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Representative Mark Hilton – Catawba County NC Republican

Representative Mark Hilton Catawba County NC RepublicanRepresentative Mark Hilton is a Republican Representative in Catawba County NC who represents a majority of Non-Custodial Fathers and members of the extended paternal family. NC Fathers is a NC organization committed to reaching as many Non-Custodial families in NC and Catawba County who we believe are ready to reform the NC Family Courts and Social Services System to be less divisive and bias in dealing with Non-Custodial Fathers and Families in Catawba County. NC Fathers ask that you help send this message to Representative Mark Hilton by joining our MAILING LIST and sharing this article with other Catawba County Non-Custodial families in your area. Additionally, we believe that Catawba County NC Non-Custodial families welcome equal shared parenting and equal access to their minor children and the only way to do this is to understand your numbers as voters at election time. We welcome any comments, insight, or concerns from Representative Hilton on these matters.

Mark Hilton

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Representative Mark Hilton and Catawba County NC Domestic Violence

We suspect that Representative Mark Hilton recognizes that Domestic Violence in Catawba County NC is a significant problem. However, the problem with Domestic Violence is that the State of NC Coalition is only focused on male on female domestic abuse and not Domestic Violence as a whole. In essence, Domestic Violence has become a industry that needs high male on female violence statistics to keep federal and state funding rolling in so that social services and county DV related programs can continue. We hope that Representative Hilton sees the irony in needing violence to continue so that federal funding can be achieved, as well as seeing the problems that can arise from this irony as it relates to Catawba County Non-Custodial Fathers and Men in general.

Our organization is hearing from NC Non-Custodial paternal mothers, second wives, sisters of men, and other Non-Custodial family members daily telling us that hopeful custodial mothers are using the hot button topic of Domestic Violence that brings so much attention and resources as a weapon against Non-Custodial families to gain immediate favor in divorce and child custody cases in Catawba County. No Doubt Representative Hilton should be aware that judges routinely hand out restraining orders like candy due to political pressure, but we feel this practice is alienating a large groups on Non-Custodial Families from their children.

Representative Hilton, why is the NC Domestic Violence Coalition denying any female on male and female on female violence issues and focused just on male on female violence?

Representative Mark Hilton and Catawba County NC Child Support Enforcement

We are asking Representative Mark Hilton and our readers of this article to do their research on the Social Security Act Title IV Part D and especially sections 454, 455, and 458 which we believe spells major problems for Catawba County NC Non-Custodial Fathers and their extended family. According to this legislation Representative Hilton, the federal government gives back the State of NC Incentive Payments for INCREASED child support collection and REPORTING. Exactly how does the State of NC INCREASE child support collection and report it to receive this social services federal money that helps replenish low assistance programs? Is there a relation to few custody awards and low visitation for Catawba County fathers so that child support collection and federal funding can be maximized? Representative Hilton, if Catawba County Social Services benefits financially on the backs of the Non-Custodial family/child relationship, is there an opening for abuse by CPS workers and administrators on Catawba County Fathers who they need to be domestic abusers and “Deadbeat Fathers” to keep their programs running? Also, we ask that Representative Hilton AND our readers to read this article on the NC Child Support Enforcement system as it goes into detail on this issue.

NC Fathers believes that Catawba County NC children benefit more from two equal parents who have equal access to their children, and who bring both extended families to the table to give NATURAL RESOURCES that far outweigh any federal enforcement big government program can ever attempt to accomplish.

Representative Hilton, what about this government contractor who is developing a software program for NC Child Support Enforcement. No doubt this system will cost millions to develop, implement, and train workers to use. Why not put this money into a program that teaches two parents to set aside differences and come together as two equal parents for the benefit of their children so that big government social services programs do not have to pay for their therapy at a later date when they are sick from the 18 years of fighting two parents do at the hands of the NC Family Courts?

Representative Mark Hilton and the Catawba County NC Family Courts

Is Representative Mark Hilton even aware of the dichotomy that is taking place in the Catawba County NC Family Courts? We believe that Representative Hilton may be shocked to learn that:

  • Catawba County NC Family Courts Judges continue to allow custodial mothers to move children hundreds of miles away from Non-Custodial families and then have the audacity to allow a “non active father” stereotype to prevail in the county.
  • Catawba County NC Family Court Judges still give custody to mothers 85% of the time (NC Administrative Offices of the Courts Statistics) even though the courts document no presumption for who gets custody. 85% sure sounds like presumption to us.
  • Catawba County Family Court Judges continue to give Fathers only 4-5 days a month visitation with Non-Custodial Fathers even though the courts point to a non-active, non-supportive problem by NC Fathers.
  • Representative Hilton may be shocked to learn that custodial mothers get a FREE attorney provided by child support enforcement to handle her business, while Non-Custodial families have to hire private attorneys PER INCIDENT at $5000 per retainer.
  • Why are Custodial mothers given state assistance for housing, medicine, education, and money when they cannot make financial ends meet while Non-Custodial fathers are given jail when they cannot make financial ends meet?

Representative Mark Hilton and Catawba County NC Non-Custodial Family Statistics

We are asking Representative Mark Hilton to remember that given the divorce rate, we suspect that Catawba County NC Non-Custodial Fathers represent around 42% of the voting population. And, no doubt given the data above, they are angry, frustrated, and ready to come together to make changes. Additionally, when you add in JUST ONE female in the paternal Non-Custodial family who see the abuses described above daily and hurt equally, you now have figures of around 84%. NC Fathers believes that it is VITALLY important for Non-Custodial families to understand that there are well funded and super powerful special interest groups and funding of programs that stand between you and equal parentage and access to your children. The ONLY way changes to the system are going to take place is by becoming a lobby in your own right. Please join our MAILING LIST and help send this message to Representative Mark Hilton.

NC Fathers cannot emphasize enough how important it is to share this article on Representative Mark Hilton with other Non-Custodial Families in NC. Please email this article and use the social sharing buttons to propagate this article on the major social networks. Again, we welcome any comments and insight by Representative Hilton.

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