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Judge J.H. Corpening – New Hanover County NC District Court

Judge J.H. CorpeningJudge J.H. Corpening is the Chief Judge of the New Hanover County NC District Court and is responsible for overseeing all court operations. NC Fathers is an organization of non-custodial families in NC who desire to seek Family Court reform to be less divisive so that New Hanover County children have two EQUAL parents with equal access and responsibility. NC Fathers believes that the current system where both parents are allowed by Judges to dig up as much dirt on the other to win child custody, child support, and custodial parentage while the other is marginalized to another role and financial provider sets the stage for 18 yrs of battles that hurts kids. New Hanover County NC children deserve better and we are sending this message to Judge J.H. Corpening and all judges in the New Hanover County NC District Court. We also want New Hanover County non-custodial families to understand that your numbers alone represent a massive voter base that can make overwhelming changes to this system by coming together and using your numbers to affect legislation and elections. Given the divorce rate in New Hanover County, we surmise that non-custodial fathers represent around 42% of the voting population across all races. When you add in just ONE female member of the paternal non-custodial family who gets hurt equally in this divisive system, you now are looking at 84% of the voting public in New Hanover. These numbers alone, no legislator or judge can deny these numbers as significant. Please consider joining our MAILING LIST and talking with other non-custodial families in New Hanover County about joining as well. Additionally, use the social sharing buttons below to share this article with other families.


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It was brought to our attention today (4/23/2013) that Judge JH Corpening runs some kind of fathers group and at first we were delightfully surprised. Our first thoughts were great! Society has been calling dads bad for being absent and here is a Judge standing up to that. Wrong! It appears that this Judge runs a groups that teaches fathers the importance of keeping a job, being active in their children’s lives, and paying child support. This is disgusting if you ask us. Fathers should not be working to pay federal child support, they should be working to directly support their kids when they have them 50% of the time. Why is Judge Corpening socializing fathers to believe their worth is measured in how much they pay to a government agency rather than the direct relationship they have with their children? And, in case this Judge hasn’t figured it out yet, the New Hanover County family courts is largely responsible for turning fathers into visitors and absent from their kid’s lives 26 days a month.
Furthermore, we welcome any addition or comments on this article from Judge J.H. Corpening or any judge with the New Hanover County District Court.

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As for the issues New Hanover County Non-Custodial families face and desire to see Judges in the county address, we will refer you to this WEBSITE

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Chief Judge New Hanover County NC

Judge J.H. Corpening and the New Hanover County District Court Will Hopefully Address These Issues With Non-Custodial Families

  • We ask Judge J.H. Corpening and other Judges to START with EQUAL shared parenting and access and stop allowing custodial parents to move children hundreds of miles away from non-custodial families.
  • We ask Judge Corpening and all New Hanover County District Court Judges to remove the stigma of “Non-Custodial” and use names that convey equal parentage.
  • We ask Judge Corpening and the New Hanover County District Court Judges to remember that current Non-Custodial families have to retain private attorneys at extensive cost EACH TIME child support enforcement gives FREE legal care to custodial parents.
  • We ask Judge Corpening to remember that non-custodial fathers receive jail time when under financial burden and that custodial mothers receive state/federal assistance programs to make financial ends meet.
  • We ask Judge J.H. Corpening and all District Court Judges to explain the relationship to federal incentive payments back to the State of NC and New Hanover County Social Services from NC Child Support Enforcement coffers for each INCREASED collection goals and how these incentives affect possible decreased visitation/custody for fathers.
  • We ask Judge J.H. Corpening to address FALSE NC Domestic Violence (DV) allegations that new statistics are showing hopeful custodial mothers using as a tactical advantage in custody matters.
  • We ask all Judges in the New Hanover County District Court to explain to NC Fathers why under VAWA legislation women can get restraining orders for simply “feeling” scared after a raised voice (which is considered DV under VAWA) while men are laughed out of court when attempting to get DV restraining orders.

Will Judge J.H. Corpening and All Judges In The New Hanover County District Court Address New Hanover County Non-Custodial Families?

We sure hope so, because all Judges in New Hanover County should be aware that non-custodial families leave court each day angry, frustrated, and they are becoming sick and tired of dealing with the problems above. We are tired of being called “Deadbeat” when it is Judges who marginalize and demoralize them as visitors and ATM machines in the first place. We are tired of enforcement tactics that only seek to gain money for children while EQUAL shared parenting gives natural supports from both sets of families that can never reach any amount of gain enforcement can deliver. Quite frankly Judge Corpening, we are sick and tired.

Again, please be sure to share this article with other New Hanover County Non-Custodial Fathers, paternal grandmothers, step-mothers, now grown children of fathers, sisters of men, friends of men, and possibly with Judge J.H. Corpening or any Judge at the New Hanover County District Court.

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  1. This problem is rampant in the New Hanover County Family Court System and it comes from the top, Judge Corpening. New Hanover County has a history of corrupt judges and collaborating attorneys in my opinion. I was stripped of all my assets in Post Separation Support in Judge Corpening’s District Court after only 3 appearances. Tamara Smith was representing my ex-wife and Judge Corpening signed any and everything that Tamara Smith put before him. Judge Corpening awarded my ex-spouse everything that I owned ; property that other people ‘legally’ owned ; and property that did not exist.

    A Federal Investigation is certainly warranted in the practices and procedures of the NHCO District Courts.


    Comment by WLS | September 27, 2013 | Reply

    • WLS,
      Thank you for commenting on our website and hope you will join either our mailing list or Facebook page and mobilize with us when we start talking to State Legislators in New Hanover County.


      Comment by stompkinsnc | September 27, 2013 | Reply

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