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Representative George Cleveland – Onslow County NC Republican

Representative George ClevelandRepresentative George Cleveland is a Republican Representative in Onslow County NC who NC Fathers is asking to end the divisive nature of the NC Family Courts and Social Services policies that harm thousands of Onslow County NC Non-Custodial Families. NC Fathers is a State of NC organization committed to getting Non-Custodial families to understand their overwhelming and significant numbers as voters so that they can gain equal parentage and access to their minor children. If you are a Onslow County NC Non-Custodial Family, or you agree with this article on Republican Representative George Cleveland, and want to learn more about how the State of NC alienates Non-Custodial Families for greater funding of programs for low income social services policies, then we ask you to join our MAILING LIST and share this article on Representative Cleveland with other Onslow County NC Families on the major social networking sites using the sharing buttons at the bottom of this article.


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Republican Representative George Cleveland

If you are a Onslow County NC non-custodial family member, please ask Representative George Cleveland Staff to read this article on Senator Harry Brown.

Before we begin our article to Representative George Cleveland, we agree that the issues we are about to touch on are very controversial hot button topics that most politicians do not want to address out of political correctness. However, as controversial as they are, we ask Representative Cleveland to consider just how many Onslow County and Military families who are being affected by the data we are about to present.

Representative George Cleveland and Onslow County NC Child Support

We can guarantee you that Representative George Cleveland will not want to touch the issue of Child Support and Child Support Enforcement because most people wrongly believe that this agency is SOLELY about providing financial assistance to Onslow County children from fathers that are “Deadbeat” and inactive in their kids lives. And, while we stipulate that there is a small segment of fathers who are like this, there is a larger majority of Onslow County Fathers who want equal parentage, equal access, and greater responsibility for their kids who are DENIED and introduced to the same federal agency as those fathers that CHOOSE to be irresponsible.

We are asking Representative George Cleveland why ALL Onslow County NC Fathers are lumped together, denied any type of equal custody of their children, given little “visitation”, put into a federal enforcement agency, assigned a federal ID number, and ordered to pay money to federal agency that is shown to deliver profits from this collection of child support for Onslow County Low Income Social Services Assistance programs? Need proof Representative Cleveland? OK, please review and do your research on the Social Security Act Title IV Part D Section 45842 U.S.C. §658aand this article

Representative Cleveland, according to the outlined federal legislation that governs the State of NC Child Support Enforcement program, for every ONE dollar in collection of child support, the US FEDERAL GOVERNMENT gives back to the State TWO dollars in profits to be used at Social Services for Low Income Assistance. To us, this seems like the State of NC kind of enjoys and NEEDS “Deadbeat” Fathers in order to fund State programs. Furthermore, we believe the State of NC has an incentive to CREATE these Deadbeat Fathers in the NC Family Courts and Social Services Agencies. Keep in mind Representative Cleveland, statistics from the NC Courts still show that women get custody 85% of the time and Non-Custodial families still only receive 4 days a month visitation with their children. We believe low visitation awards are geared towards maximizing child support collection amounts so that more ONE dollars are exchanged for TWO dollars.

So let us be VERY clear when we say to Representative George Cleveland that the NC Child Support Enforcement system is NOT only about financial assistance for the children from bad men, it is about revenue generation on the backs of fathers and families who DO want to be responsible parents and are DENIED so that social services programs can be funded.

And, we also want Representative George Cleveland to understand that this is a Non-Custodial FAMILY issue because we can assure the honorable Representative that we hear from paternal grandmothers, step-mothers, paternal aunts, and other paternal family members about their desire to see their kids and be part of their kids lives compared to maternal families.

Representative George Cleveland and Onslow County NC Domestic Violence

Like Child Support, we are concerned that Representative George Cleveland will not want to touch this issue because most people believe that Domestic Violence policies is about saving womens lives from bad men. However, Representative Cleveland may be shocked to find that NEW statistics on Domestic Violence shows that women hit and use aggression to control just as much as men, and that female on female violence in domestic partnerships is at the same level as male on female violence. The problem here is that the NC Domestic Violence Coalition is only setup to respond and gather stats on male on female violence, and when you combine this with under reporting it appears that domestic violence is ONLY a male on female issue.

As a result of the social engineering showing that only men are abusers, we believe that judges and politicians want to appear politically correct and sponsor (support) legislation that has unintended consequences. We also believe this is why Judges routinely hand out restraining orders like candy on zero evidence based allegations that ends up alienating men and paternal families from their children for up to a year.

Lastly, since domestic violence is such a hot button topic with it’s own significant funding structure, we think many custodial mothers and hopeful custodial mothers use domestic violence as a weapon to get attention and assistance, as well as tactical advantage in divorce and child custody.

We want to be very clear to Representative George Cleveland, we hear from mostly WOMEN in paternal families on this issue. Please do not think of this as a male v. female issue, since many paternal related females see this daily.

Representative George Cleveland and Onslow County NC Non-Custodial Family Statistics

In Onslow County, Representative George Cleveland may find it useful to know that Non-Custodial fathers make up 42% of the voting population. When you add in just ONE extended family member, you have an overwhelming voter base. And, these families come from African American Fathers and females in paternal families, Hispanic Fathers and females in paternal families, and Caucasian Fathers and females in paternal families. It is IMPERATIVE that Onslow County NC Non-Custodial families make up THE largest swing vote in Onslow County and send this message to Representative Cleveland loud and clear. The MINUTE non-custodial families unite and use their families to vote on the issues outlined in this article, EVERYTHING will change. Please join our MAILING LIST and make that happen.

Representative George Cleveland and Onslow County NC Military Families

Military families in Onslow County NC know Representative George Cleveland very well as he is a significant champion of the military and military families. However, if you think that these issues are a serious problem in the civilian world, trust that we are hearing an alarming amount of information from military non-custodial families who are experiencing these problems way to frequently. If you are a military father, or family member of the paternal Non-Custodial family then we especially ask that you contact Representative Cleveland and send him to this article.

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