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Judge Peter Mack and Karen Alexander – Carteret County Family Courts

Judge Peter MackJudge Peter Mack and Judge Karen Alexander are both Carteret County NC Judges who rule over the Family Law Courts. NC Fathers is a State of NC organization building a mailing list of non-custodial families in North Carolina and Carteret County who seek to reform the Family Law Courts and Social Services agencies to be less divisive and bring equal shared parenting to Carteret County children. NC Fathers believes that non-custodial fathers AND their entire families make up a significant and overwhelming voter base who can demand that legislators and Judges level the playing field so that non-custodial families can have equal parentage and equal access to their children that maternal families enjoy. NC Fathers asks that Carteret County readers of this blog extensively and consistently share this blog on Judge Peter Mack and Judge Karen Alexander with other Carteret County non-custodial families to help gain awareness, and join our growing MAILING LIST so that we can educate you on the forces at work that keep the system biased against you.


Important Information: How many men in Carteret County NC have been arrested on an allegation of domestic violence, jailed and lost their jobs, their reputation, lifelong access to their children, and been found guilty in the preponderance of the evidence courts having no evidence or witness proof and the Judge said yes to guilty for political correctness?

How many men in Judge Peter Mack and Judge Karen Alexander’s court have had this happen to them?

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NC Carteret County divorce attorney child custody reviews

Judge Karen Alexander
UPDATE 6/19/2015 – We are receiving considerable contact from non-custodial fathers who have restraining orders issued on them by Carteret County Judges in which they are ordered to have no contact with their wife or girl friend yet have provided us extensive documentation where while under the restraining order the other party continued to publicly and maliciously malign and speak ill of the adjudicated person. In EVERY case brought before a Judge about a person asking for no contact but continued to talk about the case and misrepresent information, they did nothing about it.

Before we begin our article on Judge Karen Alexander and Judge Peter Mack, we ask that you read THIS POST as it goes into detail on the major issues non-custodial families face in the Carteret County Courts and Social Services agencies that we feel keep paternal families alienated from their children. Other Related Posts: Carteret County Department of Social Services, Sheriff Asa Buck

Judge Karen Alexander, Judge Peter Mack, and Carteret County NC Child Support Enforcement

We ask that Judge Peter Mack, Judge Karen Alexander AND especially readers of this blog to read the section under child support enforcement on THIS POST as it contains the details of what we post here.

We are asking Judges Mack and Alexander to talk with Carteret County non-custodial families who are in a federal ENFORCEMENT agency, and who have a federal MPI # to explain to them why they have to be under federal enforcement in the first place and assigned some pin number instead of being given equal parentage and access to their children and assigned the role “equal parent”.

Judge Peter Mack and Judge Karen Alexander

Update 8/5/2013: Specifically for Judge Mack, although I’m sure our court watching will reveal the same for Judge Alexander, can you explain sir how it is that a Mother can leave a marriage or relationship, move 6 States away alienating the Father, Step-Mother, Paternal Grandmother, and Step-Siblings, be gone for 8 months then return to Carteret County and then you decide that the Mother has established consistency with the child and should be awarded custody? Perhaps she established forced consistency because a family had to save up 8 months to even hire an attorney, but certainly not “in the best interest” consistency. For those in Carteret County NC reading this, you should know that this little game played by a malicious parent works, and they know it. One parent will leave a marriage, plan it well ahead, take the kids and hope that the other parent does not have the money to get before a Judge. If they don’t, then they never see the child again. If they do, they scream consistency and Judges allow this to happen every day. It’s rather disgusting. And it’s not going to stip until you start screaming at your Senators and Representatives about it, and make informed decisions in future elections when Judges SERIOUSLY need the numbers of families represented by non-custodial parents, grandparents, step-parents, and friends of these families who witness this daily.

Can Judge Peter Mack and Judge Karen Alexander tell Carteret County non-custodial families that low visitation awards are NOT directly associated with maintaining federal funds that keep special interests, this software company funded, social services funded, and low income assistance programs funded? It seems to us there are a lot of agencies and interest that make money off of Federal Title IV-D money and we have to wonder why Judge Mack and Judge Alexander are not lobbying the Administrative Offices of the Courts to put all of this money into a program that teaches parents the importance of getting along and encouraging this so that children have two equal parents (and both extended families) that brings more natural supports than enforcement.

Judge Mack, why are Carteret County NC non-custodial families funding low income assistance programs at social services? If you disagree this is happening, start with THIS ARTICLE and Google search engine results that document this relationship. Judge Alexander can you explain this?

Read More on NC Child Support Enforcement

Judge Karen Alexander, Judge Peter Mack, and Carteret County Domestic Violence

We ask that Judge Peter Mack, Judge Karen Alexander AND especially readers of this blog to read the section under domestic violence on THIS POST as it contains the details of what we post here. NC Fathers is asking Judge Peter Mack and Judge Karen Alexander if false domestic violence allegations are being used as tactical advantage in divorce and child custody matters to immediately receive attention, public assistance, and custody of children and put fathers on the defensive where they are publicly stigmatized just because of an allegation. Is domestic violence a tool just like Child Support Enforcement to keep the funds rolling in?

NC Fathers wants to know from Judge Peter Mack and Judge Karen Alexander if they hand out Domestic Violence restraining orders like candy on zero evidence and low evidence based allegations that can keep fathers and paternal families from seeing their children for up to a year? What is important for readers of this blog to understand here, is that federal legislation known as the “Violence Against Women Act” defines male on female violence as a raised voice, pointing of the finger, a slammed door, or if a woman simply FEELS like she is abused. Our thoughts are that if these criteria are met, Judges can remove you from your children and label you a domestic offender. However, there is NO “Violence Against Men Act” – women can scream, yell, hit, slam doors, threaten, etc… all day and no restraining order will be issued.

Again, NC Fathers thinks this is directly related to desired increased and continued federal funding domestic violence gets for male on female violence while female on male violence is denied by the NC Domestic Violence commission. As long as the State of NC has bad men, federal funding for womens programs will continue. Earlier, we pointed out that WOMEN in paternal families are screaming the loudest on these issues, and be sure this is the biggest complaint we get. Will Judge Karen Alexander and Judge Peter Mack comment on this please?

Judge Karen Alexander, Judge Peter Mack, and Carteret County Family Courts

Simply Put, we want Judge Karen Alexander and Judge Pete Mack to explain to Carteret County non-custodial families why:

  • Custodial mothers who get into financial trouble get EXTENSIVE federal and state assistance, while non-custodial fathers get jail.
  • Custodial mothers get free legal care from a child support enforcement attorney, while non-custodial families have to spend $5000 on retainers for private attorneys PER INCIDENT.
  • Custodial mothers continue to be allowed to move kids hundreds of miles away from non-custodial families even though everyone is screaming about non-active fathers. Judge Alexander, is the Carteret County courts creating non-active fathers? Judge Mack?
  • Why do fathers still get only 4-5 days a week visitation with their children? Is it to continue funding and keeping parents fighting so $5000 retainers will be payed for over 18 years consistently?
  • Judge Mack, why do custodial mothers and their extended family get to enjoy, experience, and help raise their young children while non-custodial extended family members only get to see their kids a few times a month? Are we not equally important in our kids lives? Judge Alexander?

Can Judge Karen Alexander and Judge Peter Mack explain all this major dichotomy?

It is important for Carteret County NC non-custodial families to understand that between fathers, and ALL members in the extended family (especially females) who all hurt equally when their children are alienated from them, that you are a powerful voter block of around 80% of potential voters in Carteret County. And, you are a very significant swing vote since you come from all racial and socioeconomic backgrounds. Also important in this process is the female relatives and step-mothers in paternal families who are beginning to stand up and scream the loudest on these issues. We want Judge Karen Alexander and Judge Peter Mack to realize this important fact because those that oppose equal shared parenting say that we are a “Fathers Rights” group. Be sure that we hear from women in paternal families every day.

Again, please join our MAILING LIST and FACEBOOK PAGE to share this article on Judge Peter Mack and Judge Karen Alexander routinely on your favorite social networking sites with other Carteret County non-custodial families.

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Update 8/2015 – New comments on Judge Mack allegedly running for Superior Court in Carteret County.


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  1. As a Carteret County NC paternal grandmother, I can tell you Judge Karen Alexander in my opinion is towing her party line and looking out for women not realizing how many women in non-custodial families exists. Even custodial mothers have male children who they are working so hard to make sure their sons experience a biased system. It’s sick. I won’t even tell you what I, and our county things of Judge Peter Mack as it’s not relevant to this site but opens up another whole bag of worms.


    Comment by Carteret County NC Grandmother | March 31, 2013 | Reply

  2. I wish someone would sit in Judge Alexanders or Judge Mack’s child custody, domestic court, or divorce court and just sit and mark how many women walk out of the courtroom having won their case and do this for a month. I would love to find a Carteret County reporter who has a male child and tell her to consider her findings when he becomes a father. It’s sad to see mothers of male children who are smiling now but will be crying in later years as the paternal grandmother who never sees her child. I can tell you what the finding will be, that women walk out of these cases 95% getting anything they want.

    It’s well known if you walk in to court wearing high heels and tight pants and you are pretty you don’t even have to show up and Judge Mack will rule in your favor. It’s a joke. And you grandmothers who don’t see your kids, you helped pave the way for your own paternal grandmother demise. Enjoy!


    Comment by Kevin | January 30, 2015 | Reply

  3. If you are reading this blog post after leaving Judge Peter Mack’s courtroom and you are wondering what happened in court today. The answer is that you are a father and that is all there is too it. Your case was decided the day you were born.


    Comment by Mitchell | January 30, 2015 | Reply

  4. I went to court last week on custody and just sat there smiling. Like every male in the country you know you are going to lose. Seriously guys, TRAIN your male children the day they turn 18 to NEVER have children and never marry. Teach your child to get a vasectomy early in life and to keep your property. Find your children at 18 when no Judge can touch you and show them all the paperwork where you tried but mom wouldn’t allow you to see them, or moved hundreds of miles a way and let them learn about their mothers and Judges.


    Comment by Mark | January 30, 2015 | Reply

  5. My child turned 18 today, and I made contact with him and told him everything. He told me that he figured it out years ago, all mom did was talk on the phone about her child support to friends and figured out long ago he was nothing more than a check rather than a son. He and I can now have a relationship and you can be sure I will now train him to not marry and to not have children. You had your fun over the years Judge Mack, but now it’s my turn and there is NOTHING you can do about it fat boy.


    Comment by Jeffrey | January 30, 2015 | Reply

  6. Oh you poor poor paternal grandmothers weeping in court because you don’t ever see your grandchildren when likely 10 years ago you were laughing when you kept your children away from their fathers. Ah sweet Karma!


    Comment by Brian | January 30, 2015 | Reply

  7. Judge Karen Alexander is a bitter woman after her own divorce and every man walking out of court hanging their head is a little trophy for the good Judge.


    Comment by Paul | January 30, 2015 | Reply

  8. Word in Carteret County is that Judge Peter Mack is running for Superior Court Judge. I hope the tens of thousands of non-custodial families just in the county will remember the EXTREMELY one sided nature of this Judge.


    Comment by Dale | July 31, 2015 | Reply

  9. I guess if Judge Mack is running for Carteret County superior court there are going to be a lot less mothers with short skirts fresh from Jeans Place to play “make a deal” in the domestic courts and district courts and we will now see them in superior court.

    I never understood why attorneys in Carteret County put up with this as it’s so blatant, but I guess as long as they get paid who cares. All I know is that I have not seen my niece in over two years because of Judge Mack’s affinity for women. You won’t be getting this female vote sir, and I hope women in paternal families remembers this Judge at election time.


    Comment by Danielle | August 4, 2015 | Reply

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