NC Fathers Rights


  1. I live in Onslow County and DSS is a corrupt organization or whatever you want to call them. They feel they are above the law and will even tell you that…They legally kidnap your children for profit… They took my grandchildren from my son over anonymous complaints and have had them the last 2 years.. Numerous court hearings with nothing but lies presented, falsified paperwork that was proven right there in court, shady investigation that was also proven but the judge still believes them… Then the judge pulls them from my care after a year and half and hands 2 of them to their mother who has not been in their lives for over 5 years.. HER OWN CHOICE, she was never kept from seeing these kids even though she was arrested and charged and convicted with abusing one of them… DSS still has custody of them… The children do NOT want to be there and either want to be with their father or with me… They have expressed this to their GAL worker who I might add does not listen to them, she has never spent anytime with my son or his children together but has went shopping with their mother and even been there to dinner and taken her granddaughter along.. She has been biased against him from the beginning and when we complain about it NOTHING!! My son was not convicted of abusing his kids in court but DSS doesn’t care they never make mistakes..
    Our calls to them go investigated about this kids… She doesn’t watch them.. They have mice coming right up and stealing food off the counter while they are eating dinner and pee and pooping in their cloths drawers… DSS does nothing… She gives them prescription medication NOT prescribed for them DSS does nothing! They are not even teenagers yet or old enough to be online unsupervised she let one have 2 Facebook pages as well as a Google+ acct which we found her send older guys stuff to while she was with her mother… DSS doesn’t care… They say that is what CFT’s are for, why have a CFT when DSS and their mother can still do anything they want to and don’t follow it?? In the mean time my grandchildren are the ones suffering.. And now after being with her for approximately 6 months they want to recommend they stay with her for good! Their younger siblings keep asking when are they coming home, can we go to the bus stop and get them now? Where are they? Why aren’t they here?? I want them… They have ripped a family apart and destroyed 4 children and for what?? And the court system plays right into it even with all the evidence against them.. It’s painful and hurts when I see them every other weekend and listen to what they are going through and them begging to us to help them come back home to their family and to their little brother and sister! We even asked their DSS worker to talk to them at school as they are afraid and will not talk when their mother is around.. DSS did not visit them at school but went to the home in front of the mother which upset the children as they couldn’t say what they wanted to because they are afraid… We have been begging for help for 2 years since this case with them started and no one will listen to these kids! The system is badly broken and our children are all suffering.. I could go on and on about what they have done to my grandchildren since their involvement and the courts… I just hope that with lots of love that this does not continue with them when they get older.


    Comment by MR | May 15, 2013 | Reply

  2. It is so frustrating what they do and get away with and the courts back them up.. The judge even sat there and said there must be a good reason this mother has not been involved with these girls for the last 5+ years but I think they should go live with her for now but DSS will keep custody…So my son has his 2 younger ones back but DSS still has custody of them and sent the other 2 to live with her after I had had them for a year and half through all this mess… and it was all over a bull shit call from his X in-laws who was mad at the younger ones mother.. and I might add unfounded in another court that any abuse took place on his part.. We have voice recordings of my granddaughter saying they set her down and questioned her over and over and over again telling her bad things and what to say…all DSS said was do not record her again…. They know they are wrong and will not listen.. sorry for rambling just that I hear DSS and I get wound up… I use to think they were there to help, now when I hear anyone say call DSS I tell them do NOT do that only as a last resort, call a relative first but do not call DSS and get them involved in your lives they are not there to help they are there only to line their own pockets.. They get money for each child from the state as well as from the federal government and the healthier the child the more money they get! That is why they kids who really do need the help are not taken they don’t get as much money.. I meet a couple while involved in this and with Onslow county DSS whose lawyer found their kids posted on the adoption website!!

    And well that GAL worker does not like me or my son.. She is suppose to see him interact with his children and has refused and this has been going on for over 2 years now… BUT, yet she will go shopping with the mother, and have dinner with her and bring her OWN grandchild along! She is friends with the mother!! She shows up at my sons house to see his younger 2 but will ONLY do it when he is at work!! Now, how do you think that is fair and unbiased but yet NOT one person sees anything wrong with that call the supervisor and you are just making waves! The children have told her and DSS numerous times they do NOT want to be with their mother but no one will listen to them.. They have even said the children lie!! So it appears the only ones looking out for them are me and their father but the courts don’t care they are all for the other side..


    Comment by MR | May 15, 2013 | Reply

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