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Sheriff Neil Elks – Pitt County NC and Fathers

Sheriff Neil ElksSheriff Neil Elks is the Sheriff of the Pitt County NC Sheriffs Department and is largely responsible for housing Pitt County Fathers who are unable to pay child support, as well as men who are ALLEGED to have committed Domestic Violence. NC Fathers is an organization of NC Non-Custodial families who seek to reform the NC Family Courts and Social Services policies of gaining federal and state funding on the backs of the non-custodial family/child relationship. Our question for Sheriff Neil Elks, is he using federal and state funding for child support enforcement and domestic violence to run daily operations at the Pitt County NC Jail, and is he pandering to special interest groups that receive federal funding on these hot button political issues to secure support at election time? If you are a Pitt County NC Non-Custodial Father or Female in the paternal extended family and you have been threatened with jail over child support enforcement, actually jailed over child support, or jailed because of a false domestic violence allegation, then we want to hear from you and also encourage you to join our MAILING LIST. Additionally, we ask you to share this article on the major social networks with other Non-Custodial families in Pitt County who also face the issues outlined in this article on Sheriff Elks to help gain awareness.


Before we begin our article on Sheriff Neil Elks, we ask that you read the following articles as they cover much of the data we will cover in this article: Judge David Leech – Pitt County District Courts, Pitt County Democrat Party, Representative Bill Cook, Representative Marian McLawhorn, Pitt County Department of Social Services
Sheriff Neil Elks Pitt County NC

Also, we also want to point out that we realize Sheriff Neil Elks is not responsible for policies of the NC Family Courts and Legislators that contribute to the problems outlined in this article. However, we do believe that Sheriff Elks should be lobbying these groups to find better suited solutions than we have in Pitt County now.

Sheriff Neil Elks and Pitt County NC Non-Custodial Family Statistics

Sheriff Neil Elks must realize that Non-Custodial fathers make up around 42% of the voting population in Pitt County NC and when you add in just one FEMALE extended family member, be it a paternal grandmother, step-mother, paternal aunt, or some other family member then that figure jumps to 84% of voters. NC Fathers is using search engine marketing and advanced social networking and email campaigns to reach non-custodial families all over NC and in Pitt County. We are reminding them each time he jails a father for inability to pay a debt, plasters their faces and finances on state sanctioned websites that are indexed for life, and his deputies take zero evidence allegations of domestic violence from alleged male on female violence while they dismiss female on male violence, we are asking these families to remember Sheriff Elks at election time.

Sheriff Neil Elks and Pitt County NC Domestic Violence

We believe that Sheriff Neil Elks is aware that women hit as much as men hit, and that new statistics are showing this trend all across the nation. We also believe that Sheriff Elks is aware that the federal government and State of NC has a very well funded and mobilized coalition on NC Domestic Violence with serious political clout and deep pockets who no doubt reward NC Sheriffs for harsh dealings with male on female violence. Furthermore, we also believe the Sheriff and deputies in his department are aware that women will use zero evidence based false allegations of domestic violence as a tactical advantage in divorce and child custody court. Yet, people from Pitt County who contact us (usually a non-custodial family member) tell us that the usual train of child support delinquents and men jailed for these alleged infractions are dealt with in a matter that suggests that Sheriff Elks remembers who holds the purse strings and can help at election time. The NC Domestic Violence coalition NEEDS for there to be male abusers to keep the funding for domestic violence programs, government contractors, employees, supplies, media, advertising, etc… and we are asking the Sheriff if he is one of the tools the coalition uses to further their agenda? And, does the Sheriff use State funding for domestic violence for daily operations at the jail? Is all of this a reason for Pitt County Non-Custodial families to wonder if this is why their male family members are so easily carted off to jail while women get a pass?

Sheriff Neil Elks and Pitt County NC Child Support Enforcement

Like Domestic Violence, the NC Child Support Enforcement system is a equally funded big government program that has a lot of political clout and deep pockets that can help agencies who are very strict with child support delinquents. Is Sheriff Neil Elks using Title IV-D money for daily operations at the Pitt County NC jail? Do Pitt County NC Non-Custodial families have to wonder if this is the reason why their male family members are so easily carted off to jail so that statistics can remain high and the funding that comes from high statistics?

Has anyone in Pitt County asked Sheriff Neil Elks how much it cost tax payers to find, arrest, house, feed, and pay medical cost on these non-violent inmates? We wonder if Sheriff Elks would rather see this money put into a system that elevates Pitt County NC fathers from visitor roles to actual parents with equal access who are financially responsible for their children in their new roles and equal visitation, or does this not fit in with the funding agenda his friends at the Domestic Violence and Child Support Enforcement system?

Is Sheriff Neil Elks contributing to bullying in schools? We think so! How? Kids these days are very confident in using the global Internet. No doubt, kids are coming across other kids fathers who’s dad is is jail for non-violent child support delinquency.

Sheriff Elks, when you put out media releases of child support delinquents that stay on websites for life and use terms like “Deadbeat Dads” do you also put out media releases of African American and use the “N Word” or women who are in jail and call them “Medicaid Moms” ? We realize that it is politically correct to call out “Deadbeat Fathers” these days and it tickles the purse strings that help you at election time, but we ask you to remember the statistics on non-custodial families in Pitt County NC.

Sheriff Neil Elks and Pitt County NC Election Support

Look Folks, NC Fathers realizes that the NC Family Courts and Social Services system is completely biased and in favor of custodial mothers, while non-custodial fathers and females in their extended family are dismissed as second class citizens. We realize there are significant special interest groups and lobby organizations that make money off of male on female domestic violence and the child support enforcement system. We realize that many of you, or members of your family, are in jail for being poverty stricken and we suspect that Sheriff Elks knows that few of these fathers are in jail for good reasons. We also know that many of your male family members are in jail for false domestic violence allegations.

None of the issues outlined in this article are ever going to change until Pitt County Non-Custodial families stand up and realize that they are a super powerful group with growing numbers daily, and get rid of Judges, Legislators, Social Services Administrators, and Sheriffs that are more focused on political correctness and federal funding than finding a solution that levels the playing field for you.

Again, we ask that you join our MAILING LIST and be sure to share this article with Sheriff Neil Elks with other Pitt County families who this affects daily and remember him at election time if these issues are not addresses VERY soon.

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