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Judge David Leech – Pitt County NC District and Family Courts

Pitt County NC Judge David LeechJudge David Leech is the Chief Judge with the Pitt County NC District Courts and is largely responsible for reviewing policies and procedures within his court. NC Fathers is an organization of Non-Custodial Fathers and ALL members in the paternal extended family who want to reform the NC Family Courts and Social Services agencies to be less divisive and more inclusive for non-custodial families who generally get wildly bias and hurtful treatment from Judges and Social Services staff in Pitt County NC. To help send our message to Judge David Leech and all Judges with the Pitt County NC District Courts, we ask that you join our MAILING LIST and share this article using the social sharing buttons below with other Pitt County NC non-custodial families on your favorite social networking sites. We believe that once Pitt County NC non-custodial families realize their great numbers in NC elections and become a lobby that Judges, Legislators, and Social Services administrators will be less likely to deal with families like they have historically.


Pitt County NC District and Family Courts Judges
Judge of the Pitt County courts

Pitt County NC Family Courts and Parents NC Pitt County social services complaints and lawyers

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Judge David Leech, the Pitt County NC District Courts, and Non-Custodial Family Statistics

Our message to Judge David Leech and all Judges with the Pitt County NC District Courts is that Pitt County Fathers make up greater than 42% of the voting population across NC. Additionally, we believe that females in the paternal family get hurt just as badly in the Pitt County NC Family Courts, and when you add in their numbers, combined we make up a very significant voting population across all socioeconomic, racial, and gender backgrounds. In fact Judge Leech, NC Fathers is hearing mostly from paternal related females hourly who are speaking out on the issues below. Furthermore, we think once Pitt County Non-Custodial families unite and become a lobby group in their own right, Judges with the Pitt County NC District Courts and Social Services Administrators will be less likely to deal with you as they have historically. Again, we cannot emphasize enough that Pitt County Families share this article, email it, and talk with your Legislators about the data contained in this article. If you are a Non-Custodial family leaving the Pitt County NC District and Family Courts today and wondering what the hell just happened, CONTACT US and share your experiences.

Judge David Leech, the Pitt County NC District Courts, and Special Interest Groups

If you are a Pitt County NC Non-Custodial family, no doubt you have had dealings with Lawyers in the area. Undoubtedly, you are aware that they generally charge $5000-$6000 retainers for their services. However, unlike custodial mothers and their families, we think it is likely that you routinely hand out these monies without ever winning custody or equal visitation with your young children. No Doubt, Family Law attorneys benefit financially from the divisive nature of the courts, and we believe they have an interest in a system that will allow two parents and their families to fight for decades.

If you have any dealing with Judge David Leech or any Judge with the Pitt County NC District Courts, then you should know that this political organization listens to lobby groups who have enormous power over elections and policies/procedures in the Family and District Courts. We are going to touch briefly on the main two in a moment, but we are asking Judge Leech and Judges in the Pitt County NC District Courts to make a commitment to Pitt County Non-Custodial families to focus more on equal Shared Parenting instead of division since figures show this as being in the best interest of children.

If you are a female in the paternal non-custodial family, it is important to also point out that womens rights groups are an overwhelming significant lobby who have no interest in fathers or females in non-custodial families. Be sure that this special interest group spends a lot of money each year lobbying Judges and District Courts to favor women and their agenda. NC Fathers believes very strongly that a lot of females in the non-custodial family suffer because of women lobby groups.

Judge David Leech, the Pitt County NC District Courts and Domestic Violence

We are asking Judge David Leech and all Judges in the Pitt County NC Family courts to explain the relationship to NC Domestic Violence funding and statistics on Domestic Violence. No doubt, funding for this hot button social issue is at an all time high and the higher the statistics, the more funding received for programs and contractors that need funding within this scope. However, NC Fathers believes that the NC Domestic Violence policy is skewed in that it only focuses on male on female violence despite new figures showing an increase in women on male violence (no system for statistics, under reporting, or denial of a problem), female on female violence in lesbian communities, and false allegations that hopeful custodial mothers use as an immediate tactical advantage in divorce and child custody cases.

If you are a Pitt County Non-Custodial Father or member of the paternal family, no doubt you are aware that Domestic Violence or some type of other abuse is always alleged because lawyers and mothers know it is a hot button topic that receives a lot of attention and gets the perceived victim a lot of attention and resources from programs that get funding. We encourage you to ask Pitt County NC legislators, and Judges in the District Courts about this.

NC fathers believes that False Domestic Violence allegations are a significant problem that is used to immediately alienate children from their fathers and females in paternal families and that Judges in the Pitt County District Courts fear the Domestic Violence lobby who have mind numbing control over elections.

Judge David Leech, the Pitt County NC District Courts and Child Support Enforcement

Like Domestic Violence, the NC Child Support Enforcement system gets an incredible amount of Federal funding from this massive big government program and needs a “Deadbeat” Father problem to continue the funding. In this case, we ask readers to search “Social Security Act Title IV Part D” and skip to the sections on “Incentive Payments to States”. Moreover, the same math is in play here. The more “Deadbeat Dads” there are, the more funding and incentive payments the government gives back to the States for low assistance programs at social services that custodial mothers use after a divorce. Again, we ask Judge David Leech and all Judges with the Pitt County NC District Courts (Family Courts) to address this issue.

NC Fathers believes that children benefit from two EQUAL parents, who both (and extended family) have access to as much as possible and that they receive more NATURAL emotional, physical, financial, and psychological support from this that any amount of child support could ever hope to deliver.

NC Fathers believes that Judge David Leech and all Judges in the Pitt County NC District Courts and Family Courts understand that it is this funding source and pandering to special interest groups that prevent fathers, grandmothers, step-mothers, and aunts from having equal access to their children.

NC Fathers also believes that Judges can explain the relation to low visitation rates for fathers, so that enforcement can collect more so that social services funding for special interest programs at social services can get maximum funding. And quite frankly, we think that Pitt County NC Non-Custodial families should be outraged by this.

Please help send this message to Judge David Leech and all Judges with the Pitt County NC District Courts and Family Courts by emailing this article to other Pitt County Families, sharing it on your social networking sites, and emailing your legislators with the statistics mentioned earlier and demanding changes.

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  1. Judge David leech gave custody of my 10yr old daughter and 8yr old son that just met my children two days before Christmas permanent custody and didn’t even put anything about visitation I’m his decision. I wasn’t even proven to be neglectful I have been in my kids life since day one they have always lived with me. This was my first ever case and I didn’t have an attorney but neither did the grandmother but he ruled in her favor and I believe its because I don’t live in that county or state my kids haven’t lived in that state in years since 2006 before they were old enough to attend school. I have all the proof I’ve always had my children that I was always around and that they where healthy and in a stabled home but I didn’t know about court so i didn’t know better as I should have. My kids are smart they are very sad not to be with me not to mention the grandmother stop answering my calls and doesn’t try to contact me for my kids this is very unfair what do I do


    Comment by shashonna Braxton | November 8, 2013 | Reply

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