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Judge William Marsh – Durham NC District Court

Judge William MarshWe learned today that Judge William Marsh of the Durham NC District Courts, like Judge Kristin Ruth in Wake County, is overseeing a new program to help fathers get back to work so that can pay child support. Before we get to the parts of this program that we think keeps NC fathers enslaved into thinking that they are mere visitors who need to pay child support, we do want to thank Judge William Marsh for helping Durham NC Fathers find employment and at LEAST begin to talk about this issue. We also want to address NC and Durham County NC non-custodial families and let them know that they represent one of the largest growing segments of NC voters across all racial, gender, and socioeconomic backgrounds and between just the non-custodial father plus one other strong family member you represent 83% of the population in NC. If you are tired of the systematic alienation and bias in the Durham County NC Courts you have significant numbers to stop it at the next election cycle. Consider joining our MAILING LIST and we will keep you up to date on NC legislation that affects NC non-custodial families.


Judge Durham NC District Court

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At this point, I’m sure if Judge William Marsh is reading this blog post, he is asking what is wrong with these people. Well Judge, here are our issues:

  • We are Fathers, not visitors. Our purpose in our child’s life is not a mere pay check to a federal agency who then turns around and gives the State of NC back money for increased collection. The State of NC is making money off child support. Government Contractors make money off child support Title IV-D fundsTANF and Medicaid money is replenished from increased collection of child support.  Judge Marsh are you sure this is only about “the children” ? It seems to us there are a LOT of people making money off the industry of child support enforcement in the State of NC. Judge Marsh, do you want these men back to work for their sake or because you realize the money being generated for the your employer?
  • Why is Judge William Marsh not taking the money from the federal grant outlined in THIS ARTICLE and giving it to a program that rewards two parents for learning to get along, be equal parents, and empower them both to be responsible parents for the sake of their children? Why is everyone in Durham so focused on enforcement of one parent instead of a solution like equal shared parenting that gives more NATURAL supports from parents (and extended maternal and paternal families) than ANY single dollar amount from enforcement will ever do?
  • When I read the article referenced earlier, I could just imagine Judge Marsh’s head swelling as he set out to empower Fathers to re-join the American Family. But I wonder if he remembers that DAILY, several times a day actually, Judges in Durham County routinely allow custodial mothers to move children hundreds of miles away from their fathers. Routinely, Durham County Fathers are jailed for inability to make financial ends meet while custodial mothers who cannot make financial ends meet get state and federal assistance, tax credits, medical assistance, housing assistance, and educational assistance. Additionally, the good Judge is also aware that any custodial mother in Durham County can walk into a child support enforcement office and get a court date FREE of charge while custodial fathers have to spend $5000 to hire a family law attorney. Judge William Marsh also knows that the general rule of thumb is to give fathers 4-5 days visitation with their children even when they are good, fit fathers who want to be more active. Can anyone explain how all of the above empowers NC and Durham County fathers?

We often wonder if there is a correlation between denied equal visitation and parenting so that child support payments can be maximized so that enforcement agencies can reach the federal goal of increased collection which maximizes incentive payments back to NC

Ask Judge William Marsh Of The Durham County District Courts If All Of This Is About Pandering To Special Interest Groups Who Certainly Influence Elections

We have already pointed out one technology company who wants to make money off of Durham County non-custodial families, but who else makes money off extremely divisive family courts Judge Marsh? Do Family Law attorneys make money off of two parents fighting for 18 years? Prior to becoming a Judge, were you a lawyer Judge? If you are interested in learning more about all the special interest groups that have agendas that are built around the family courts and child support enforcement then by all means contact us and we will be happy to provide that information. How do you feel knowing there is a system in place that makes a lot of special interest groups and the State of NC money on your denied ability to equally parent and have equal access to your children? Help use send this message to Judge William Marsh and the Durham County NC Courts.

Is Judge William Marsh Or The Durham County NC Courts Aware Of The Demographics Associated With NC and Durham County Non-Custodial Families?

According to the latest census statistics two very important issues are arising. First, the divorce rate is dropping because fewer people are getting married. Second, the divorce rate of those married is still around 49%. This means roughly that non-custodial fathers in NC represent 40-42% of the voting population. Again, add in just one paternal grandmother, step-mother, paternal aunt, or some other family member that gets their asses handed to them in the NC family Courts by proxy of the father every day, and you have a non-custodial family percent in the lower 80s. We could not find any figures on the numbers of people not married having children, but regardless, these numbers have non-custodial family involvement as well. It seems to us that Judge William Marsh and the Durham County NC Courts are creating a large army of very angry and frustrated groups of people that come from African American, Hispanic, Caucasian, and other racial families all over NC. And, this is NOT a male vs. female issue. Be sure we hear from paternal grandmothers, step-mothers, now adult daughters who wished they were allowed to see their fathers more, and other females of paternity. Judge William Marsh and the Durham County NC Courts can continue to place more emphasis on denying these family members equality in the Family Courts and putting them under the umbrella of a federal enforcement agency but we think at some point these groups of people are going to have  enough.

We are sure this is going to make Judge Marsh very angry by evoking civil rights history for African Americans. Anyone alive knows that African Americans were routinely denied to eat at certain restaurants, use certainly public facilities, or vote. And while there was no special federal agency who made money off this like child support enforcement back in these days, be sure these African Americans felt like the US government was an enforcement agency. Also, be sure that certain special interest groups benefited from inequality.

As an African American, Judge William Marsh should be appalled that large groups of Fathers, Paternal Grandmothers, Paternal Aunts, Step-Mothers, and Children are NOT ALLOWED equal access to their children and that State Governments and other groups are benefiting from it. Additionally, how would Judge Marsh feel about seeing the “N Word” on government websites? Yet, I bet you won’t hear the Judge complaining about state law enforcement, other Judges, and Durham County government calling fathers “Deadbeats” on these websites.

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  1. NC district court judges are salaried at over $110K per annum.
    How would Judge Marsh like it to be labeled as a “Deadbeat District Court Judge” for not fulfilling his financial responsibilities???


    Comment by Navin R. Johnson | September 22, 2013 | Reply

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