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Judge Joseph Blick – Pitt County NC Family Courts

Judge Joseph BlickJudge Joseph Blick is a District Court Judge with the Pitt County Courts and frequently rules on Family Court cases. NC Fathers is a State of NC organization of non-custodial families in Pitt County who wants to reform the NC Family Courts and Social Services system to be more equal and favored towards children maintaining a equal relationship with both maternal families AND paternal families instead of the current divisive system that alienates paternal families. We are asking Pitt County NC non-custodial families to share this article on Judge Joseph Blick with other Pitt County NC non-custodial families on your favorite social networking sites to gain maximum exposure. Also, we are asking that you join our MAILING LIST so that we can educate you on factors that we believe affect non-custodial families in the courts and with social services, so that at election time you can contact your Pitt County politicians so they keep your interest in mind.


Judge Joseph Blick - Family Courts

Judge Joe Blick is now retired. See Judge Lee Teague

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Judge Joseph Blick and Child Support Enforcement

NC Fathers is asking Judge Joseph Blick to tell Pitt County non-custodial families the WHOLE story about Child Support Enforcement. We believe that most people in Pitt County believe that NC Child Support Enforcement is simply about taking money from Deadbeat fathers and giving that money to kids that need to be supported. The State of NC, Enforcement, Judges, and many Sheriff’s organizations have done a great job of socially engineering others into believe this is the sole mission of enforcement.

Will Judge Blick tell you that the legislation that birthed enforcement also allows the US Federal Government to give BACK to the State of NC $2 for EVERY $1 dollar collected in child support that they can use for low income assistance programs at the Pitt County Department of Social Services. We wonder how Pitt County NC non-custodial families will feel knowing they are funding low income assistance programs on the back of them not be ALLOWED to equal parent and have equal access to their young children. We encourage readers to do their homework on the Social Security Act Title IV Part D Section 458 “Incentive Payments to States”.

NC Wonders if Judge Joseph Blick will tell Pitt County non-custodial families if there is a relation to low visitation and no custody and greater child support collection for greater funding?

The fact is, there are MANY special interest groups, be it government contractors, lawyers, social services, and other groups that bid on Title IV-D money that help lobby Family Count and the Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement every day.

Judge Joseph Blick and Domestic Violence

Like Child Support, NC Domestic Violence has become big industry that needs funding for all the programs, services, media, advertising, employees, etc…. We are asking Judge Joseph Blick how all of this gets payed for?

The State of NC needs Domestic Abusers to continue the funding, and they need statistics. The NC Domestic Violence Coalition releases annual statistics of male on female violence, but curiously leaves out stats on female on female and female on male statistics. And, make NO doubt about it, Domestic Violence is a VERY hot button topic. If you get even alleged to be a Domestic Abuser, you will be stigmatized in society. Will Judge Blick tell you this?

WALA! What a great way to immediately get favor in divorce and child custody court huh? All a woman has to do is pick up the phone, call 911, cry, pretend he raised his voice and yelled, and custody/visitation is settled. Judges and Sheriffs DARE not cross these VERY politically motivated domestic violence lobby. Restraining orders are handed out like candy in the Pitt County Courts aren’t they Judge Blick? Of course they are, it keeps statistics high, so that funding can flow, and keeps a smile on the lobby groups that keep smiles on Judges faces.

The problem is that in this cozy process, Pitt County non-custodial families get alienated from their children for up to a year. Sorry Judge Blick, we had to tell them this.

Judge Joseph Blick and the Family Courts

Judge Joseph Blick cannot deny that even in this modern world, we still have a very antiquated Family Court system where men are seen as financial providers ONLY and mothers are stay at home nurturers that take care of babies all day. The problem is this is not how the world is today.

NC Fathers is asking Judge Joseph Blick to tell Pitt County NC non-custodial families why women sill get custody 85% of the time, men only get visitation 4 days a month as marginalized visitors with a federal child support MPI # and government agency on their back?

Judge Blick, why are custodial mothers still allow to move our kids hundreds of miles away and they the State of NC has the audacity to talk about a inactive father crisis?

Judge Blick, why do custodial mothers get state and federal public assistance when financial ends do not meet, but we get to go visit Sheriff Neil Elks?

Why do non-custodial fathers have to pay private attorneys $5000 every time enforcement comes calling, but custodial mothers get a free enforcement attorney?

Can Judge Joseph Blick deny that the Pitt County Family courts are NOT extremely divisive and build around one family losing? Tired of losing? Join our MAILING LIST and share this article on Judge Joseph Blick with others on Facebook and Twitter!

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