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Judge Wendy Enochs – Chief Guilford County District Court Judge

Judge Wendy EnochsJudge Wendy Enochs is the Chief Judge for the Guilford County District Court and oversees other Judges in the District and Family Courts. NC Fathers is a grassroots organization of non-custodial families all over the State of NC and Guilford County who seek to reform the NC Family Courts be be less divisive and siding with special interest groups who derive funding off the backs on these families. NC Fathers asks that Guilford County non-custodial families extensively share this article on Judge Wendy Enochs and the Guilford County District Courts with other area families on the major social networking sites to help gain awareness of the issues contained in this article and to gain momentum. NC Fathers strongly believes that when non-custodial families take into account fathers, and all male and female members of the extended paternal family, then their numbers are a very significant and powerful natural lobby that Judges, Senators, and Representatives cannot ignore. Once united and voting on the issues in this article about Judge Enochs and all Judges at the Guilford County District Court, we feel strongly that legislation will be passed that gives you equal parentage and access to your children instead of the historical visitor role and MPI child support enforcement ID you have now.


Judge in the Guilford County Courts

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Chief Judge Wendy Enochs and Fathers

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Judge Wendy Enochs, Guilford County District Court, and Special Interest Groups and Revenue

NC Fathers is unsure if Judge Wendy Enochs or any Judge at the Guilford County District Court will tell you that special interests and funding of programs drives the culture of the Family Courts. But we sure will. For the sake of this article, we are going to focus on two programs that we think are designed to alienate fathers, paternal families, and children for the sake of special interest agendas, politics, and funding for social services. These two programs are the NC Child Support Enforcement system and NC Domestic Violence Coalition. We welcome any insight or rebuttal from Judge Enochs, or any Judge at the Guilford County District Court on these issues and will even publish them for our readers to see.

Child Support Enforcement and Domestic Violence NEEDS abusive and Deadbeat Fathers to continue to receive mega funding, and we think social services and the Family Courts helps create them for the special interest that have agendas.

First, we will focus on Enforcement. We wonder if Judge Wendy Enochs or Guilford County District Court Judges will tell you that for every dollar collected in child support via enforcement, the federal government gives BACK $2 for the State to use at Social Services agencies for low income assistance programs. The thinking here is, legislators and judges believe that after a divorce or domestic violence incident, women and children will use the social services agency for state and federal assistance, and this is a way to help make sure funding will be there. I am sure Judge Enochs and the Guilford County District Court will disagree with this assertion, but we encourage you to do your research on the Social Security Act Title IV Part D and specifically read Section 458. Or, read this EXTERNAL ARTICLE and link to 42 U.S.C. §658a. How do you feel knowing that your child support payments are funding other women who use social services low income assistance? Also, we have to wonder if this is why fathers receive so little visitation so that enforcement collection and funding can be maximized. Judge Enochs? Any other Guilford County District Court Judge? Now lets add insult to injury. When child support enforcement wants to bring an action against you, the custodial mother gets a FREE attorney. Non-Custodial families get to spend $5000 retainers on private attorneys. How do you feel knowing you are helping to pay for custodial mothers private attorneys? Still not angry? What happens when you get into financial trouble and cannot pay FULL child support? YOU go to jail! When custodial mothers get into financial trouble, they get financial, housing, educational, and medical assistance at….. (drum roll)… Social Services! Surely Judge Wendy Enochs and all Judges at the Guilford County District Court will expect non-custodial families to be livid about this.

Now on to Domestic Violence. Again, an equal hot button topic with a lot of politics and funding involved. To get a good idea how this affects non-custodial families, read our article on Senator Orrin Hatch and the Violence Against Women Act and how it is used to alienate children, fathers, and paternal families.

We want to hear from Guilford County Fathers AND women in the paternal family who have been the victim of a hopeful custodial mother who used a zero or low evidence based false domestic violence or sexual abuse claim to get immediate custody of children and it resulted in the entire paternal family being alienated from their children via a restraining order issued by Judge Wendy Enochs or another Judge at the Guilford County District Court. Funding Folks! Politics and Power. All contribute to this. Judges are lobbied HEAVILY by the Domestic Violence folks, and they have deep pockets. We suspect restraining orders are handed out like candy in the Guilford County District Court right? And, where do you think women end up after a “domestic violence” referral? Social Services!

Again, Child Support Enforcement and Domestic Violence NEEDS you for funding! And, we hope that Judge Wendy Enochs and the Guilford County District Court will be honest and tell non-custodial families this.

Judge Wendy Enochs, Guilford County District Court, and Social Services

I guess we have pretty much already covered this section, and just hope that Judge Enochs and the District Court in Guilford County will stop the politics and funding of social services programs on the backs of non-custodial families who want equal parentage and access to their children. Surely, we would hope that Judges pushed to see all this money put into a program that taught, encouraged, and rewarded two parents for getting along with each other for the betterment of their children so that both parents and their families could bring way more natural supports than any big government enforcement program or software program can bring. Oh, we forgot to mention the software program huh? OK, read HERE. Now I don’t know about you folks, but I am guessing this software program costs a pretty penny to develop, research, build, implement, and train folks how to use it. We suspect it’s going to easily costs millions of dollars. Oh wait, no it won’t. It is going to cost Guilford County non-custodial families because PSI is seeking Title IV-D money to pay for it all! I guess this is just another example of social services funding, special interest, and non-custodial families paying for it via alienation of them and their children.

Sorry for the sarcasm Judge Enochs, but surely you and other judges at the Guilford County District Court understand that hearing all this is very frustrating for use non-custodial types who we suspect will start voting on this issue after reading all this and start contacting their senators. But we do have one question for Judge Wendy Enochs and other Judges at the Guilford County District Court, do any of you receive money from special interest for re-elections, appellate campaigns, or does your political organizations receive money?

Judge Wendy Enochs, Guilford County District Court, and Non-Custodial Family Statistics and Dynamics

Judge Wendy Enochs and Judges at the Guilford County District Court do not want to hear that non-custodial fathers in NC equal 42% of the voting population. Add in JUST ONE extended family member, and wala… 84%. Folks, start realizing your numbers and potential and stop all this crazy non-sense. I mean seriously, come on, think about this. You see your kids maybe 4-5 times a month so that software programers can get paid and low income mothers can get free attorneys. Join our mailing list please and help educate Judge Wendy Enochs and other Judges at the Guilford County District Court on who runs this country.

Judge Wendy Enochs and the Guilford County District Court … Our Readers Are Listening

NC Fathers goal is to put every District Court Judge, Politician, Social Services Agency, and Sheriff on page ONE of Google, Bing, and Yahoo where readers are 100% going to read about these groups of people. Then, we are going to use advanced social networking techniques to reach 90% of non-custodial families who use social networking. No doubt, if you are reading this article on Judge Enochs or the Guilford County District Court you found them on page one of the search engines or social media. Actually, so did the other 1700+ readers a day who make it to this site and we have only covered maybe 15 judges and 20 or so politicians. We are very serious about this endeavor because we are men and women in non-custodial families who decided it is time to stop the madness at the NC Family Courts, Social Services, and Judges like Wendy Enochs and the entire Guilford County District Court that absolutely in our opinion do not care one iota about your dilemma.

Again, NC Fathers cannot emphasize enough the importance of sharing this article on Judge Wendy Enochs and other Judges at the Guilford County District Court with other Guilford County non-custodial families on your favorite social networking sites AND by joining our MAILING LIST.

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  1. I’m a victim in this. What I have gone through these past 8 months have been horrible and it ain’t over yet. No proof of allegations to me and yet the ex brought out charges on restraining order assault charges and yet I’m the one whom called the cops during the incident and went to the system court house next day. Said to turn in these papers by noon and I would see a judge at 2. I asked what happens if my ex does this to. They told me nothing will happen. It was 1130 on my way back and my work called said I had a warrant out for my arrest. I go to jail 2 days. 1 year restating order I felt if I fought it nothing were to happen. My lawyer at the time said this is normal. I was accused of beating rapping and breaking her back throwing her down and my kids. What can be done about this. No proof and the proof I have that supports innocent on my behalf is not the argument then what is.


    Comment by Brian | August 10, 2016 | Reply

    • In the civil courts, your ex does not need evidence. This is not criminal court. Id Judge Enochs thinks you are guilty and did it, you did it. It’s how Guilford County lawyers stay rich. Create a system where you don’t need evidence, encourage false allegations, bill, bill, bill, and establish one parent as a visitor who pays child support and triggers federal money, give the other parent total control, which ensures fierce billable hours for 18 years.


      Comment by stompkinsnc | August 14, 2016 | Reply

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