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Judge Brian DeSoto and Patricia Gwynett Hilburn – Pitt County NC Courts

Judge Brian DeSotoJudge Brian DeSoto and Judge Patricia Gwynett Hilburn are District Court Judges in the Pitt County NC Courts who rule on Family Court matters. NC Fathers is building a statewide MAILING LIST of non-custodial families across North Carolina and Pitt County NC who we believe are ready to reform social services and the Family Courts to be less divisive and ridden with bias and favor of custodial families. We also believe that non-custodial families and their children deserve to have equal parentage and access to their children. Please share this article on Judge Brian DeSoto and Judge Patricia Gwynett Hilburn on your favorite social networking sites with other Pitt County families to help gain awareness and send these Judges and Legislators the message that things need to change. NC Fathers welcomes any correspondence from Judge Brian DeSoto or Judge Patricia Gwynett Hilburn.


Judge Patricia Gwynett Hilburn

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Judge Brian DeSoto won the election in 2012 after Judge Charles Vincent retired.

For the purpose of this article, we are going to focus on two programs that we think are setup to alienate non-custodial fathers and by proxy ALL Pitt County non-custodial families from their minor children: NC Child Support Enforcement, NC Domestic Violence

Judge Brian DeSoto, Judge Patricia Gwynett Hilburn, and Pitt County Child Support Enforcement

If asked, we think Judge Brian DeSoto and Judge Patricia Gwynett Hilburn would tell Pitt County non-custodial families that Child Support Enforcement is a great program that provides financial assistance to children from men that are inactive in their lives. And while this may be true in a minority of the cases, we think there are more fathers that do want to be active in their kids lives and are denied this opportunity by Judges in the Family Courts.

The fact is, the Pitt County Child Support Enforcement is a big government agency that needs HUGE amounts of funding to pay for state agencies in all counties, for government contractors that want Title IV-D (federal child support funding) money, and a whole host of other agencies that make money off federal money. Child Support Enforcement is also has an immense lobby group that needs to fed as well.

But the REAL kicker is, we wonder how Judge Brian DeSoto and Judge Patricia Gwynett Hilburn will tell Pitt County non-custodial families they their child support payments are paying for social services low income assistance programs.

Our question for Judge DeSoto and Judge Hilburn is that we wonder is low visitation awards are designed to increase maximum child support payments so that the State of NC can maximize incentive payments?

What about Pitt County lawyers that make $5000 retainers for 18 years when two parents fight?

WOW! Judge DeSoto, there are a lot of mouths that need to be fed off of Pitt County non-custodial families not having equal parentage and equal access to their children. What are we going to do about this Judge Hilburn?

We wonder why Pitt County Judges aren’t asking Legislators to put all this federal money for software programs and special interest groups into a program that teaches parents, encourages them, and rewards them for putting differences aside and work together for the betterment of their children. Surely Judge DeSoto and Judge Hilburn will agree that two equal parents and both sets of extended families brings more support for kids than any software program can do?

All the data above can be summed up in one sentence. The State of NC and Department of Social Services NEEDS Deadbeat Dads to exists to generate funding, and it’s creates them.

Like Child Support Enforcement, we are sure Judge Brian DeSoto and Judge Patricia Gwynett Hilburn will tell you that Domestic Violence policies protect innocent women from very bad men. The reality is that new studies on Domestic Violence shows that women hit and use aggression to control just as much as men do, but given under reporting and no statistic systems on female on men violence is used. The NC Domestic Violence Coalition is setup to respond only to male on female violence.

Also, like Enforcement, Judges Hilburn and DeSoto will tell you that the lobby organizations that get money for services are extremely powerful and lobby Legislators and Judges daily. In fact, Domestic Violence is one of the most powerful lobby organizations in the world and few politicians, much less small down Judges DARE cross them. The problem for Pitt County Fathers and non-custodial families? Judges hand out restraining orders like candy which ends up alienating dads and their kids, as well as paternal grandmothers, step-mothers, and paternal aunts from their kids for up to a year.

NC Fathers also believes that because Domestic Violence gets so much attention, attorneys and women have learned that a mere allegation can automatically win favor for a female in divorce and child custody courts. We wonder is Judge Brian DeSoto or Judge Patricia Gwynett Hilburn will acknowledge this?

NC Fathers is hoping that Judge Brian DeSoto and Judge Patricia Gwynett Hilburn could help explain to Pitt County NC Fathers and Men why Domestic Violence cases are typically prosecuted under preponderance of the evidence rather than innocent until proven guilty as all criminal cases are handled. For those Pitt County residents that do not know the difference, preponderance of the evidence means that when a Domestic Violence case is alleged, a Judge can find guilt without any evidence or witnesses if either of these Judge find likelihood that it occurred. Our concerns is that this is spurring a culture a false allegations that need no evidence to prove in matters of Divorce and ” target=”_blank”>NC Coalition Against Domestic Violence is a powerful lobby group that Judges like to stay in the good graces of. How many of the allegations involving no evidence or witnesses proceed to conviction where fathers lose access to their homes, belongings, jobs, reputation, and friends? As a former prosecutor, Judge Brian DeSoto knows first hand how this works as he probably used preponderance of the evidence to win cases. Now, we have to wonder how many fathers in Pitt County are going to be losing custody and default visitation because of it.

NC Fathers believes that women in paternal families have to take a stand on this and have serious talks with radical feminist groups that throw paternal females and fathers under the bus every day to further their gender and sexual politics.

Judge Brian DeSoto, Judge Patricia Gwynett Hilburn, and Pitt County Family Courts

NC Fathers is NOT going to ask Judge Brian DeSoto or Judge Patricia Gwynett Hilburn any questions in this section, we are going to state facts. Judges, the courts are EXTREMELY biased and divisive and it is destroying kids emotionally and psychologically. For non-custodial families, it is building anger and resentment with all Judges.

Judges in Pitt County still allow custodial mothers to move hundreds of miles away from non-custodial families, then they have the audacity to call you inactive fathers.

Custodial mothers get federal and state housing, medical, educational, and financial assistance to make financial ends meet, and your sons get to go see Sheriff Neil Elks.

Judge DeSoto, why are Dads still only getting 4 days a month visitation? Why are we not important in your lives? Why are paternal grandmothers, step-mothers, or paternal aunts not important? Judge Hilburn?

Why are Judge Brian DeSoto and Judge Patricia Gwynett Hilburn fine with custodial mothers getting FREE attorneys with child support enforcement while non-custodial families have to spend $5000 in retainers PER INCIDENT?

Why do women continue to get custody 85% of the time when the courts tell us there is no presumption for who gets custody. 85% surely sounds like presumption to us Judges.

NC Fathers wants to remind Pitt County non-custodial families that there are very powerful, well funded, and very politically motivated special interest groups and agencies who lobby Judges, the Family Courts, and Legislators to maintain a divisive court system each and every day. It is imperative that EVERYONE in the the non-custodial paternal family join our MAILING LIST and use the social sharing buttons below to share this article on Judge Brian DeSoto and Judge Patricia Gwynett Hilburn on the major social networking sites.

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  1. How come I have never seen Judge Brian DeSoto on the bench before or heard of him?


    Comment by Kenneth | December 30, 2012 | Reply

    • Kenneth,
      Judge DeSoto was elected in Pitt County NC during the 2012 election and is therefore new to the bench.


      Comment by stompkinsnc | December 30, 2012 | Reply

  2. How can you hold a judge responsible for all your complaints when he was just sworn in 1/2013?


    Comment by marie | March 1, 2013 | Reply

    • Hi Marie,
      Our blog post is not meant to hold any Judge in Pitt County accountable, nor do we have that authority. Our blog on Judge Brian DeSoto is meant for half the population in Pitt County NC of non-custodial fathers, grandmothers, step-mothers, and others who search these Judges after being pushed to the margins of their kids lives after a divorce instead of being allowed to be equal parents and extended family members.


      Comment by stompkinsnc | March 1, 2013 | Reply

  3. I am going before Judge Brian DeSoto next week in a family court matter and I can tell you that I am sick and tired of the utter bias in the family courts and will be back if he does not rule in such a way that is fair and preserves my right to see my daughter equally with the parents. I think this is a great site and it is about time that fathers stand up for their rights in Pitt County. This has been going on far too long.


    Comment by Greg H | March 24, 2013 | Reply

  4. Do you feel that because Judge Brian Desoto is a Republican in Pitt County that he will be less likely to rule in favor of Women whereas I am sure Democratic Judges tow the party line and have a huge interest in Women’s Rights, Social Welfare Funding and the Feminist agenda?


    Comment by Danny W | March 25, 2013 | Reply

    • Danny, I do not. There are Democrats in NC who support shared parenting and there are Republicans that support it. There aren’t many on either side, but they do exist. However, I do believe that many more Judges not only in Pitt County NC but all over the state can wrap their heads around shared parenting but are unable to because of politics or ideology. We simply do not have enough information on Judge DeSoto to say that he is pro-shared parenting or against it. You also have to remember that while politics may play a role in this issue, money is the 800lb elephant in the room. Lawyers make TONS of money when two parents fight, and if a Judge would agree to shared parenting there would be less fighting and a lot less lawyers making as much money. I suspect Judge DeSoto realizes that if he loses the support of Pitt County layers then he is a sitting duck to be unseated.


      Comment by stompkinsnc | March 25, 2013 | Reply

  5. I just found this site and thank you! My husband is facing Judge Brian Desoto in a child custody matter where the mother has refused to allow him to see their child for 5 months! It took us almost 8 months to find the money to be able to hire an attorney, I will definitely let you know how things turn out, keep us in your prayers.


    Comment by Pitt County NC Step-Mother | March 30, 2013 | Reply

    • Pitt County Step-Mom thank you for stopping by and commenting. Judge Desoto is a rather new Judge that we have yet to hear anything about so your input would be MUCH appreciated. Come to think about it, we don’t hear much about Judge Patricia Gwynett Hilburn either so that must be a good thing given that over 1900+ daily readers are visiting this site.

      As for the issue of your husband’s ex keeping the children from a father, it is actually very common because many mothers have been socialized to think that they are going to win family law battles always and they have been given a sense of brazenness that unfortunately causes them to make very harmful decisions and too, they routinely get away with it. Definitely let us know, and join us on Facebook to let us know if Judge DeSoto worked out for you. We are very hard on Judges here, but welcome any positive things they do to equalize the family courts.


      Comment by stompkinsnc | March 30, 2013 | Reply

  6. I am a father who went in front of Judge Hilburn 10 years ago in an open and shut case that my child should have been given custody to me. I do not see how any father would ever get custody of his child going before Judge Hilburn. If you are father going to court before Judge Hilburn, have your lawyer get a different judge.


    Comment by Fatherindespair | August 24, 2016 | Reply

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