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Harry Jones – Mecklenburg County NC Manager and Child Support

Mecklenburg County Manager Harry JonesWe read a Mecklenburg County NC news post this morning outlining how Harry Jones, who is the County Manager, has received a pay raise for meeting “specific goals” of which one is increased child support collection. We believe this is just another example of the State of NC making money off child support collection, government contractors making money off child support collection, and now a county manager making money off child support collection. And, all of this is being done on the backs on the non-custodial family/child relationship. We think Mecklenburg County Non-Custodial families should be outraged that Harry Jones is receiving a pay raise because of their child support obligations. Let us remember, the reason that Non-Custodial parents are paying child support is because the Mecklenburg County courts refuse to allow these parents to have equal shared parenting where they support their children when the children are with them. This also bolsters our claim that child support enforcement has become an industry that makes a lot of people money and is most likely an incentive to deny one set of parents greater visitation or shared custody. Surely County Manager Harry Jones is aware that the more visitation a Non-Custodial father gets, the less child support he has to pay. If he is paying less child support, how is the county manager going to meet goals and get a pay raise?


In looking at the second link about (government contractors making money off child support), we wonder if Mecklenburg County Manager Harry Jones would rather see the money for this multimillion dollar software program be diverted to a program that rewards parents who make a commitment to work together around equal access and parenting to benefit children? We also wonder if Mr. Jones thinks that a software program is better for NC children rather than having two equal parents?

Mecklenburg County Manager

We also wonder if Mecklenburg County Manager Harry Jones realizes that Non-Custodial parents in the county represents 42% of the voting population in Mecklenburg County. If that number is not an eye opener for Mecklenbrg officials, then consider that when you add in just one strong step-mother, or paternal grandmother, or possibly even a sister of a father, that figure goes up to 84% of the voting public in Mecklenburg County. Is it really in your best interest to be alienating yourself from these voters by making money off their inability to nurture and raise their children equally? Is it really in the best interest of Harry Jones to be getting pay raises off of children not seeing their “other parent” (well in NC we call these parents visitors, not parents)?

Mecklenburg County NC Manager Harry Jones needs to hear from Mecklenburg County Non-Custodial Families

At NC Fathers, we also have to wonder if County Manager Jones is pandering to special interest groups who get Title IV-D funds to help with political aspirations. It makes sense does it not? Anyone who believes that expensive software programs, and other enforcement related programs are the answer to taking care of Mecklenburg County Children is woefully wrong. The answer to taking care of Mecklenburg County Children is BOTH parents who are equal and not separated by family courts whose actors in the process make tons of money in retainers for 18 years. We can assure you that two equal parents are better than a multimillion dollar software program. And, we think the county manager knows this but it does not fit in with the incentive payments Mecklenburg County gets from the government.

It is also important to point our for County Manager Jones that this issue affects African American and Hispanic Fathers, Step-Mothers, and Grandmothers as well.

We want to hear from Mecklenburg County Non-Custodial paternal grandmothers, and step-mothers, or now adult children who suffer in the family court/child support big government arena each day who are not seeing their young loved ones equally so that county officials like Harry Jones can get pay raises?

Please consider using the social sharing buttons below to share with other Mecklenburg County non-custodial families. We believe once non-custodial families unite and get on the same page and realize their 84% voting power that these abuses will stop. We also ask that you join our MAILING LIST so that we can keep you informed on this matter, as well as legislative processes that involve non-custodial families.

And as always, we welcome any comments from Mecklenburg County Manager Harry Jones.

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