NC Fathers Rights

Congressman Patrick McHenry and NC Families

Congressman Patrick McHenryBefore we begin our article on NC Congressman Patrick McHenry, we ask that NC non-custodial families, his staff, and the congressman read THIS ARTICLE as we believe it outlines the issues we need addressed in the NC Congress. We also ask non-custodial families to join our MAILING LIST so that we can keep you informed on NC legislation affecting NC non-custodial families, as well as if Congressman McHenry decides to respond to these issues. Additionally, be sure to use the social sharing buttons below this article and share this article with your family and other non-custodial families in NC to help bring attention to needed reform in the Family Courts that is currently alienating NC fathers, paternal grandmothers, step-mothers, and other family members from their young children.


We believe the bottom line for Congressman McHenry is that the NC Family Courts are broken. Currently, we have a system that rewards one parent for winning a child custody lawsuit and in doing so the other family (non-custodial) ends up only spending 4-5 days a month with their children and they get assigned to a federal enforcement program that seeks to get money for the custodial parent to raise children. Our belief is that we need to reform the courts so that no one parent wins anything and we use the billions set aside for enforcement and put it towards a program that rewards BOTH parents for developing a shared parenting plan where each parent has equal access and parentage for their children. Additionally, we need for Congressman Patrick McHenry to understand that the big government program of NC Child Support Enforcement is generating money for NC from the federal government to help pay for low income programs. We believe NC non-custodial families resent paying into this system on the premise that it is helping NC kids when it is also making government contractors wealthy, paying for other govt programs, and meeting agendas for special interest groups and lawyers getting rich. Again Congressman McHenry, we RESENT being forced into a federal ENFORCEMENT system for doing NOTHING wrong except losing a custody lawsuit that is historically biased so that others can profit off of fathers, paternal grandmother, step-mothers, and other members in NC non-custodial families misfortune.

Congressman McHenry and NC Families

Congressman Patrick McHenry and NC Non-Custodial Family Statistics

Given the current NC Divorce rate of 52% percent, we believe that JUST NC non-custodial fathers represent 42% of the ENTIRE population in NC. Since the issues outlined above affect EVERYONE in the non-custodial family, you can be sure that others are being affected by this as well Congressman McHenry. Our goal is to start reaching NC non-custodial families using advanced search engine marketing, social media, and other mediums to educate females in paternal families that they too are being discriminated and have lessened political and judicial sanctioned impact on their young loved ones compared to custodial families. Once educated on the biased industry of child support enforcement and the family courts we believe that these extended family members will join the 42% of NC fathers and effectively secure one of the largest swing votes in NC (if not a majority). Also, we need to remind the Congressman that this issue affects African Americans and Hispanic voters,  as well as many women who historically vote Democrat. We believe Democrats are throwing non-custodial families under the bus for the interest of special interest groups and big government programs like child support enforcement.

Congressman Patrick McHenry and NC Children

Congressman McHenry should be well aware of the latest research that shows NC Children benefit greatly by having two equal parents instead of divided parents. In fact, the latest research shows that children who have active and responsible fathers do better in education, sports, and other extra-curricular activities. Additionally, they have less needs for social service programs and psychological intervention. Daughters who have a active father are less promiscuous and do not have the need to seek attention from boyfriends in destructive ways. Kids who have active fathers use drugs less. Congressman McHenry, this is all common sense. And if it is common sense, why are the family courts continuing to relegate fathers to visitor status 4 days a month and allow maternal boyfriends and new husbands greater access to our children? We can also assure Congressman McHenry that we are beginning to hear from now adult children who are being educated on the divisive nature of the family courts and realizing that their fathers weren’t “Deadbeats”; they were driven away and reluctant to to be active because of the bias and cost of legal action that always ended in favor of mothers.

If you are a NC Non-Custodial Family Member, we again encourage you to join our MAILING LIST so that we can educate you on where Congressman Patrick McHenry stands on these issues and to learn more about the biased family courts and industry of child support that is keeping you from seeing your children equally.

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