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Judge James Moore – Onslow County NC Court

Judge James MooreJudge James Moore is a District Court and Family Court Judge in the Onslow County District Courts. NC Fathers is a grassroots organization of NC and Onslow County Non-Custodial families who desire to see the Family Courts and Social Services agencies reformed so that Onslow County Non-Custodial families can shed their “visitor” roles and MPI #s and be equal parents with equal access. If you are a Onslow County Non-Custodial family, be it a paternal grandmother, step-mother, paternal aunt, or some other family member please be sure to share this article on Judge James Moore with other Onslow County Non-Custodial families on the major social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin to help gain awareness and momentum and join our MAILING LIST so that we can build a central repository of NC Non-Custodial families who want to change the system.


NC County attorney
Onslow County Judge James Mmoore

Who is Shawn Adele Fabian-Schmidt?

If you are a Onslow County NC non-custodial family member, please ask Judge James Moore to READ THIS.

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Before we begin our article on Judge James Moore of the Onslow County NC Courts, we ask that you read THIS ARTICLE as it is the same information, only in greater detail on the issues we think affect Onslow County Non-Custodial Families.

Judge James Moore and Onslow County Non-Custodial Family Statistics and Issues

Does Judge James Moore agree in our statement that NC Fathers cannot emphasize enough the significant major lobby organizations who are hard at work every day, and who desire to see the Family Courts and Social Services agencies stay the same as the current system where two parents each have very different roles? We have documented why we think this happens on the other article, but it always involves funding and agendas of the lobby organizations. We also cannot convey enough that these lobby organizations are well entrenched, super powerful groups that have enormous influence over the NC Family Courts and with Judges. We welcome Judge Moore to write to use and explain otherwise and will even publish his response word for word.

We also want Onslow County Non-Custodial families and Judge James Moore to understand that you are already a super powerful natural lobby when you consider voting fathers, paternal grandmothers, step-mothers, paternal aunts and uncles, and other relatives and friends who see the struggle you have daily within the Family Courts, Social Services, and other agencies who need you to exists to get funding. NC Fathers believes that the moment paternal extended families come together and start talking to Legislators and Judge James Moore, things will be different and you will not be viewed through the lens of “visitor family” and federal child support MPI # xyz. We also want to point out to Judge James Moore that when you add up JUST Onslow County NC Non-Custodial Fathers, they represent 42% of the voting population. We do not think Judge James Moore or Senators and Representatives in Onslow County will ignore this, and policies and procedures will be adjusted around something like EQUAL Shared Parenting and access without the stigma of you being put into a federal enforcement agency just because you are a male or related to a male.

We hope that Judge James Moore realizes that in our modern world, fathers are equally capable of taking care of our minor children, and that paternal grandmothers, step-mothers, paternal aunts and uncles have natural and equal capability to be important in their kids lives as mothers and her extended family. NC Fathers believes that Onslow County children need their fathers, not just their fathers money each month from a federal agency (who also gets funding because of you).

If you are tired of being alienated from your children, we ask that you join our MAILING LIST and share this article with other NC families on the major social networking sites and encourage them to start voting on this issue.

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Please Ask <a href="">Judge James Moore</a> to bring EQUAL Shared Parenting to Onslow County's children.

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