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Senator Orrin Hatch, The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), Domestic Violence, and the Feminist Agenda

Senator Orrin HatchUtah Republican Senator Orrin Hatch is the ranking member of the US Senate Finance Committee and is the primary co-sponsor of the Violence Against Women Act, or VAWA, which is legislation aimed at solving Domestic Violence. In Discussions with groups that believe VAWA goes too far in defining how Domestic Violence is defined, Senator Hatch has expressed through his legal advisers that he sees the Violence Against Women Act as one of his signature pieces of legislation and intends to see this legislation authorized indefinitely. While NC Fathers sees Domestic Violence as a serious issue that needs to be address, the problem with VAWA is that it only addresses MALE on FEMALE violence despite recent studies that show women hit and use aggression to control at the same rate as men. In fact, new studies also show that Domestic Violence in FEMALE Domestic Partnerships is rampant and occurs just as frequently as MALE on FEMALE violence. NC Fathers believes that if Domestic Violence is going to be discussed in a responsible manner, then we need to be talking about ALL violence and not just violence coming from one group. As one may suspect, the major womens groups and lobbyist undoubtedly had their hands in VAWA, and this includes the radical left of the womens groups. NC Fathers believes that Senator Orrin Hatch had good intentions with VAWA and Domestic Violence, but the special interest groups and lobbyist are using the Violence Against Women Act to terrorize men, fathers, and women of paternity every day.

Senator Orrin Hatch, The Violence Against Women Act – VAWA, and the Definition of Violence

ONE os the major problems with the Violence Against Women Act is how this legislation defines violence. In reading VAWA, the definition of abuse is extremely broad and opens the door for abuse. Given that Senator Orrin Hatch is one of America’s most prominent Legislators with decades of experience in writing and sponsoring legislation, surely the Senator or his Legislative Aids should have seen this language as being problematic for those that may use this legislation to do harm to others. Or, is it possible that Senator Hatch gave a gift to the radical left feminist who most certainly see the world from a superior women angle and one in which men must be defeated?

Because of the broad definition of abuse contained in VAWA, many men in America find themselves locked up Domestic Violence simply for doing things such as raising their voices, pointing of fingers, and even slamming doors. What was Senator Orrin Hatch thinking? How can these displays of emotion be violence when a man does it, but not if a woman does it? Are these behaviors defined as abuse when women display this behavior on women in their domestic partnerships? We certainly think not, but in cases where it is, we suspect it is not handled as aggressively as it is when a man or father does it.

NC Fathers also believes that hundreds of thousands, if not millions of restraining orders are handed out every year for zero or low evidence based violence allegations which ends up alienating fathers and their children, as well as women of paternity from their grandchildren, step-children, and nieces/nephews. Surely Senator Orrin Hatch did not have this in mind did he?

If you are a man or father in Utah, and you have been arrested and/or convicted on Domestic Violence in a case where the woman was the aggressor, or for a simple display of raising your voice, be sure to voice your concerns with Senator Orrin Hatch and remember this at the next election.

Undoubtedly, Judges in the Family Courts see Domestic Violence come up almost routinely in divorce and child custody matters. Additionally, it has almost become routine for lawyers to capitalize on the hot button nature of Domestic Violence and the attention it brings by making it one of the things they look for to have a “slam dunk” case against men in divorce and child custody matters. NC Fathers wonders if many lawyers are not coaching women to use this, or encouraging them to TRY and remember a time in the past where her husband may have raised his voice and she became fearful. Again, we do not think that Senator Orrin Hatch had this in mind when he helped write the Violence Against Women Act, but he is surely culpable for VAWA’s misuse is he not? Domestic Violence is a very serious matter, and each time it is misused it opens the door for others to remember it and over time we think it has the potential to water down or evoke doubts on whether each case is possibly a false allegation. Actually, we think this is already happening given the amount of data that suggests many USE Domestic Violence and it’s political fallout to harm others and now we have the situation where many have doubts.

NC Fathers also has fears that many radical left, and feminist oriented Judges use zero or low evidenced based Domestic Violence allegations to further the agenda of Feminist ideas and control over the Family Courts. NC Fathers also believes that many NON Feminist oriented Family Law Judges FEAR the radical left womens groups and their ability to effect elections and rubber stamp restraining orders and convictions they do not think meet muster in the courts. Surely Senator Orrin Hatch and his aids were not thinking clearly, but it is up to Utah voters to ask Senator Hatch to fix these problems.

Dis Senator Orrin Hatch have his eye on money that certainly helps to win elections? In the United States of America, Domestic Violence is reported to receive 1.6 billion in ANNUAL funding. But what would happen if statistics on Domestic Violence started to drop, or the waters got muddy with female on male statistics starting to creep into the system? It seems to us that Domestic Violence NEEDS Male abusers so that funding of programs can continue. I mean think about if, is stats started to fail, or there was a paradigm shift where we needed Domestic Violence programs and shelters for men, it would mean that funding for male on female violence would have to be shifted to other programs. How would all the programs and special interest groups get money for their programs and agendas? Again, Domestic Violence NEEDS male abusers and high statistics so lobbyist have talking points with legislators to continue keep giving more and more money.

And, we all know that Feminist groups will have NO part in talking about female on male violence, or male shelters, or male gender-based programs that cuts into their funding. Again, it is imperative that men in Utah, and every female in the paternal family have this frank discussion with Senator Orrin Hatch before the next election, or before the next re-authorization  of VAWA. If Senator Hatch refuses to discuss these concerns, then help him find new employment. Remember, FALSE Domestic Violence allegations and restraining orders for low and zero evidence based violence is the number one reason and tool women use to IMMEDIATELY alienate you from your children, grandchildren, and step-children.

Senator Orrin Hatch, Utah Men, and Women of Paternity

As stated earlier, men and women voters in Utah need to have a serious discussion with Senator Orrin Hatch about provisions in the Violence Against Women Act that is now found to be very dangerous for millions of men and women who fear for their sons, husbands, and fathers who have found themselves in the unfortunate position of Law Enforcement and Judges using broad based definitions of violence to bring men to their knees. NC Fathers believes that the Feminist groups can talk their way out of discussions men have on this issue by simply labeling them abusers who want to get away with their violent nature. However, women of paternity have a strong voice with other women and womens groups, and they need to hear from them at election time. Senator Hatch needs to hear from these women at the next election too.

Here in NC, we hear from women of paternity daily about abuses in the Family Courts and False Domestic Violence always comes up, so we know this is likely to be happening in Utah as well.

Senator Orrin Hatch and other framers of the Violence Against Womens Act made sure that significant funding for VAWA legislation went towards educating Judges and Family Law Lobbyist. And, no doubt much of this funding went to programs that assist women who are alleged to be victims of Domestic Violence. If Family Law Judges are only receiving funding for male on female violence then Senator Orrin Hatch did a HUGE dis-service to men who are hit and controlled by females who after they hit control men with fear of losing his kids if he calls police or seeks court action. NC Fathers fears that many Judges, especially feminist Judges, lose their thinking with all this money floating around.

NC Fathers also thinks that many Judges use Domestic Violence and the Violence Against Women Act as their soapbox to win elections and over-react on Domestic Violence cases. Money, Judges, and Rulings have no place being in the same room. We certainly hope that Senator Orrin Hatch, if VAWA is re-authorized, removes much of this funding and strengthens definitions of violence to be EVIDENCED based so that Judges are blind in their thinking. Remember, lady justice is supposed to be blind.

Like Judicial Funding for education, Senator Orrin Hatch and the Violence Against Women Act provides significant funding for the training of Law Enforcement officers and their handling on Domestic Violence. If Law Enforcement is being educated that ALL Domestic Violence usually involves a male offender even in cases where it appears that women were the aggressors, then they will move in that direction. We also think that if Law Enforcement is getting funding for Domestic Violence, it is quite possible that Police Chiefs and Sheriffs will need to pay the piper back for their money by making sure statistics on MALE Domestic Violence remains high so that possibly even greater funding will come down the pipe later.

Also contained in VAWA, is mandatory arrests for Domestic Violence. Again, if Law Enforcement is only trained on MALE on FEMALE violence response, who do you think will be most likely to be mandatory arrested even in cases where it was mutual combat or even female only combat?

Senator Hatch, NC Fathers believes that MANY Law Enforcement Officers understand and see daily evidence of female on female and female on male Domestic Violence and we suspect because of policies and procedures derived from the Violence Against Women Act, that they are forced into dealing with males only.

NC Fathers is 100% sure that Senator Orrin Hatch and his unintended consequences from provisions in VAWA have led to millions of men losing their jobs and being stigmatized as abusers because of mandatory arrests in low or zero evidence based Domestic Violence investigations. And, no doubt that this has led to millions of fathers and women of paternity losing access to their children.

As stated earlier, because of the hot button nature and political pressure from feminist groups who helped birth the Violence Against Women Act, NC Fathers believes that Law Enforcement, Judges, and Legislators like Senator Orrin Hatch fear and also need women voters. Women using False Domestic Violence as a weapon and tactical tool in divorce and child custody matters has become rampant and it is hurting millions of children, fathers, and women of paternity who ALWAYS get alienated from their children because of knee jerk reactions by many who want Domestic Violence Funding.

Lawyers are using low and zero evidenced based Domestic Violence allegations to secure a win in the family courts, which insures that men will fight to be found innocent or get his children back. We believe this sets up lawyers up for assured retainers for decades because they know the system is unfair and when things are unfair in court, it is assured that two people will fight till bankruptcy.

We cannot express enough the importance that women of paternity stand up to Senator Orrin Hatch and the Feminist agenda and start speaking out about the significant problems with the Violence Against Women Act and how definitions and wording in VAWA is spurring a war on men and women of paternity in the courts.

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  1. Please Ask Senator Orrin Hatch to not reauthorize VAWA and to stop pushing Feminist Agendas on Domestic Violence.

    Domestic Violence NEEDS male abusers and high statistics so lobbyist have talking points with legislators to continue keep giving more and more money.” – If this doesn’t happen, the Congress will lower the level of “abuse” definition. When man looks at a woman and she doesn’t like it – the man goes to jail – and that is the future of the US VAWA


    Comment by me | January 25, 2012 | Reply

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