor of mothers and there is no way to even get anywhere close to equal visitation much less be a parent?

Also, we encourage Judge Kristin Ruth or Glen Warren to explain to NC non-custodial families why when we cannot meet financial obligations we have to wear GPS monitoring bracelets while custodial parents get untold state and financial assistance to meet their financial obligations? Where are the tax credits for non-custodial fathers? Where are the housing and educational assistance for non-custodial fathers Mr Warren? Judge Ruth?

We could go on forever on the amount of bias and wrong the Wake County Family Courts has put on the head of NC Fathers, and it is amazing that they turn around and wonder why we cannot pay child support and THEN have the audacity to ask us to be responsible and work with an organization like the one Glen Warren oversees that has ties to the beast that created the problem in the first place.

And lastly, we ask Judge Ruth and Glen Warren to speak with non-custodial fathers and their families about why there is so much focus on enforcement (money) in the Wake County Family Courts when it is clear that by leveling the playing field and stopping the abuses above, NC children will receive NATURAL SUPPORTS from BOTH parents and BOTH parents extended families that go FAR beyond ANY amount of child support could ever hope to accomplish. We realize you are trying to FORCE these natural supports with enforcement endeavors, but how many children are you hurting in the process? Again, we ask Judge Kristin Ruth, Glen Warren, anyone in the “A Father Forever” organization, or anyone in the Wake County Family Courts to explain why it is not a good idea to take the funding you give to child support enforcement and give it to a system that rewards two parents working together daily to benefit the children and EMPOWER both of them to work for the betterment of their children despite differences they may have? Judge Ruth, is it simply because enforcement is a industry and revenue generator for the State of NC? Glen?

We have to wonder if Glen Warren is at all concerned that he is being asked to empower fathers from a system that reduces men to four time a month visitors who are ATM machines for custodial mothers and who help drive a big industry in NC? Judge Ruth?

But on a positive note for Glen Warren, we read on another website that he is quoted saying “We don’t use the term ‘baby mama,'” Warren said. “It’s got a negative connotation. We teach them: Respect her. Call her by her name.” Much respect to you Mr. Warren for that comment. We just wish Judge Kristin Ruth had the same respect for other human being and didn’t perpetuate the negative stereotype word “Deadbeat” that is used so frequently on her website that just raises so many more concerns…. and trust issues…

Will Judge Kristin Ruth explain to NC Non-Custodial Families That The Current Family Court System Makes A Lot Of Lawyers in Wake County Very Wealthy?

Earlier in this article we spoke about “special interest” groups that benefit from the current way in which Family Law in NC is handled. If Mom and Dad are fighting, and there is a rabid dichotomy between the two parents where one parent is awarded something over the other parent and the object of the win is custody, it is well known that these two parents will fight for two decades. And this is exactly what is happening in NC. This is why we are so appalled with Judge Kristin Ruth and Glen Warren that they want fathers to believe they are being good fathers by working within THEIR system that is making a LOT of Family Law Attorneys very rich. Keep in mind that Judge Ruth is an attorney herself and these lawyers can help her win her run for the court of appeals. So at the end of the day, the State of NC gets incentive payments from the federal government for child support collection, government contractors can win Title IV-D contracts that make a lot of people rich (and who theoretically can help with political campaigns), and Attorneys can make a killing for 20 years (life of the minor child).  And all of this is being done on the backs of good and decent NC Fathers, paternal grandmothers, step-mothers, sisters of fathers, and many others in the paternal family.

If you are a non-custodial father or female member of a non-custodial family and you identify with this article on Judge Kristin Ruth, Glen Warren, or the Wake County Family Courts, we ask you to use the social bookmarking buttons below to share with the other 4.5 million non-custodial voting families in NC.

Judge Kristin Ruth and Her Run For The Appellate Courts

Judge Kristin Ruth has announced her candidacy to run for the NC Appellate Courts and we are asking NC Non-Custodial families to decide if her initiative that places GPS monitoring bracelets around humans ankles for being in poverty or having a hard time making financial ends meet is in the best interest of children over equally shared parenting, equal access to children, enforcement, and division. NC Fathers believes that if Judge Kristin Ruth makes it to the NC Appellate courts that this will be a setback for Non-Custodial families. And let us be VERY clear, this IS a Non-Custodial family issue. We hear daily from FEMALES in paternal families who are equally hurt in the child support and child custody courts. In fact, we probably hear more from paternal grandmothers, step-mothers, and sisters of men more so than Fathers who we believe have simply given up from the seemingly historical abuses in the NC Family Courts that goes back decades. Please, help us send the message to Judge Kristin Ruth that equal parents, equal access, equal extended family resources, and programs that teach parents to get along for the betterment of their children overwhelmingly gives more resources to children than ANY federal agency could hope to deliver.

To date, neither Judge Kristin Ruth or Glen Warren has contacted us despite our attempts to offer them an opportunity to tell their side.

Despite Judge Kristin Ruth or Glen Warren not contacting us, our real mission is not to change their minds or get them to see our side in this matter. We honestly do not think this will ever happen as it does not fit in with the agenda of the courts and the numbers of agencies receiving money from child support collection. What IS important is the numbers of non-custodial families in Wake County NC who are reading this article and who most certainly identify with it’s contents. We believe very strongly that 80%-84% of the voting population in Wake County that is represented by non-custodial families will force changes quicker than Judge Ruth or Glen Warren will seek to change from enforcement of parents to equal parenting.

Help Ask <a href="">Judge Kristin Ruth</a> to develop a plan that strengthens NC Childrens Mothers and Fathers equally.

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  1. No news here, Judge Kristin Ruth is a member of the Democrat Party in Wake County, and it is well known that the core principles of the Democrats is looking out for medicaid and welfare.


    Comment by Jacob | January 4, 2012 | Reply

    • Jacob, you are PART right about Judge Kristin Ruth being Democrat and most likely looking our for core Democrat issues. HOWEVER, in here Defense, Judge Ruth and the Democrats are not the only ones that turn their backs on NC non-custodial families. Be sure that there are just as many REPUBLICAN legislators that overlook the revenue generation for low income assistance programs and socially engineer people to believe child support is ONLY “about the children”. We would hope to see Judge Kristin Ruth develop policies that equalize BOTH parents, remove child support enforcement, and let BOTH parents AND their extended families provide what is needed for children without the custodial/non-custodial stigmatization delegation.


      Comment by ncfathers | January 4, 2012 | Reply

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