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NC Fathers and Men in Jail for Child Support Arrears or Slow Payments

Fathers in Jail for Delinquent Child Support PaymentsIf you are a NC Father who is in jail for inability to pay his child support payments or you are in arrears for other reasons and found that judges in the NC Family Courts and Child Support Enforcement attorneys and staff refused to work with you then we encourage you to contact us and tell us about your case. We believe fathers and men in NC jails is a bad policy that does nothing to secure child support arrears and is designed more to stigmatize fathers and support statistics that show men to be “Deadbeats” so that increased federal funding can be secured for US States via legislation that gives states back federal money for INCREASED child support collection and enforcement. Additionally, if you are a non-custodial female family member and your husband or son is in jail for inability to pay child support payments then we also strongly encourage you to contact us as well. Our organization is building a large MAILING LIST of non-custodial families who are tired of the divisive nature of the NC Family Courts and overly aggressive NC Child Support Enforcement System that is only concerned about collection of money that giving a child equal and active parents.


NC Fathers in Jail for Child Support Arrears or Slow Payments And Class Action Lawsuits

NC Fathers strongly believes that in the future fathers and men who were jailed for child support arrears will have the option to sue various organizations from Sheriff Departments, Child Support Enforcement, and the State of North Carolina for the practice of putting people in jail for inability to pay a debt especially when this practice does nothing to secure child support and actually increases the chances of not paying future payments because of loss employment. However, all of this is dependent on us building a massive contact list of non-custodial fathers and families who are willing to change the system. If you fit into this category and have a history of being jailed for child support then we encourage you to let others know of our initiative.

Why are NC Fathers Jailed For Not Paying Child Support?

We believe non-custodial fathers are jailed for inability to pay child support because it allows the State of NC to collect statistics that they can send the federal government showing that child support continues to need federal funding and incentive payments that county social services agencies can then use to replace funds used for low income assistance programs. We hope you will do your research on Title IV-D funding and Child Support Enforcement to learn more about this. Furthermore, we believe the practice of putting men in jail for child support arrears is meant to stigmatic them into making future payments because pictures and financial data is usually placed on various state sanctioned websites that picture men who get into trouble with child support payments. We believe it is this stigma that entraps men into believing it is their responsibility as responsible fathers to pay child support instead of seeking equally shared parenting or joint custody that would decrease child support payments and thus funding.

Are You a Female Paternal Family Member of a Man or Father Jailed For Not Making Child Support Payments?

Many readers who visit our website believe we are a “Fathers Rights” organization when we are actually an advocate for all non-custodial family members. We believe females in paternal non-custodial families get hurt by the family courts and fathers being jailed for child support just as much as men do. And, our analytics and contact history is mostly from second wives, sisters of men, and mothers of men who routinely get marginalized to visitor role in their kids lives and ordered to pay child support for a child they rarely get to see because of difficult visitation awards. We believe that women in the paternal non-custodial family have a HUGE impact on changing female legislators minds especially when NC womens organizations and lobby groups push hard for women centered courts and jailing NC men and fathers for child support infractions.

Are you a NC Father Jailed by Child Support Enforcement


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  1. I am being called to court in 29 b judicial district on false allegations of arrears. My wifes attorney (whom by court order was to take payments until css took over) apparently did not report payment to css after I paid as agreed and have receipt to prove. Not sure of my next step. any advice?


    Comment by JOHN | November 12, 2013 | Reply

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