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Rep Marian McLawhorn – Pitt County Democrat and Fathers

Representative Marian McLawhornRepresentative Marian McLawhorn is a Democrat Representative of Pitt County NC. NC Fathers is a State of NC organization representing non-custodial families all over the state and in Pitt County. NC Fathers is asking Rep Marian McLawhorn to draft legislation for presumption for EQUAL shared parenting in the NC Family Courts and to end the abusive divisiveness that is causing parents to argue for 18 years and subjecting kids to years of emotional and psychological problems. If you are a Pitt County NC Non-Custodial father or female member of the extended family, we ask you to contact Representative McLawhorn and speak with her about the issues in this article. Additionally, we are asking you to join our MAILING LIST so that we can help educate you on legislation that affects NC Non-Custodial families and to share this article with other Pitt County Non-Custodial families on the major social networks using the sharing buttons below this article. NC Fathers will continue to use aggressive search engine marketing and advanced social networking of this article to reach as many constituents of Representative McLawhorn and ask you to consider sending other non-custodial family members you meet in your daily travels to our mailing list.


Marian McLawhorn

Before we begin our article on Representative Marian McLawhorn, we ask that you read these articles on the Pitt County Democrat Party, Pitt County Department of Social Services, and Sheriff Neil Elks since we think it covers ALL issues non-custodial families face every day in the NC Family Courts and with Social Services agencies.

Representative Marian McLawhorn, Child Support Enforcement and Domestic Violence

Please ask Representative Marian McLawhorn to end the big government programs that generate funding for social services, the State of NC, and special interest groups on the backs of Pitt County NC non-custodial families backs and their inability to access, equally parent, and enjoy their young children. NC Fathers realizes that child support is a problem in the State of NC but unfortunately fathers that DO want to equally parent, be financially responsible for, and have equal access to their children on THEIR terms are denied this and entered into a FEDERAL ENFORCEMENT agency and court system that determines their role as fathers. And Representative McLawhorn, it does not stop with fathers, be SURE that we hear from MORE females of paternity in non-custodial families who only see their children sporadically compared to maternal mothers and their extended families.

As for Domestic Violence, we agree with Representative McLawhorn that this issue is a significant problem in the State of NC. However, like funding for child support enforcement, it seems that the State of NC needs abusers to keep the money flowing. Is Rep McLawhorn sure that false domestic violence issues are not a problem, and that Pitt County is not addressing, gathering statistics, and making them available to state agencies on the numbers of battering that goes on by females on men? Be sure that we hear from non-custodial families daily on how false domestic violence allegations are used to IMMEDIATELY win divorce settlements and child custody.

Representative Marian McLawhorn and Special Interest Groups

Representative Marian McLawhorn, how much is this government contractor receiving in federal child support enforcement money to develop, install, and maintain their software program? How many man hours is it going to cost to train enforcement workers to use it? Why isn’t the money being put into a program to support equal shared parenting that rewards two parents for learning to get along and remove the division that occurs so that they can get along for the betterment of their children? Why are Pitt County Non-Custodial families paying for it? Is enforcement going to get more aggressive so that the money is there to pay for them? NC Fathers believes that two equal parents, and their extended families brings more natural supports to children than any federal enforcement agency or software company can deliver.

Representative McLawhorn, have you been through a custody battle? Are you aware that lawyers charge $5000 PER INCIDENT to represent mothers and fathers in family courts and it’s assured that they will fight for 18 years given the divisiveness? It seems to use parents and children would benefit more from this money than special interest lawyers do.

Representative Marian McLawhorn and Non-Custodial Family Statistics

  • Representative Marian McLawhorn may be shocked to learn that non-custodial fathers make up 42% of the voting population
  • Additionally, Rep McLawhorn may be interested in learning that adding JUST one female in the paternal family brings that figure to 84% of voters.
  • Non-Custodial fathers come from African American and Hispanic families, and females in these families get hit hard too. Is this not your base Representative McLawhorn?

It is EXTREMELY important that Pitt County Non-Custodial families understand that they are one of the largest voting blocks in the State of NC and the largest lobby organization. It is time to end the abuses of the Family Courts and Social Services and your children need you just as much as they need their mothers and her family. Trust us, there are well funded and highly organized lobby organization at work to maintain the bias, if you do not vote on this issue NOTHING will change and we ask that you send this message to Representative Marian McLawhorn. Please join our MAILING LIST.

Representative Marian McLawhorn and the Pitt County Family Courts

We certainly hope that Representative Marian McLawhorn read THIS ARTICLE , especially at the end where we outlined just some of the major problems Pitt County Non-Custodial families have with the Pitt County Family Courts. Like Legislators, we are going to continue to blog about all Judges in Pitt County, the Pitt County Sheriff, all Pitt County Legislators, and any other person or agency we can in order to reach as many Non-Custodial families we can and then take those blogs to the social networks and partner with national organization to distribute our data to their members. We are going to reach a significant number of Pitt County Non-Custodial families and we hope Representative Marian McLawhorn recognizes this.

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