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New Hanover County NC Department of Social Services and Fathers

New Hanover County Department of Social ServicesThis article on the New Hanover County NC Department of Social Services is to get non-custodial fathers and all members in the extended paternal family to learn more about bias in the social services arena that has significant historic documentation. However, what many non-custodial families do not realize is that non-custodial fathers are a significant funding source for New Hanover County DSS and we surmise that many decisions made during CPS investigations and other matters at the agency are made with funding in mind. We will also touch briefly on the historical relationship with feminism and social services and schools that train social workers. If you are a non-custodial father or family member in New Hanover County NC and are currently in, or have in the past, the social services system and finding that things seem a bit biased then we STRONGLY encourage you to join our MAILING LIST because we are building a statewide mailing list of non-custodial families who we want to see finally stand up to the divisive family courts and social services abuses as it relates to fathers and men in general. What is important to remember is that in NC, given the divorce rate, non-custodial fathers make up around 42% of the voting population and this statistic holds true in New Hanover County. When you add in just one strong non-custodial family member, be it a step-mother, paternal grandmother, or sister of a father, that figure jumps to 84% of the voting population. This is a VERY significant and overwhelming number that legislators and judges will not ignore especially once united. Again, if you are in the New Hanover County NC Department of Social Services and you are detecting slight or flagrant bias or wrongdoing, then by ALL means please contact us. You can follow THIS LINK to learn more about this legislation and incentive payments on collection of child support.


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New Hanover County NC Department of Social Services and Funding

Like most state agencies, social services relies heavily on state and federal funding to run programs. We are going to focus on just two of the funding sources that are typically used as a funding source for social services. These two sources are the NC Child Support Enforcement Program and NC Domestic Violence policies.

Starting with child support enforcement, the legislation that birthed enforcement has federal incentive payments built into the system where ALL US states receive federal dollars for INCREASING child support collection that states can then use to fund Title IV-D programs and no doubt New Hanover County DSS has plenty of the programs under it’s roof. Basically, for every dollar collected in child support, the federal government gives back the state a percentage of dollars on the amount collected.

We strongly believe that it is this funding that keeps fathers from either receiving child custody and limited visitation because child support payments are directly related to the number of overnights a father has with his children. And, because New Hanover County Department of Social Services needs to keep programs running, you can be VERY sure this is on the minds of administrators that keep and eye on finances and who make policies within DSS. Simply put, combined with the data below on feminism and social services, we believe this is one of the reasons why non-custodial fathers, paternal grandmothers, step-mothers, and aunts in the paternal family do not get the opportunity to raise and nurture their children as much as mothers and her extended family. We also believe this is why there is NO joint custody or shared parenting in North Carolina. As long as “Deadbeat Dads” exist, there will be funding and we all know that these so called deadbeats are usually pushed in that direction via the family courts and social services.

Just like with child support enforcement, Domestic Violence federal funding is rampant. As long as there are MALE abusers, there will be funding. And yes, the New Hanover County DSS system certainly has it’s hands in Domestic Violence programs. Ever wonder why restraining orders are handed out like candy without very little if any proven abuse? Undoubtedly, there are untold millions of FALSE domestic violence allegations that get convictions so that funding can flow. And, it is VERY politically correct for judges and prosecutors to deal with Domestic Violence these days. Also, there are major and well entrenched womens rights groups who demand that this occur, and very limited and not well united fathers or mens organizations that have numbers to scare politicians and judges.

New Hanover County NC Department of Social Services and it’s ties to Feminism

Ever wonder why most employees at New Hanover County DSS are females, and certainly within the CPS ranks? If you doubt our assertion that DSS has major ties to womens groups and feminist organizations, consider THIS LINK and THIS LINK

These two searches represent a search of “social services” AND feminism JUST at .edu and .gov websites and there are 1 million web pages containing references to feminism and social services. We purposefully left out regular websites that anyone can create and focused just on government and educational websites as they severely restrict data that anyone can create. If you doubt strong ties to feminism and social services these one million websites should keep you busy for awhile. Now the next question we have for you is do you think your average feminist gives two cents about fathers or even females in the paternal family, or are they more interested in maintaining womens issues? And where does Domestic Violence and Child Support Enforcement and Custody fit in with feminist?

It does not take a rocket scientist to figure this one out.

The bottom line is this. All legislation is centered around politics and money. New Hanover County NC Social Services is the gatekeeper for child support enforcement and domestic violence programs. It needs funding. It needs child support payers and abusers to fund programs. If you are a New Hanover County non-custodial father or female member of the paternal family the writing should be on the wall.

Please consider joining our mailing list and learn that your numbers alone can affect legislation overnight once united. We also STRONGLY encourage you to use the social sharing buttons below to share this article with other New Hanover non-custodial families so that we can start building a significant and united list of families who are ready to send New Hanover County DSS the message to stop making money on the backs of non-custodial families in New Hanover County.

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