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Judge Walter Mills and Paul Quinn – Carteret County NC Courts

Judge Paul QuinnJudge Paul Quinn and Judge Walter Mills of the Carteret County Courts hear many child custody cases, domestic violence cases, and child support enforcement cases in Carteret County NC. NC Fathers is a State of NC Organization seeking to reform the NC Family Courts and Social Services system so that Carteret County NC Non-Custodial families feel that they are on the same equal playing field that custodial families have historically enjoyed. NC Fathers wants to remind Carteret County NC Non-Custodial Families, Judge Paul Quinn, and Judge Walter Mills that Non-Custodial Families represent greater than 80% of the voting population in Carteret County when you add up Fathers, Paternal Grandmothers, Step-Mothers, Sisters of Fathers, and friends who see fathers trying to be active in their kids lives. NC Fathers believes it is STRONGLY imperative that Non-Custodial families realize that they are the largest swing vote in Carteret County since Non-Custodial families are represented by females in paternal families who come from ALL racial backgrounds. NC Fathers wants to send the message to these families that the moment you unite and use this voter base with Judicial elections and State and Federal elections, many of the bias and problems you experience with Judges, the NC Family Courts, and Social Services will stop. Please join our MAILING LIST and share this article with other Non-Custodial Families in Carteret County on your favorite social networking sites to help gain awareness.


What your Carteret County lawyer WON’T tell you

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Will she ever hire a NC lawyer to get child support for Jacob

Judge Walter Mills - Carteret County Courts

Important Information: How many men in Carteret County NC have been arrested on an allegation of domestic violence, jailed and lost their jobs, their reputation, lifelong access to their children, and been found guilty in the preponderance of the evidence courts having no evidence or witness proof and the Judge said yes to guilty for political correctness?

How many men in Judge Walter Mills and Judge Paul Quinn’s court have had this happen to them?

UPDATE 6/19/2015 – We are receiving considerable contact from non-custodial fathers who have restraining orders issued on them by Carteret County Judges in which they are ordered to have no contact with their wife or girl friend yet have provided us extensive documentation where while under the restraining order the other party continued to publicly and maliciously malign and speak ill of the adjudicated person. In EVERY case brought before a Judge about a person asking for no contact but continued to talk about the case and misrepresent information, they did nothing about it.

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Judge Walter Mills and Judge Paul Quinn

Before we begin our article on Judge Paul Quinn and Judge Walter Mills of the Carteret County NC District Courts, it is important to note for Carteret County NC Non-Custodial that the forces that all come together are very well entrenched, well funded, and super politically motivated State and Federal Agencies and Special Interest Groups that all derive MAJOR funding on the backs on Non-Custodial Families. Our organization cannot emphasize enough the importance of joining our MAILING LIST so that we can build an equally powerful group of voters to combat these forces. We are going to focus on NC Domestic Violence policies, NC Child Support Enforcement, and Social Services. We will even go so far as to say that IF Judge Quinn or Mills read this article, they would 100% completely deny and dismiss this blog. This blog was NOT written to change their mind, this blog was written because we KNOW that these are ALL issues Non-Custodial families in Carteret County wrestle with and YOU hold the keys to elections and funding. If you want to see your children equally compared to maternal families, remember this article.

Judge Paul Quinn, Judge Walter Mills, the Carteret County District Court, and Child Support Enforcement

The first message we have for Judge Paul Quinn, Judge Walter Mills, and ALL Carteret County Non-Custodial families, and other staff at the Carteret County District Court is that kids need their fathers (and extended family), not their money. Special Interest Groups have done a great job of socially engineering most people into thinking that Child Support Enforcement is an organization that has one purpose, to force bad men into paying money for their children and most politicians and judges dare not speak ill of this agency because of the “it’s for the kids” political card that is played.

The reality of child support enforcement is that it is a big government agency, that generates money for low income assistance programs at the Carteret County Department of Social Services. According to the legislation that birthed enforcement, for every $1 dollar collected in child support VIA enforcement, the State of NC gets back $2 dollars from provisions in the Social Security Act Title IV Part D. You can Read More HERE.

I am sure Judge Paul Quinn and Judge Walter Mills, as well as any Judge at the Carteret County NC District Court will agree that child support payments are based on the amount of overnights parents have, and yearly incomes. Since mothers still today get custody 85% of the time, most fathers end up paying child support. Why no equal visitation or shared parenting? Someone has to pay child support. Please ask Judges Quinn, Mills, or any Judge in the Carteret County Courts if there is a correlation to low visitation awards to maximize enforcement collections, and thus increased funding for the State of NC. In essence, Carteret County Non-Custodial families are funding social services programs instead of getting equally shared parentage and access to their children.

If you are a Carteret County Non-Custodial family, you know full well that custodial mothers get extensive federal and state assistance when they have financial problems. These include educational assistance, housing assistance, medical assistance, counseling, tax credits, etc… The moment you as the Non-Custodial Father gets into financial trouble, you get to go visit Asa Buck. The State of NC funds these programs off OF YOU!

Who are the other special interest groups that make money off of Title IV-D funding? Well here is JUST ONE. How much do you think it cost PSI to develop, build, implement, and train enforcement to use this software? We suspect MILLIONS. Why was this money not put into a program that teaches parents why it is important to get along, and give children equal access to both parents (and extended families) that brings INFINITELY more natural resources that any software program does. Please ask Judge Paul Quinn, Judge Walter Mills, and or Judge at the Carteret County District Court about this

Each time that custodial mothers use child support enforcement, they get a FREE child support enforcement attorney to do their work. You, the Non-Custodial family has to secure a private attorney at $5000 PER INCIDENT. Who pays for this enforcement attorney? Title IV-D funding does, and this funding is derived from your child support payments.

While on the subject of lawyers, please ask Judge Paul Quinn, Judge Walter Mills, or any Judge at the Carteret County District Court if the divisive family courts cause parents to fight for 18 years. If parents are paying $5000 per incident for 18 years, then we argue that Carteret County lawyers are a special interest group that makes money off the system.

In short, the State of NC NEEDS “Deadbeat Dads” for funding, and it creates them.

Judge Paul Quinn, Judge Walter Mills, the Carteret County District Court, and Domestic Violence

Surely, Judge Paul Quinn, Judge Walter Mills, or any Judge at the Carteret County District Court will tell you that Domestic Violence is a serious problem all across North Carolina, and we agree. We also think that these two Judges and Carteret County District Court will agree that this is a hot button topic that gets a LOT of attention. However, what is important to note about the NC Domestic Violence Coalition is that it is focused on MALE on FEMALE violence, and all services, programs, advertising, shelters, government contractors, agencies, supplies, statistics, etc… etc… reflect this. In fact, State Domestic Violence groups DENY that there is a FEMALE on MALE violence and control issue, and even denies a FEMALE on FEMALE domestic partnership issue. If they were to admit a FEMALE on MALE issue, they would have to double their programs and build shelters and this cuts into funding. Does Judge Paul Quinn or Judge Walter Mills Deny this? What about other Judges at the Carteret County District Court? Again, it is not important what they think. What is important is what YOU the Carteret County Non-Custodial family thinks, especially the females in these families who hold the key in standing up on this issue.

The Special Interest here? The radical feminist agenda. And this is not said to disrespect women. Let us be VERY CLEAR, the RADICAL Women’s movement routinely throws women of paternity under the bus. And, we hear from women mostly, so we know this exists.

So, we want to ask Judge Paul Quinn and Judge Walter Mills to explain how Domestic Violence affects Non-Custodial Families. Our thoughts on this is that since Domestic Violence is such a politically motivated, hot button topic that receives mind numbing amounts of funding, Judges routinely rule positively on zero evidenced based restraining orders  for women which IMMEDIATELY alienates fathers and their children, as well as grandmothers, step-mothers, paternal aunts, etc…

Additionally, we wonder what the Carteret County District Courts and Judges have to say about false domestic violence allegations that are routinely used as a weapon and tactical tool to gain favor in divorce and child custody matters.

For those women shaking their head saying we are way off base, PLEASE be sure that we hear from paternal related females on this issue ALL DAY LONG.

If the Carteret County Department of Social Services is the major recipient of child support enforcement Title IV-D money and Domestic Violence funding, we are asking Judge Paul Quinn and Judge Walter Mills (or all Judges at the Carteret County District Court) if it is possible that administrators and staff at this agency have an incentive to keep the funding rolling in and deal with fathers, men in general, and paternal families harshly or even illegally?

This website gets over 1700+ visits a DAY, we have SEEN (on actual parer), some of our readers paperwork from social services and we can tell you there are some serious problems at this agency that Judges in the District Courts are NOT addressing. If this is tied to politics or money we do not know, but what we do know is this is a VERY dangerous situation for the people that social services needs  funding from, especially since this agency has 100% COMPLETE IMMUNITY for any wrongdoing they commit against Carteret County Non-Custodial families.

We sincerely hope that Judge Quinn, Judge Mills, and the Carteret County District Court deals with this issue before we build a mailing list of families that do.

NC Fathers believes that given the divorce rate in NC, Non-Custodial fathers (even putative fathers) make up around 42% of the voting population in NC. These fathers have significant extended families. These include grandmothers, sisters of fathers, step-mothers, friends of fathers, uncles, etc… all we believe who see everything we have discussed on a daily basis. When you add these folks with the 42% of father voters, you have a overwhelming, significant, and very powerful group of voters that your children need to stand up and take control of these abuses so that you have equal parentage, equal access, and equal rights to, despite the State of NC marginalizing you to a “visitor family” and federal child support enforcement MPI #. We hope that Judge Paul Quinn and Judge Walter Mills, as well as all Judges in the Carteret County District Courts understand this.

Join our MAILING LIST and BE SURE to share this article with other Carteret County Non-Custodial families.

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Update 2015


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  1. I’d like to get this to the attention of Judge Mills.My name is Clifton A.Noe.You have ruled on a case you heard that involved my granddaughter.I know your ruling is final.I’d just like to talk to you if it’s possible.I know you probably won’t get in touch with me,but I have to try.
    Clifton A.Noe


    Comment by Clifton A.Noe | January 26, 2012 | Reply

    • Clifton, good luck. But most likely Judge Mills is unable to speak with you even if he wanted to per court procedure. However, I approved this comment in case he wants to as it contains your email address.


      Comment by ncfathers | January 27, 2012 | Reply

  2. As a Father in NC, I can report that Judge Quinn seems to be very fair and impartial in custody cases. I actually walked away from mine rather happy with the outcome for our children.


    Comment by Carteret Father | March 31, 2013 | Reply

    • Carteret Father, glad to hear you were satisfied with your case. Look, we are all too happy to report positive things about Judges in Carteret, Craven, and Pamlico County. Our article is not meant to accuse Judges but to educate non-custodial families and to encourage feedback. Have you heard whether Judge Walter Mills conducts himself in the same manner? What about other Judges in the District Courts as it related to child custody?


      Comment by stompkinsnc | March 31, 2013 | Reply

  3. Nothing to see here. If any father is reading this you should know that your case before Judge Walter Mills or Judge Paul Quinn was decided long before you woke up that morning. There is a money wheel turning here that nobody sees. It’s called piss fathers and their families off so they spend money on lawyers who then piss off mom’s lawyer who get mom and dad fighting for 18 years making the children little criminals, psychotics, or suicide victims while the lawyers in Carteret County laugh all the way to the bank.

    Seriously guys, a $200 hooker twice a week is MUCH better than marriage and losing all your property and never seeing your kid’s because they were moved away one night while you were at work and Judge Mills or Judge Quinn don’t give a rat’s behind as long as someone is paying money in to the child support system, someone isn’t seeing their child, and the lawyers are getting paid, and social services is happy because they have their quota to get their Title IV-D money.

    Of course mom’s think they are happy until they realize that little Johnny is costing her big time is loss work, medications, tardiness from school, parent teacher conferences because Johnny is pissed and angry cause mom needed a check and ran dad off.


    Comment by Kimbrell | January 30, 2015 | Reply

  4. Correlation: Increased divorce and a system that encourages divorce so lawyers can get paid and angry men killing women and children, and a new set of boys learning and being trained to do it daily because of this system.


    Comment by Jeff | January 30, 2015 | Reply

  5. Seriously, why aren’t men and women in their families standing up to this systematic corruption? I’m so tired of hearing paternal grandmothers cry cause they can’t see their grandchildren when they helped pave the way for this system when they ran the dad off from the kid’s to get in to the federal “help moms” system but only if dad can get run off.


    Comment by Jackson | January 30, 2015 | Reply

  6. HA! Went in court today, wife accused me of being a sexual deviant and I had pictures of her being a sexual deviant before we met, back when she wanted my attention, and guess what, Judge Walter Mills ruled in her favor of course 🙂 Anyone surprised?


    Comment by James | January 30, 2015 | Reply

  7. Judge Quinn is actually pretty fair unless mom is pretty, then you are going to lose your child custody or child support case.


    Comment by Henry | January 30, 2015 | Reply

  8. Saw a paternal grandmother crying in my case the other day, she was so upset poor thing went in thinking her son had a fighting chance in Judge Mill’s court and she got schooled on the system and now likely will never know her grandchild because mom got permission to move to Oklahoma even though dad was doing his standard visitation and she has NO clue that she helped the process along when she was the mom.


    Comment by Todd | January 30, 2015 | Reply

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