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Representative Ruth Samuelson – Republican Mecklenburg County NC

Representative Ruth SamuelsonBefore we begin our open letter to Representative Ruth Samuelson and the Mecklenburg County NC Republican Party, we ask that she read THIS WEBSITE as we feel it outlines all issues Mecklenburg County Non-Custodial fathers and the extended family face in the NC Family Courts and with NC Child Support Enforcement. We also ask that if you are a Mecklenburg County NC Father or female in the paternal family to join our MAILING LIST so that we can keep inform you if Representative Ruth Samuelson responds to you and your concerns. NC Fathers is committed to reaching all NC Representatives and Senators and educating them on all issues non-custodial families face and to stop the big government programs that are designed to keep special interest groups rich, and to inform you of how other groups benefit financially from you not having equal access to your minor children. You can be sure that we will attempt to reach Rep Samuelson several ways to make sure that she addresses these concerns for you and your children.


Facts for Representative Ruth Samuelson to consider when talking to Mecklenburg County NC Non-Custodial Families

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Roughly half of custodial mothers today have male children who will one day be pushed to the margins of their kids lives if they experience a divorce and have children. Where do you think these non-custodial grandmothers (who will also be marginalized as well) will stand then? With Equally Shared Parenting Representative Samuelson?

We think it is important that Rep Samuelson understand that non-custodial fathers in Charlotte make up roughly 42% of the voting population and that when you add in just one other member of the paternal family who is also a voter then you have a significant impact on affecting elections. And quite frankly, if you are tired of the federal government and State of NC defining you as a father, or you as a step-mother, or paternal grandmother by the amount of child support you pay instead of your equal participation in child rearing and nurturing then send Representative Samuelson this message with your vote. If you are tired of spending $5000 retainers to fight enforcement while custodial mothers get free legal representation, use your vote to send a message. If you are tired of being called a deadbeat on Sheriff Department and Judicial websites AFTER Judges allow custodial mothers to move your kids hundreds of miles away from you, send your message at voting time. If you are tired of being jailed when you cannot make financial ends meet while custodial mothers are given federal and state housing, educational, financial, and medical assistance to make ends meet, send this message via your vote. It is imperative that non-custodial families numbering in the millions understand that you are an incredible swing vote and in many cases a voting majority.

Will Representative Ruth Samuelson and Republicans in Mecklenburg County NC stop generating revenue for the State of NC and Special Interest Groups on the backs of NC Non-Custodial Families?

What is important to understand for NC and Charlotte non-custodial fathers and families, as well as Representative Ruth Samuelson,  is to understand that funding from child support enforcement (Title IV-D programs) helps keep social services programs functioning. For every dollar generated from enforcement, the federal government gives back NC money to replenish Title IV-D programs like TANF and Medicaid. We need for you to understand that if you were given equal visitation then your child support payments would be lowered and thus a decrease in federal money for these programs would decrease. Please ask Representative Samuelson to talk with you and explain that this does not affect your equal participation in your childrens lives because we certainly think it does. Are you happy knowing that the reason you cannot get equal visitation with your children, step kids, or grandchildren is due in large part to big government programs and contractors needing money? If not, send this message to Representative Samuelson.

Additionally, please ask the honorable Representative to explain the correlation to increased domestic violence statistics and the amount of funding available to many agencies and social services programs in Mecklenburg County. Is their a incentive to allow very weak and false domestic violence allegations to proceed so that statistics remain high and funding intact? Representative Samuelson, is it possible that many custodial mothers in NC used domestic violence card and its accompanying attention it gets as a tactical advantage to get custody? We certainly hope that the answer is not NO because of the 1700 readers per day that we get roughly half (including females of paternity) are telling us this exists a lot.

Again, we hope that all Mecklenburg County NC non-custodial fathers and women in the paternal family will join our mailing list and start allowing us to educate you on how your voting numbers can reverse the egregious dichotomy and bias you face each and every day in the Mecklenburg County courts.

We also hope that you will use the social sharing buttons below to excessively share this article with other non-custodial families in Mecklenburg County so that we can send Representative Ruth Samuelson a message that children need two equal parents and not federal enforcement of fathers.

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